Weekend 4.20


We have had a fairly normal week this week and it has been glorious. It feels really good to be back into a routine. And if anyone was wondering exactly when I turned completely into my parents, it was when I wrote that sentence: “It feels really good to be back into a routine.”

Good grief. They always win eventually, I guess.

But yes! Routine! I have been working out and and drinking water and doing that red light stuff for my face at night which basically means I give myself three gold stars for Adulting. I’m feeling…pretty good, actually. I mean it takes, like, effort to maintain this good feeling – weights and running (I’ve been doing 9 miles with a running club on Saturdays) and Solidcore and chiropractors and acupuncture and cutting back on alcohol (oof) and getting to bed on time (double oof) but…I feel good.

I have vague memories of my mom running with Dad everyday after work, and lifting weights to some workout VHS tape and cooking dinner for 6:30PM every night and stirring, like, Omega-3 capsules into her morning yogurt (totally disgusting, BTW) while Dad did these weird stretches the chiropractor gave him for his back and they just had this whole…routine. Which – of course – we all made fun of, hahahahahaha!

Who’s laughing now? Sigh.

Tell me you’re a 90’s girl without telling me… Soooo I just bought these UGG slides (in ‘driftwood,’ swoon) at a cute little surf shop in Ocean City. The teenage sales clerk and I were both fangirling over them – what are big ol’ UGGs for, if not for summers at the shore? But in all seriousness, they serve a purpose: While I adore my Birkenstock mules, when I want to walk at some speed, I step right out of them. The UGGs, however, have a back strap that keeps them on, and I can walk – like seriously walk – just fine. Add to the fact that it feels like walking on marshmallows, plus that nostalgic 90’s thing going on…I LOVE THEM. A few sizes left at Nordstrom and Zappos, too.

If my UGG slides make you roll your eyes…okfine Scotti. You might be pleased to hear that Dolce Vita has done it again this summer with the cutest freaking heels ever. I like the denim! They also have the same shoe in a v. cool black/white woven, too. Also worth a peek.

AHHHH FREAKING OUT! Frank & Eileen just launched my favorite triple fleece set in…STRIPE. It is heartbreakingly cute, especially for the shore! I want, I want.

Denim jacket replacement? Traditional denim jackets are feeling pretty tired these days, but they’re not totally dead because they continue to be so darn useful. Anyway, I’ve been looking for a replacement piece and OH MY GOSH this Sezane denim chore jacket is STUNNING on. Like, my jaw seriously dropped. I need to finish testing it out with allthethings but wow – so far, I’m impressed. I have it in size 4, FYI (which is a size smaller than I usually buy at Sezane).

Suuuper useful linen top. This Madewell tank (in stripe) is one of those pieces I didn’t realize how badly I needed it…until it arrived. It’s the kind of unicorn piece that seems to go with literally every pant/skirt/pair of shorts in my closet. And, like a striped tee, it just makes every old boring outfit more interesting. Also, don’t be scared away by the photo – you don’t actually have to wear it open, showing your belly. It’s on the shorter side, but with high-rise anything, I’m still covered. I got a size 4.

While you’re at Madewell: They turned their much-beloved Harlow pants into a pair of slouchy denim trousers and they’re fantastic. Think: lightweight, suuuuper soft, chic enough for the office, but a seriously cool twist for everyday. Comes in petite, tall, standard, and plus sizes. The petite sizes are on backorder so mine won’t be here until May, but I tried on the standard length and found that they run a tiny bit bigger than the Harlow pant version. In any case, I highly recommend.

Plus size pick. This simple dress is – thanks to the details – absolutely beautiful. The shirred bodice, the cut-outs – it’s a total stunner. 100% cotton, too!

This bag is under $20. While I’m forever a fan of my old Clare V. bag, I keep eyeing up this cute, 100% cotton rope handbag on Amazon because that shape is so good. It’s like if my Clare V had a baby with one of those French produce bags. Super useful, chic, and looks much more expensive than it is.

Okaaaay, Nordstrom. I often skip over Nordstrom’s in-house brands because they tend towards polyester, especially in summer. But this pretty sundress is 80% cotton/20% silk(!!) and looks soooo easy to wear. (I like the yellow floral.)

Odd, but go with me here. I’ve been meaning to tell you guys about these ecru overalls (I know, I know) but they keep selling out. They’ve been a huge surprise win – I’ve worn them to everything from apres ski (you can see them featured in this video) with snowboots, to running errands with ballet shoes & trench coats. They’re also going to be cute this summer with flip-flops & tank tops. There’s something about the ecru color that is just sophisticated enough that I don’t feel like a kid. Happily, my pair just got restocked, as did this pair (in short or regular length). It’s unexpected, but they’re shaping up to be a year-round staple in my closet.

Amy was right about those boxers. I’ve been trying to find boxers I actually like – and would be willing to wear as shorts – and the freaking men’s boxers from GAP that she linked to are the best I’ve found. I bought the ‘small stripe’ and the gingham, and they both look amazing with a short, boxy linen top & slides (or flip-flops). I sized up in the men’s boxers (was happiest with a medium), and rolled the waistband down once, like we did in high school. For more styling ideas – and to see that these do, in fact, look like actual shorts – check out her post.

Let’s finish that outfit, tho. Whether pairing with boxers, denim cut-offs, or literally any other shorts/jeans/pants, there are two boxy linen tops that are ruling my world right now. One is J.Crew’s Maxine Button-Back top and the other is Madewell’s Bateau-Neck Tank. I wear a small in both. The main difference is that the J.Crew top is a tiiiiny bit shorter and shows more shoulder, and the Madewell top is a little longer and covers the very top part of my shoulder. And while I’ve been trying to find cute sandals for summer, I’m still mostly just reaching for my my Beeks or Reef Ginger flip-flops (oddly enough, I wear the navy most often).

Calling all lovers of boring tops….I’ve been branching out in the pants departement lately (in part because designer jeans are routinely pissing me off) and anyway: this pair (pink) or this pair (yellow)?? Oh wait – you can see them on me, here, with that J.Crew top & Beeks mentioned above. But seriously which one? The commenters are no help, per usual. Also, I blame Abby’s FP try-on for this whole mess.

And the only designer jeans I actually like right now are…these. And this is, mind you, after ordering – hold on, let me count – FOURTEEN pairs of designer jeans in the last 2 weeks, from various places. Technically, I also like this pair, but upon further inspection it’s the same pair, different wash. That said, this wash runs bigger. NOTE: While I am complaining about the state of designer jeans in general, I will say that those rag&bone jeans are pretty darn special. I don’t own a single pair of pants (much less jeans) that are as soft and as comfortable and nail that effortlessly slouchy vibe as well as they do. So there’s that.

New favorite swim. I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I finally got in this J.Crew striped bikini AND the one-piece and they are SO GOOD. The genius part is that the stripes are navy & white…but the trim is black. Which gives fancy tuxedo vibes and makes the whole thing soooo much cooler. And I mention this – again – because they’re both currently 50% off right now.

“Looks like you, Mommy!” Emily Vondy’s latest is a gem.

Made me cry. This one – of a man performing the haka for his wife while she accepts her diploma with her baby in her arms – got me. I also love the caption: “And they say romance is dead.”

Weekend project. My friend Shannon swears by these homemade granola bars. After snowboard season, I always have to wean Pax off of ZBars, and this seems like a perfect way to do it.

Enjoy your weekend, you Tortured Poets, you. 😉




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