3 Foundations You Can Apply with Your Fingers


A girl walks into Sephora…and asks for foundation she can apply with her fingers.  After a few false starts, “We really recommend using this optical blurring brush-” NO.  “What about a beauty blender?” NO.  “It really doesn’t add any time to use a proper-” NO, here’s what we came up with.

Because sometimes a girl just needs to smear stuff on her face and get out the door. Ya feel me?

Tarte BB Tinted Treatment | Supergoop! CC Cream Daily Correct | Urban Decay Naked Skin One and Done

Tarte BB Tinted Treatment

This is the product that the salesperson at Sephora recommended.  It’s suuuper lightweight with surprisingly good coverage, and it has a whipped, mousse-like consistency.  It also has an SPF 30 (although I rarely trust foundation to give me enough sun protection).

Supergoop! CC Cream Daily Correct

This product is the one foundation that I trust as a sunscreen. It’s SPF 35, and it’s consistency feels like sunscreen – that’s the only downside.  The upside is that it blends in easily, and has flawless coverage.  This is the foundation I wear skiing, hiking, at the beach.  I didn’t realize it’s power as a foundation until I started getting compliments on my skin.  One of my friends, L, who always has flawless makeup and is gorgeously put together, asked about my foundation at the ski hill recently, expecting something fancy.  Nope.  Just a reallllly fabulous sunscreen (that apparently doubles as foundation).

Urban Decay Naked Skin One and Done

I’ve been using this one for years.  I love how it manages to even my skin tone without hiding my freckles.


Note about sunscreen:  Unless I’m using Supergoop’s CC Cream, I layer an SPF under my foundation.  The best one I’ve found for everyday use is Supergoop’s Unseen Sunscreen.  It’s an amazing primer and sunscreen.  Sunscreen re-application is always with Supergoop’s powder sunscreen.  And no, this post isn’t sponsored by Supergoop, I’m just genuinely obsessed with their products. 🙂 For more makeup tips and tricks like this one, check out our Beauty section!




  1. Love the tarte bb cream! Also the tarte Amazonian clay tinted moisturizer. Slightly more coverage than the bb but also can be applied with your fingertips! I’ve been using this one for years. I like the light / medium coverage of bb / tinted moisturizers and the tarte products are great!

  2. Thank you for plugging Supergoop! You turned our family on to their line of products and we LOVE them. My husband hates how basically all sunscreen feels and he has me ordering this stuff in bulk. I just bought the mineral powder you mentioned on instagram…my question is how do you know if you’ve missed a spot with that one? I’m hesitant to trust that I’ve applied it everywhere!

  3. Supergoop truly is the best. I’m horribly (like, break out in hives) allergic to chemical sunscreen, and have tried every mineral sunscreen out there—and hated them. Until Supergoop’s sensitive skin formula arrived! It actually soothes my skin and makes it more even, while absorbing instantly. It is MAGIC.

  4. I used the Tarte for years and loved it but lately (maybe because my skin is aging?) it seems to clump up in my pores or something. Enter my new love affair with BeautyCounter’s DewSkin (very sheer, with sunscreen) and TintSkin (more coverage, no sunscreen).

  5. Also? Being able to apply with fingers is key if you happen to be putting it on in the car (not that I would ever do such a thing…)

  6. There are people who don’t use their fingers???? A Sephora employee suggested Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer, it’s very light weight (what I requested). I really like it. In the summer I reapply sunscreen with Peter Thomas Roth SPF powder, it must work because I never get burned. I’m excited to try Supergoop though. I’m 42 with dry, sensitive skin FWIW.

  7. First let me say I love your blog. Second – let me also admit that make-Up is second only to clothes (as far as “hobbies” go). I’m shocked (& kinda disappointed) that Sephora didn’t steer you towards NARS. NARS is literally DESIGNED to be applied with fingers. I have their Pure Radiant tinted moisturizer – which I just love (and I used Laura Mercier for years – Nars is SO much better!). When I want more coverage, I use Nars Sheer Glow foundation – applying a “base” layer to even out my skin tone and then going back again to cover specific areas. All with my fingers. Formulated for finger application! Head to a Nars counter (try Nordstrom!) or when Sephora has a Nars rep who can attest to it being MADE for finger application. [I’m not a one-product-line-person – I like to keep my options open 😉 – but I have to admit that, at 44, I have a lot of Nars on my countertop these days…I even brought my 14yo to Nars recently after she tried Tarte and it worsened her adolescent acne….].

    Follow link and read “How to use” (note: FINGER application!):


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