Reader Question: Easy Ways To Wear Green For the St. Patrick’s Day Party Pooper


Every party has a pooper and on St. Patrick's Day that's me. Seriously.  I love the day:  the parades, the beer, the greasy food – really what's not to love?  But I hate the expectation to wear green, or some stupid button that reads "Kiss Me I'm Irish".   But people get SERIOUS about their St. Patrick's Day outfits.  And the few times I've ventured out without the requisite green (apparently army green doesn't count) I have gotten pinched.  So annoying. 


(I've learned my lesson.  Last year, en route to Denver's parade, I stuck on a greenish scarf.  And earrings!  My earrings have a green stone!  See?  I'm making an attempt…and I love how comfortable R looks.  Snort.  He really, really, really wanted to hold on to that bar.)

So I could identify with reader Beth's St. Patrick's Day conundrum:

Living right outside Boston and having a husband who is 100% Irish (his mom immigrated here when she was 10) means this is a big one for us. Up until now, my kiddos were young and we didn't partake too much in festivities – if we did, I was too tired to care about what I was wearing. 

This year it falls on a Saturday which means all sorts of festivities are going on around here. So what does a mama wear to a parade in the AM and then an adult party in the PM? For the party the invite says to wear "Your best green or festive attire". That is a nightmare for me – I don't like green – my limited (and I do mean limited – waiting for you guys to offer the consultations -but I will save that for another email) wardrobe is mostly neutrals – jeans, and lots and lots of black….somehow I don’t think the hosts are thinking of a black cocktail dress.

Any thoughts are appreciated. I asked my husband for his thoughts and he suggested I just wear my green Hanky Panky thongs under my jeans and call it a day…SIGH…

Um.  I do like your husband's suggestion, LOL!  But seriously – I would just wear something easy and cute, and throw in a green accessory or two.  Here are a few items that would help poopers like us prevent the pinches without having to store a Luck 'o the Irish!! t-shirt all year long. 



1. Carry a green Envirosax bag instead of a diaper bag.  And bonus!!  Reusable bag all year!

2. This gorgeous green scarf by Steven Madden is only $40, and the I love the flamingo print.  I would easily wear this one year round.  In-store pick-up is available at select Nordstroms for this item.

3. This hair bow is kinda girly….maybe a bit over-the-top, but totally cute.  Perfect for a fun, summer look.

4.  Cheap necklaces from Target that would look great over a simple white tee…any day of the week.  Both the Gold Chain Agate necklace and the Wrapped Chain Bib Necklace are $30.

5. I love these green kicks by Adidas.  And because I don't really wear green, they'll pretty much match anything without looking matchy-matchy.

6. Neon green counts, right?  And Gorjana's $50 wrap-bracelet is spot-on for summer.


Bonus points for a green manicure.

OPI Gargantuan Green Grape | Zoya Apple | Essie Pretty Edgy

Happy St. Patrick's Day!




  1. Thank you for the post! Yes, I have tried to get away with army green and was told that isn’t considered St. Patrick’s day attire. Bostonians and my in-laws are serious about the wearing of the green on the 17th!
    It never dawned on me to think of accessories – and I have a great beaded wrap bracelet that has green. And, I just picked up one of my kiddos and ran to the store to purchased some nail polish – another great idea. Now I can wear my favorite black sweater and skinnies and still be wearing green!
    Thanks again – you guys rock!

  2. Sigh. I still have that darn button. Thought for sure you would want to have your children wear that to school. No? Are you sure? I can mail it.

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