Enjoy Your Last July Weekend…


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Oh Mamas.  We have been having so much fun.  There's just something ah-mazing about summer.  Perhaps it's the lack of responsibility, or just the sense that these unscheduled days are fleeting…but we've been thoroughly enjoying our days.  The downside?  Bedtime is 11PM.  11PM!!!  IknowIknowIknow!  In my defense, we're so far north (U.P. what-what) that the sun doesn't set until after 10PM.  Thankfully, both boys are rolling with it for the most part, so I've decided not to stress too much (even while I try to inch it back to something less crazytown).  

My sister gets married next weekend, so things will start to get crazy for us.  Happily, Mike will fly in again for the wedding.  We have MISSED him.  The next time you hear from me, I'll hopefully have some adorable pics to share (R is the ringbearer….think bow-tie, suspenders and a fedora.  Yessssss.)

Some good stuff:

Love this mom & daughter pic that the Sartorialist captured.  

The Style Bakery has recommendations for the best strapless bras for full busts.

You know those ugly plastic cars for kids?  They are usually bright red and yellow, and work like Flinstone cars?  Yes?  The Rookie Moms have a solution to make them cooler.  It's hysterical.  Yet brilliant.

Still looking for a swimsuit?  Girl's Gone Child covered some awesome post-partum friendly suits…and ANMJ favorite Sirens Swimwear has just restocked their fab line of retro suits and bikinis.

This post on Design Mom inspired me to set up a Pinterest board on the best pjs and loungewear.  This Mamas luuvs her jammies.  Let me know if you find anything gorgeous. 

Carrie from the Parenting Passageway wrote an article that brought tears to my eyes: I Hate The Mother that I Am.  Once I became a mother of two (and/or once R turned three – they happened simultaneously) being a mum became so much harder.  There have certainly been times I've watched myself handle situations with my boys and thought WTH?  Who am I?  FOR SHAME.  Carrie speaks from such a place of love and encouragement that I find myself buoyed by her words.  Certainly worth a read on those darker days of motherhood.

Are you getting Olympic fever?  Me too.  I'm loving Gap's vintage Olympic tees.  The women's version is surprisingly drapey and flattering (and Paris ahhhhh)…but I'm also loving the ones for little boys. Tokyo is my fav.

 Go USA!



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