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By the time you read this….we will be well on our way to the beach!!  Grand Haven, MI…HERE WE COME.  

And YES, for you local Mamas, Raines is missing the final week of kindergarten.  Oops.  But our year has been, from an are-we-responsible-parents perspective, a total and complete disaster.  We've missed not one but TWO snack weeks this year (and I've yet to bring something in that's actually on that damnable 'safe foods list'), turned in maybe 2 of the 2398480 homework assignments and have routinely showed up late for school.  That last one is particularly annoying because I have to walk Raines in through the front office and then fill out paperwork stating why we are late.  I mean seriously.  Why do they think we are late?  I have two small children – isn't that reason enough?  I have actually written down "I have no earthly idea" as an actual response, along with "last minute pooping problem" and "three total meltdowns".  (Which, if you are counting, includes me.)

It would be easier to document those rare occasions we get R to school on time.  They would all start with "the nanny was here today."

So yeah…we're missing the final week of school.  At least we've been consistent in our suckage.  Here's to next year!



Speaking of end-of-year parent suckage (I'm going to ignore the fact that mine lasted all year – it's been a TOUGH YEAR you guys)…Jen Hatmaker's epic article Worst End Of School Year Mom Ever made me laugh so hard that I was clutching my stomach and had actual tears running down my face.  Best. Read. Ever.

Along those lines, my friend Heather sent me this HuffPo article 5 Minutes in a Mom's Head which also cracked me up.  It's been a good week for funny stuff. 



I loved Apartment Therapy's round up of Nine Great Outdoor Projects.  Now I desperately want a couch and hanging lamps outside.

Squirty chalk looks like a fun twist on sidewalk chalk.

Any fellow Sci-Fi nerds out there?  The son of Mike's BFF recently developed a zombie survival card game called Dead Apocalypse.  He's trying to get some crowd funding going and – get this – if you donate $100, you can name one of the zombie or human cards.  For $250, they'll illustrate a card in your likeness (or whichever likeness you submit).  Wouldn't this be a perfect gift for a sci-fi Dad?  I'm excited about the game, too.  Looks like tons of fun (and don't be surprised if you see a Shana zombie card when the game comes out.)



For the mama who hates how constricted (or bulky) denim jackets can be, the Free People Knit Hooded Denim Jacket is ah-mazing.  Everything about it is soft and comfortable – it feels like you are wearing a hooded sweatshirt.  Love. This.

Obsessed with J.Crew's pretty star-print tee.  You'll see it on Instagram soon.

Boden is having a secret sale this weekend!  For three days only, everything at Boden is 30% off with code K9H4 (plus free shipping and returns).  Yay!

Remember Color Me Beautiful?  Meagan and I take a fun-filled trip down that memory lane in our latest podcast on the Happiest Home.  (The topic is picking colors for your skin tone.)



And now…for the big announcement….

Ain't No Mom Jeans is getting a facelift!  We're talking about some MAJOR changes:  a new look, new functionality and a new name.  For really reals.  It's time, Mamas, and I'm over-the-moon excited.  Keep an eye out for more on this (and can anyone guess the new name???)


Happy weekend!




  1. Love the picture! Have a great time! We were in Traverse City a few weeks ago and headed to South Haven in August, love West MI.

  2. Whatever, you totally have an excuse for not being up and up on the school year. And signing kids into school at that age is LAME!
    Um… so excited for your blog facelift!! But also a tiny but sad because I love your name but more excited for you so woohoo!!

  3. ” I have actually written down “I have no earthly idea” as an actual response, along with “last minute pooping problem” and “three total meltdowns”. ”
    All totally valid responses and anyone with children should understand!

  4. YEAH!!!! I’m from Grand Haven! (Though, I’m at home in Ann Arbor this weekend)
    Make sure you check out the North Shore Beach, not just the state park (other side of the river, you have to drive through Ferrysburg to get to it, but it is quieter and there’s a great dune to run down. Everyone always talks about Pronto Pups on the boardwalk, I admit I’ve never really understood the appeal, but they’re great for little boys. And you should go get ice cream and fudge at Sweet Temptations (http://www.sweet-temptations.com) for sure, I worked there in high school (I was REALLY GOOD at making fudge swirls) and my good friends own it. Tiger Butter fudge is amazing.
    Enjoy Grand Haven and I can’t wait to see the blog make over!

  5. My parents used to frequently take us out of school SEVERAL WEEKS early to go abroad to visit grandparents.
    Hmmm. I’m not looking forward to the needing-to-be-on-time aspect of my kids starting “real school” (the lack of daycare payments…definitely looking forward to that). Its so hard to get my son up in the morning, and I hate to do it (still too close to the “let sleeping babies sleep” phase) so we just work around it (I work from home until he’s up and ready).
    And, also, dang you for the Boden information. There went an hour of my time (and x amount of my money where x is a number I’m embarrassed to admit).

  6. I love Grand Haven! Lived in Kalamazoo for 8 years and loved camping there and totally miss it! At least if you’re missing school it’s for some place fun! And hey, a healthy dose of family time after a year like yours should count for something….

  7. Homework for kindergarten?! I think I would have ignored it on principle. Also, my parents took me out of school early plenty of times… it’s not like we ever did much the week before summer holidays or the week before xmas anyway. I love that you kept it real on the “why were you late” form. Have fun this summer!

  8. Shana – loved the end of school thing. That is so us!! I have been sending both children to school for the past 6 weeks in pants that have GIGANTIC holes (like, seam to seam huge holes) in the knees because 1) I do not care and 2) when is the weather going to permit shorts already?

  9. Take them out of school while you still can — for my middle schooler, we had to get preapproval with a detailed educational plan for the duration of the trip!

  10. I really enjoy your blog, and can relate to the exasperation at kindergarten rules . . . but please know that safe snack lists help keep kiddos like mine alive. If it were not for rules that like I might be forced to homeschool my severely peanut allergic son (and I can’t afford to quit work.) Sorry to be a downer, but it’s important for people to know how what is an inconvenience is also a lifesaver.

  11. Have I missed you discussing this before — what’s the Michigan connections? We used to vacation there when I was a kid! It’s so awesome! I love seeing love for my home state. 🙂
    I cannot believe school is so strict on tardiness these days! We went to orientation for my 4 year old for PRE-K and the principal gave us a lecture on being tardy! I’m nervous for pick ups more than anything — I have a 2 year old and a 3 month old who are going to have to wake up from naps and get out the door at 2:30 to pick up big sister FIVE DAYS A WEEK. I mean, just thinking about it I am stressed. I say take that week off and tell them you’re making the kinds of memories your little prodigy will write about on his college application. Sheesh!
    Have an amazing time, say hi to the lake for me!
    –Shelby from NYC

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