I Heart Espadrilles (Where To Find Them Outside of Spain)


While in Barcelona, I bought a pair of espadrilles at La Manual Alpargatera, one of the more well-known espadrille shops in Spain.  The store’s shelves are lined with espadrilles of every shape and color, and the store is so popular that you are given a ticket when you enter, and must wait until your number is called.  I found the whole experience overly precious – since there are so many people in the shop, you may only request one pair of shoes at a time, wait for them to be brought out, try them on, decide yes/no and then request another pair to try on.  I tried on three and it took 45 minutes.  Wild. Especially since there are a ton of espadrille shops are all over Barcelona.  I suspect one can get cute, handmade espadrilles at another shop without the long wait.

My Favorite Spanish Espadrilles (And Two Outfit Ideas)

That said…I’m seriously loving these shoes.  They’re comfy right away (at least the ankle-wrapped ones are), go with everything – dresses, shorts, denim – and held up to all-day walking.  

Outfit Idea 1: Espadrilles + Pretty White Dress

This one screams ‘summer vacation in Europe’. I’m 100% in.


Outfit Details

dress:Current/Elliott ‘The Sleeveless Tuck’ Cotton Dress – shoot!  Totall sold out…but the  denim version is cute (and on sale!!)

espadrilles: Viscata Barcelona is the closest

bag: Rebecca Minkoff  Medium Julian

on Pax: Nike Lionel Messi Barcelona Youth Jersey (Youth Small), H&M Shorts (Similar), Salt Water Sandals

Outfit Idea 2: Espadrilles + Cut-Off Denim Shorts

Espadrilles are casual, so an easy win with denim of all kind, but I like how they’re a little elevated, too, make denim shorts look especially chic.


Outfit Details

topFree People Bulls Eye Tank (Ivory)

shorts: rag & bone/JEAN Gunner

espadrilles: Viscata Barcelona is closest

bag: Rebecca Minkoff Medium Julian

sunglassesGarrett Leight Dillion 

bikiniFree People x Beach Riot Peyton

4 Places to Find Spanish Espadrilles Outside of Spain

If you’re hoping for some authentic Spanish espadrilles, you’re in luck! There are four places where you can find actual Spanish espadrilles that will ship right to your home.

1. Viscata Barcelona

When I posted the question of where to find authentic espadrilles on FB, many of you raved over Viscata Barcelona espadrillesavailable on Amazon or Zappos.  These are the real deal: designed in Barcelona, made in Spain, at a similar price point to what you’d actually find in Barca, and of course, Amazon kills it with easy shipping almost everywhere in the world.


1. Escala | 2. Pubol

3. Palamos  | 4. Fosca

5. Estreta

2. Krack Online

Krack Online has an ever-changing selection of seriously cute (and affordable) espadrilles.  Shipping outside of Spain or Portugal, however, gets a little dicey.  US customers get free delivery on orders of $150E or more, but a $40E delivery charge for orders less than that.  The rest of Europe gets free delivery over $100E, $15E delivery fee otherwise.


1. Krack Core Red  | 2. Vidorreta Camel

3. Obi Gamo Green | 4. Vidorreta Gold

3. Espadrilles Etc.

There were also a few votes on Facebook for Espadrillesetc.com.  The selection is spot-on (all made in Spain), but I noticed the prices were a bit higher.  Also add in $19E shipping (for the first pair, the next one is $14E), and you’re looking at roughly $100.  Not bad for a comfortable, walkable shoe, but more than one would pay in Spain.  (Shipping to Europe starts at $16E for the first pair, $11 after that.)


1. Ainhoa | 2. Felipa

3. Natalia | 4. Assunta

4. Avarcas Pons

LastlyAvarcas Pons seems to have a cult-like following (including Laura!).  Not only does this brand they do classic espadrilles really well, but I’m loving the Pons style (you can see it on Laura here).  Happily, they’re readily available at Amazon.


1. Classic Mediterranean Black | 2. Ankle Strap Wedge Fuchsia

3. Sling Back Wedge Forest Green | 4. Classic Women Red 

5. Classic Metallic Bronze




  1. Hi,
    Just a little history:)
    Avarcas aren’t espadrilles. They’re actually traditional beachwear or boating sandals in Spain. You will see children wearing them all summer long. My kids love them and have been wearing them for years. I highly recommend them! I’ve found that you have to size up in them or your toes will start to ache.

  2. One more thing-they are called either avarcas or menorquinas (in case you’re ever in Spain or Latin America and want to shop for some)

  3. Just thought I’d mention espadrilles.ca for those of us in Canada. I have purchased two pairs of the Lola’s from them during recent promos and they are super comfy. I haven’t tried Escala but they look similar to those.

  4. Hi Shana – Not related to these cute shoes, but did you recently mention something about your favorite laundry-something-or-other for keeping whites white? I swear you did, but am having trouble back-tracking to find it. Thank you!

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