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Just for fun, we decided to highlight our favorite picks from the 2015 Swim Guide.  These are the suits that we’ve either tried and loved (fit notes included) or the suits that got us clicking “Add to Shopping Cart”.  And, as always, if you’ve found a winner that we haven’t talked about….WE WANT TO KNOW.  (Bonus points for some swimsuit selfies.)


1. LOFT Beach Mixed Paisley Suit, $89  (40% off right now)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:  LOFT is winning at SWIM. (And as I type this, all of their suits are 40% off!!)  But this is the suit that literally made my jaw drop.  I ordered both this one and the gorgeous blue cut-out suit AAAAND….on my short little self, the blue cut-out was better.  The Mixed Paisley Suit totally worked, but there isn’t as much…um….distance between my boobs and my waist so the blue was better.  And while I typically take a 0 in JCrew swim, in the LOFT suits I preferred size 2.

Since LOFT SWIM is 40% off right now here are my favs real quick:

2. J.Crew Wrap Halter, $88 (in mint)

This is the suit I’ve been wearing the heck out of.  J.Crew suits are lined, and I love that the wrap top looks seriously cool with a pair of cut-offs.  It’s my go-to.

3. Free People Surf Suit, $120

I’m definitely going to try a surf suit this year.  SO good for active mamas.  I can’t wait to be able to play in the waves, waterski, and paddle board without worrying about my suit falling off.  This one I may layer over a little bikini so I can do a quick change….we’ll see.

4. Victoria’s Secret Low Back One-Piece, $39 (on sale!!)

I’m SO going to get a bunch of crap for this one.  But here’s the thing:  I’ve been….um….surprised my some of my recent swimsuit pictures.  The rear view, specifically.  I just…am not….quite sure….when my bum became so…..long?  Flattened?  In verrrry dangerous mom-butt territory?  I mentioned this to Mike and he was all, “yeah babe you could try some squats or something….” and then his voice just sort of trailed off as he LOOKED INTO MY MURDEROUS EYES.  But in Mike’s defense, he has been after me (long bum and all, apparently) to try one of these cheeky-butt suits.  He claims!  Swears!  That all bums look better in cheeky suits – even mum bums.  I just don’t even know anymore.  But heck – it’s worth a shot.  I’ll report back.  (No promises of pictures unless I look REALLY hot.  Then I’ll post something all smug-mummy-and-her-perfect-life.)




1. DKNY Let’s Hear it For the Dots Halter Maillot One Piece – polka dots never get old and this suit rocks them in a mature, cool and sexy way. Love it!

2. Badgley Mischka Solids Dip Back Mio – I’ve never tried a suit with a deep deep v before, but this this one caught my eye. It just looks so sophisticated with it’s draping and shirring around the waist. It’s a gorgeous color as well.

3. Topshop Scalloped One Piece – I mean, it’s black and white, has the darling scalloped neckline…and reminds me of something Audrey Hepburn would wear. The end.

4. La Blanca Core Solid One Piece – I don’t usually reach for the shirred one-pieces (because I still don’t think I’m getting older, have carried and nursed two babes, apparently), but I tried this one on…and ummm. YES. I am in love. It was incredibly flattering and gave my girls a little boost, which they need every bit of boost that they can get these days. I am seriously considering getting this one! ps. you’re about to see a #dressingroomselfie with me in this one. Ooooooo. I know.

5. Seafolly Field Trip Maillot – It’s the pattern and it’s amazing. I want throw pillows and curtains made from this pattern – ha! Not to mention, it looks like it covers a bit more on bottom, which I prefer with my bubble bum. Yes, I have one. My aunt’s endearing nickname for me all growing up was…bubble butt. Yeh, so sweet. 😉




1. Halter One-Piece from Victoria’s Secret This halter is flattering and sexy and hides a poochy belly (not to mention c-section scar . . . what I’m dealing with right now!) without looking like a “mom suit.”  The deep plum is gorgeous!

2. Bandeau One-Piece from Victoria’s Secret I saw this one and just thought “ooh.”  I like the color-blocking and ruching and it comes with a detachable strap (which is key to being able to actually get in the water while wearing a strapless suit).

3. Ann Taylor Ruffle Bandeau One Piece I have a top just like this and I love how the ruffles disguise a not-so-flat tummy . . . and, of course, the detachable strap.

4. Ruffled Halter Maillot from Anthropologie Such a pretty suit . . . adorable ruffles, beautiful pattern, and the tie accentuates the waist.  It would also be super easy to nurse in!

5. Pour Moi Daisy Cut Out Swimsuit This was my favorite of a bunch of suits I ordered from ASOS . . . the ruffles were really flattering and the cut was sexy without being over the top.  (Don’t make the same mistake I did, though . . . size up from your usual dress size if you have boobs and/or a booty!)



1. MiracleSuit Solid Mojito Tankini Top: Ok guys! I have this suit! I wore it pregnant and postpartum for two years. The neck is super flattering and the blouson hides everything! It somehow manages to still be sexy and fun. I seriously find myself reaching for this suit every time I am near water. Pair it with a high waisted bottom when you really need the support and swap it out for bikini bottoms when you get further down the postpartum road of recovery. 

2. Clover Canyon Liquid Jade Neoprene Cutout One Piece: I first saw this suit last month and it completely took my breath away. The thicker material. The print. The tiny sexy cutouts. This one is so freaking cool. This is it! My suit for 2015. I want. I need. Adding to cart. Right now… 

3. Seafolly Costa Maya High Neck Maillot: You had me at black and white aztec triangle print. But this suit just gets better with the high neck and scooped back. So effortlessly cool. 

4. Kingdom & State Lavender Scoop Neck: I love the new trend of mixing photography and print in fashion. Combine that with perfect summer colors and a sexy low cut back and you’ve got yourself a suit that’s stands out from what every other mom will wear to the pool this summer.  

5. Club Monaco Marysia Skirted Maillot: I love this one for the deep plunge, the huge peplum, and it makes black look sexy. This one hides all the bad and shows off all the good. If it looks like you could throw on a big hat, a long necklace, some heals, and wear it out around town, then you know it just exudes style and fashion.


1. Seafolly Pineapple Boyleg Maillot Whew, that’s a mouthful, but what a fun suit! Since my early teens, I’ve always picked plain suits in a dark color so this one is perfect for edging me out of my comfort zone.

2. Modcloth Esther Williams Bathing Beauty One-Piece Swimsuit I actually own this suit in navy, and it handles all my swimsuit fit issues – larger bust, long torso, lack of defined waist – while making me feel like a 40s movie star. It’s surprising supportive (and comfortable) when you tie the halter top tightly even though it’s not underwire. This is the one suit that looks good on every body type, judging from the near-perfect reviews – even Lutz from 30 Rock looks amazing (great color choice)!

3. Magicsuit Solid Brianna Swimsuit This suit is also shown untied, which looks super mom-ish, but tied up it suddenly becomes so flattering! I love the slimming black underlayer and further pooch-hiding protection from the blousy overlayer. The gray is spot-on, but the navy version has a fun pop of color with bright yellow skinny straps. Seriously considering snagging this suit for the splash park this summer!

4. Rip Curl ‘G-Bomb’ Long Sleeve Spring Wetsuit I have never seen a surf suit before, and I’m pretty sure I love it? Looks handy for camouflaging the pooch and works for nursing, plus the extra warmth of neoprene would be so good because I’m a sissy when it comes to cold water. #win

5. Lauren Ralph Lauren Flyaway One Piece Swimsuit A one piece that looks like two and hides my (6 months post baby) bump, all in a stunning color? Sold.


We’re almost ready to start talking about bikinis, cover-ups and rash guards you guys, so stay tuned!!  (But first, Cam has some seriously cool finds from Everything But Water….#dressingroomselfies and all. Tomorrow!)




  1. Question for you Miss Cam. Did you pick your choices specifically for the tall gal? I am the same height as you and sometimes find that swimsuits are not quite long enough for my torso and hit me in funny places. Thank you!

  2. Okay, I’m loving these. I have specific requirements: no halters (had neck surgery and cant’ do it), bust support, pattern not solid, not too low in the back (back fat, people!), and something in the tummy area. I found one I haven’t tried on yet but it has good reviews, and some really cute patterns. Ordered it in the green. http://www.bodenusa.com/en-US/Womens-Swimwear/Swimsuits/WS043/Womens-Wrap-Front-Swimsuit.html?NavGroupID=17. I like the ruching and wrap front for my tummy and larger bust, and it has a more modest cut leg, which suits me. If you don’t like your legs you’re kinda stuck as far as swimwear goes, but the pattern and v-neck distract, I hope.

  3. I second the Esther Williams suits. I have the white with black polka dots. Super flattering.

    I also have the Athleta swim shorts to wear with a bikini top and rashguard. They’re like super tiny running shorts and have a built in brief. They are perfect for backyard water fun with the kiddos! You know when you don’t want your neighbors to see your whole butt!

    • I Love the shorts or boy shorts with a top and rash guard, too. It looks sexy even though you feel covered, I can play with my 3 year old, and I always get rash guards with SPF.

  4. I can definitely vouch for the cheeky bikini bottoms! They definitely have a way of…lifting? Perking up? I dunno. But they look cute and of course the husbands tend to love them 😉

  5. S- you look fantastic and if it makes you feel any better, I actually thought, “man, I know she has implants so I can’t compare my ginormous post nursing boobs to those works of art, but her butt looks good too?! So unfair!” I can vouch for the squats and donkey kicks though, I had some similar mom-butt musings and got on that reeeeal quick, I had a nice perky butt within 2 weeks…seriously. It’s still too big for my liking, but at least it’s not flat and long any more!
    Thanks for doing these posts. XOX

    • 2 weeks? That’s seriously encouraging. I really need to get my butt back to barre3 classes…”butt back”…LITERALLY.

      • This is true. Just a little work on the butt will show really quickly. Now I’m motivated to at least do that much exercising. Let’s all do butt selfies and compare in 2 weeks! #youfirst

  6. I ordered the anthropologie suit in Scotti’s picks and I love it! The print is so pretty, the lining is nice and the belted waist and ruffle at the neckline offer enough distraction from my less favorable spots! Love that suit! Not quite brave enough to take a picture in it, though!!

  7. I have a beach selfie from the weekend. I’ve gone to post it several times on Instagram and tag it with #myeverydayedit, but then I keep chickening out. I really admire you and Cams. The closest I’ve come to posting a bikini on my blog is when I’m partly covered with a kimono. Inspire me to get the nerve! Or just shoot me your email and I’ll let you do my dirty work and post my #beachselfie for me. ;P Hee hee.

    Love The Mom Edit! You guys seriously R O C K !

    Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

  8. So I ordered the loft beach lanai blouson suit. The fabric is gorgeous but the bra is terrible. I have very small chest but have nursed 3 babies and need some support. I am sad that I will have it send it back. Just FYI

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