Easy Ways To Rock The Menswear Trend (think man-shoes and male pattern baldness)



Time to raid your guy's closet Mamas!  Here are a few fun ways to rock the menswear trend:

Wear a Tie

I've done this before….but I'm currently obsessing over Mike's skinnier, more casual knit tie.  Love it with my flannel shirts and shiny loafers.



shirt: old J.Crew….similar here

tie: J.Crew Men

bag: Moop's Paperback bag

jeans:  Rag and Bone The Skinny

shoes: Aerosoles (on sale for $40)

Steal His Watch

Mike's watch is forever running out of batteries.  This actually works out perfectly:  he doesn't bother wearing it, and I only need it for aesthetics. 


Win-win, right?  




Put Some Man-Shoes On Your Girl-Feet

What I really "need" (that word being soooo relative) are a fabulous pair of oxfords.  But I haven't been able to find a comfortable pair in my price range, so what I've been wearing instead are my Sperrys.


They have just enough boyish charm.  I especially love them with a slouchy graphic sweatshirt and pink lipstick.



sweatshirt: Madewell

jeans:  AG Denim

shoes: old Sperrys…but love these dark brown studded ones


Oxfords, desert boots, or smoking loafers are all good choices to bring a little of la mode masculin into your closet.  But my current fav?  Beating out even the elusive chic comfort oxford?  

My shiiiiiny, tasseled loafers.  


I bought these on the Aerosoles clearance rack.  I think I paid under $40 for these babies.  I don't think they're walk-around-all-day shoes, but they are pretty darn comfortable.  And look awesome with skirts.  

And by skirts I mean shorts.  



sweater: last year Vince (ebay score!)…here's this year's….or another color-block option

shorts:  c/o i-Ella's The List (we will talk more about this later in the week)

shoes: old Sperrys…but love these dark brown studded ones


The haircut still looks cute, right?  Yes?  Well.  I have been shedding all weekend.  I keep thinking that I'm not really going to lose my hair – it seems impossible, right?  But the evidence is all over my house.  And then today, we shot these pics and Mike was all "Uh Babe?  Yeah.  That hair…is…um…"

What.  Seriously WHAT. 

Apparently it's all about the angles.  So when I looked down….


Going.  That's the word he was looking for.  My hair is going, going, going-to-be gone.  

At this rate, I won't have enough hair to test another hairstyle.  Bummer!  But I guess this means that we're about to usher in a whole new phase here at ANMJ:


Hats, headwraps, scarves and wigs.  You ready for this, Mamas?



Nope.  Not even a little.

Self-indulgent and overly dramatic gif.  YesIknow.  I'll be fine.





  1. You are gorgeous, and your hair has nothing to do with it! ;). Just think of all the short styles you’ll get to rock as it grows back in! xoxo hugs! Stephanie

  2. Can’t wait to see your take on scarves, hats, and head wraps!I started reading with no baby in sight and you got me through two pregnancies and soon to be two post postpartums. Lord only knows who all needs or will need inspiration for the non-hair days!

  3. Love it. I feel like I always have on one mannish thing to a balance it all out, now you made me feel right about that instead of lesbianish. Thanks. If anyone can make no-hair a fashion deal it is you!

  4. I am sending love and healing your way from the mama-universe. Fcuk stupid hair! Here in LA, we are pulling grunge out hugely..which is so mannish if we didn’t have curves.

  5. Quick! Try a pixie-cut! 🙂 I hope the playing dressup with hats and scarves and wigs proves to be a fun distraction from the serious side of this hair experimentation (oh the irony of your style resolution back in January). Wishing you well and lots of strength and healing to get through these next rounds of chemo. I want the happy (healthy) ever after for you so, so much.

  6. You are lovely inside and out. If someone saw you on the street they would be super envious of your hotness and none the wiser to the struggle you are currently facing. Thinking about you and wishing you healing with all my heart!

  7. Such cute style ideas! I love stealing from the man! And your are looking great lady! Hair can be so over-rated!! Besides, I can’t think of anyone better than you to work (and rock-out) those head scarves!
    xoxo April

  8. Shana, if anyone can make a head scarf or, heck, even a bald head look chic it’s you! Your positive attitude and spirit keep you beautiful though. I’m cheering for you! Thanks for continuing to inspire us while you go through this.

  9. a) Love the headwrap! You are going to be such a style inspiration for others going through this. (Maybe you need a separate page?)
    b) You totally made me buy that Madewell sweatshirt. I likely will wear it every weekend all winter.

  10. I had a dream last night that I met you and I gave you a big hug.
    I love: 1. the shorter haircut 2. the last outfit with the leather shorts 3. the hair wrap.
    I recently bought a head wrap thing similar to what you are wearing and everytime I put it on I look ridiculous! I hope you’ll be able to give me some tips.
    Do you really feel as good as you look in these photos? Because you look fabulous!

  11. Over the years, I’ve realized one of my favorite things about ANMJ is the photos. Not just because they show off awesome, accessible fashion, but because I can tell they are taken by this man that really knows and loves you. There’s just something a little different about it when he takes them. They are such a love story. (& I love those shiny oxfords. Totally should have kept everything I had from the 90s.)

  12. Yes, you are TOTALLY rocking in that head scarf! I haven’t commented before, but I LOVE your posts, your style and your transparency. You have lots of hugs being sent from Portland, Oregon! xo

  13. You got this and you will rock it! Didn’t you say chemo took the chances of the cancer recurring from double digits percent down to one digit? I would say the nasty side effects are worth it. It won’t last forever and you will get to try the shorter hair styles as your hair grows back! Love the outfits!

  14. You look beautiful no matter what! Love the “boyish charm” look. I’m once again postpartum and need a loose comfy graphic sweatshirt like that to get me through fall. *Muah!*

  15. I give you the awesome India Arie’s song I am not my hair:
    “Hey, I am not my hair, I am not this skin
    I am not your expectations, no, no
    I am not my hair, I am not this skin
    I am a soul that lives within”
    We are behind you Mama! Hang in there!!

  16. Positive side…the pixie you’ll be rocking when the hair grows back will be FANTASTIC. Thanks for the post. I was just raiding my husbands closet this morning looking for inspiration!

  17. You look wonderful! I love your latest outfits. The sweaters are pooch-hiding, the flannel is nursing friendly, and all of it looks totally comfortable. Oh, man, it stinks about your hair loss, but I have no doubt you’ll manage to look amazing through all stages of it. And then we’ll get to see some amazing new cuts as it grows back out!

  18. The Aerosoles look great on you! I had a closer look at them and they don’t look like something I could pull off. I’m pretty sure I would look like a grandma. How do you do it? Wish I could too. P.S. You’ve been popping up in my dreams lately too. The other morning I woke up thinking of a good rhyme for you about loosing your hair. But, it slipped my mind. 🙂 P.P.S. I chopped 22 inches off of my hair a month or so ago. BEST THING I HAVE EVER DONE!!! I have never felt sexier than I do with a pixie cut. It’s already growing out and my hubby keeps asking me when I am going to cut it again. He loves it too!

  19. Oh man! This post is right up my alley (except for my husband only wears ironic tees and cargo shorts…). Love these looks and love how you are kicking chemo’s ass even more! You are the consummate mama inspiration to us all!

  20. That first ensemble is so naughty newsboy I cannot get over it – looooove! I want to throw a hissy for you about the hair, though. So. Not. Fair. 🙁 You do, however, look ROCKIN in that wrap.

  21. It’s happening! Mine is coming (I guess I should say going?) in just a few weeks. That is a cute headwrap…where did you get it? You need to have links to your head gear too so I can buy it!

  22. You are so freaking cute!! And I LOVE your new haircut! I love the watch idea, I’m a huge big-watch wearer. Seriously loving these outfits! I can’t wait to try (and hope I don’t look like a lumberjack!)

  23. Shana,
    I just wanted to say please don’t feel the need to apologize for your feelings about losing your hair. Yes, “it’s only hair,” but your hair is such a huge part of your appearance and therefore a part of your identity. I know I would be devastated to lose my hair. You have every right to cut your hair in stages, to mourn its loss, to do whatever you need to do to cope with what you are going through. And somehow, you are managing to look gorgeous as you go through this ordeal! Hugs and prayers!

  24. OMG. I was in denial that it would “go” too! You are gorgeous my friend, inside & out. I have always loved your hair – cannot believe all that cancer takes. xo

  25. Losing your hair is a bitter pill. Mine falls out from stress. Not that you didn’t have them before, but you have cheekbones for days. They are beautiful and now they won’t be hidden by all that hair.
    On another note: It’s okay to be pissed off and scared about the hand you’ve been dealt and to spend the day in bed with Nora Ephron movies and junk food. We will admire you for that too. My mom has terminal Melanoma and sometimes I worry that we don’t let her indulge in feeling angry and overwhelmed. We spend a lot of time keeping her busy and distracted.

  26. aww, reading the comments cheered *me* up after a crappy day (crappy like tantrums and non-sleeping babies not like chemo crappy, which I realize makes me unspeakably lucky). There are some awesome mamas out there.
    It’s never been so clear that style and fashion are just a million ways to say yes to life and love and pleasure. I love that you keep blogging through all this and keep saying yes. We love you <3

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