Easy Ways To Rock The Menswear Trend (think man-shoes and male pattern baldness)



Time to raid your guy's closet Mamas!  Here are a few fun ways to rock the menswear trend:

Wear a Tie

I've done this before….but I'm currently obsessing over Mike's skinnier, more casual knit tie.  Love it with my flannel shirts and shiny loafers.



shirt: old J.Crew….similar here

tie: J.Crew Men

bag: Moop's Paperback bag

jeans:  Rag and Bone The Skinny

shoes: Aerosoles (on sale for $40)

Steal His Watch

Mike's watch is forever running out of batteries.  This actually works out perfectly:  he doesn't bother wearing it, and I only need it for aesthetics. 


Win-win, right?  




Put Some Man-Shoes On Your Girl-Feet

What I really "need" (that word being soooo relative) are a fabulous pair of oxfords.  But I haven't been able to find a comfortable pair in my price range, so what I've been wearing instead are my Sperrys.


They have just enough boyish charm.  I especially love them with a slouchy graphic sweatshirt and pink lipstick.



sweatshirt: Madewell

jeans:  AG Denim

shoes: old Sperrys…but love these dark brown studded ones


Oxfords, desert boots, or smoking loafers are all good choices to bring a little of la mode masculin into your closet.  But my current fav?  Beating out even the elusive chic comfort oxford?  

My shiiiiiny, tasseled loafers.  


I bought these on the Aerosoles clearance rack.  I think I paid under $40 for these babies.  I don't think they're walk-around-all-day shoes, but they are pretty darn comfortable.  And look awesome with skirts.  

And by skirts I mean shorts.  



sweater: last year Vince (ebay score!)…here's this year's….or another color-block option

shorts:  c/o i-Ella's The List (we will talk more about this later in the week)

shoes: old Sperrys…but love these dark brown studded ones


The haircut still looks cute, right?  Yes?  Well.  I have been shedding all weekend.  I keep thinking that I'm not really going to lose my hair – it seems impossible, right?  But the evidence is all over my house.  And then today, we shot these pics and Mike was all "Uh Babe?  Yeah.  That hair…is…um…"

What.  Seriously WHAT. 

Apparently it's all about the angles.  So when I looked down….


Going.  That's the word he was looking for.  My hair is going, going, going-to-be gone.  

At this rate, I won't have enough hair to test another hairstyle.  Bummer!  But I guess this means that we're about to usher in a whole new phase here at ANMJ:


Hats, headwraps, scarves and wigs.  You ready for this, Mamas?



Nope.  Not even a little.

Self-indulgent and overly dramatic gif.  YesIknow.  I'll be fine.