Hurry, There’s Still Time For These Teacher Gifts!


I swear I was just taking my daughter’s picture yesterday for her first day of kindergarten. I’m not sure where the time went, but school’s *almost* out for summer! Mamas, we made it; here’s a virtual high-five and fist bump. But, before we pop the bubbly on our lunch-packing hiatus, we have to talk about one very important topic: TEACHER GIFTS! If you’re like me, you dang-near forgot about them, but I’m challenging myself, and you, to get it together this year.

I hope you’re also like me in that your kiddo(s) have a few more weeks left until the last day of school, which is plenty of time to find a thoughtful gift. The last few years, I’ve found myself grabbing a gift card from Kroger in the last hour of the last day of school. Honestly, I love the convenience of gift cards (and cash), but this is the one time of year I want to step my game up. My children’s teachers are amazing, so I really want my effort to match my appreciation.

If you can relate, I’m sure you’ll be able to find something in my roundup of teacher gifts. I scoured the interwebs from Etsy (awww, handmade and heartfelt) to Amazon (hey, Prime, heeeey!) and plenty in between, for the coolest, affordable gifts around.

Amazon Prime-able Gifts

1. Indoor Basil Planter – Nothing says “thanks for a great year” like the gift of basil that keeps on giving through the summer. Such a cute gift for your little sprout to give the teacher who has been a big part of his/her growth this year.

2. Origami Kit – What a cool gift for the inspiring art teacher. I have a feeling some of the beautiful creations will be put on display for the upcoming school year.

3. Unframed Microscope Art Print – How cool would it be to know your teacher hung art from you on the classroom wall? A little more art in science may have been just what I needed.

4. Treble Clef Pin – Gift your child’s favorite music or theater teacher a pin that looks as beautiful as the music she/he makes.

5. Hand-Folded Book Art Sculpture – What better way to thank your teacher for helping foster your child’s love of reading? This hand-folded book sculpture art is insane!

6. Teach. Love. Inspire. Necklace – How adorable is this necklace? The ripped paper detail is especially nice for an English teacher.

7. Love. Inspire. Teach. Bangle Bracelet – A stylish little reminder of why teachers do what they do. I love that it’s engraved inside as well. Bonus points for coordinating with the necklace above!

8. Magnetic Zen Sand Garden – Zen meets science. Your favorite teacher can relax while teaching the class about magnetic forces.

9. 100 Emoji Stamper – Pro tip: Consider giving your NEW teacher a head start on their supplies for next year. Teachers and students oughta really appreciate how this gift can help simplify the grading process…or at least make everyone smile during the process.

10. I Teach, Therefore, I Drink Stemless Wine Glass – No judgement, teach. Like, at all. You’ve earned a celebratory drink (or two) for all you’ve accomplished this year. Cheers!

28 More Teacher Gifts!





  1. There are tons of cute ideas here (I’m a teacher). I usually shy away from anything that says A+ teacher, anything with an apple on it, and coffee mugs because every teacher gets a million of those things their first year. However, the apple charm bracelet is very cute! I also love the bag that looks like a library checkout card.
    Don’t feel like you have to go with a school theme for teachers–we are humans in addition to being teachers. 😉 When in doubt, gift cards to a good restaurant or bar are NEVER a bad way to go!

    • Thanks, Megan. The restaurant gift cards have been my go-to, so it’s good to know I’m not completely out in left field!

  2. I’m a teacher. There are some fun things here, but teachers Do Not want things with apples, teacher sayings or things that take up space in their already full classroom. We want practical things we can use, amazon gift cards to buy used books and supplies, and let’s not forget how much a meaningful note from a parent or student means.

    • Susan, I’m all for the the meaningful notes, too! Thanks for the reminder/suggestion to focus on practical gifts!

  3. I recently fell in love with a collapsible water bottle called Hydaway, and we got our teachers those this year. (They had been eyeing the one I frequently had to leave with my child because I forgot to pack his. 🙂

    • Tanaya, that is so awesome! It would be perfect to have around for the summer, not to mention my kids would just be amused by it.

  4. These are great suggestions! I teach high school and secondary teachers rarely get gifts from students. I’d be thrilled to receive anything on this list. 🙂 Thanks for showing your appreciation to educators, Tiarra!

    • Thanks for reading, Christi. Someone else mentioned high school teachers not receiving gifts…who knew? Well, I hope some of your students and families are also reading, because I’m sure you deserve it. I couldn’t do your job; thanks for all you do!

  5. As a teacher I agree. The uncommon goods items, the message board, and the beach totes are ideas I love. The Apple/ pencil stuff is less preferred. One of my most memorable gifts given to me was a beach tote filled with towels, snacks and sunscreen! I cute monogrammed lunch bag would be another idea!

    • Fran, what a great gift! I agree, if you know your teacher’s interests and/or summer plans, it would make an incredibly thoughtful gift. I hope you have a great summer!

  6. High school teacher here, also usually no gifts– it’s fine. I’d second the “teachers are people” sentiment as well, so skipping the apple and chalkboard stuff (although I do like the library card bag). A couple of years ago, I got my son’s teacher a gift card to the ABC (state liquor) store. I knew she’d had a rough year. 🙂

    • Madeleine the ABC gift card is hands-down the realest gift ever. You’re a rockstar; I salute you and have no further comment to add. Oh wait, I do…Have a great summer!!

  7. Middle school teacher here, I rarely get gifts, I am psyched to get anything- especially starbucks or local coffee shop gift cards.

    • Dang, Holly, what a bummer. I hope your students/families are reading because giftcards are so easy!! That’s my usual last-minute pick. I’m crossing my fingers that you get your much-deserved appreciation caffeine this year. Thanks for all you do, and have a great summer!

  8. I agree with many of the teachers above (as a teacher also). While anything is greatly appreciated, cash and gift cards are what many of us would prefer 🙂

    • Gosh, you guys would absolutely love me…gift cards all around!! Thanks for reading and have a great summer! Thanks for all you do.

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