4 Simple Essential Oil Gifts for Men & Women


I’ve always been a fan of making gifts for the holidays or any occasion. It’s special to get something handmade and using essential oils to make really nice gifts could not be easier. Most great gifts using EO’s don’t require but a few ingredients, many you may already have. And those hard-to-buy-for men in your life? I even have a couple of ideas for them! Whew, right?

My Favorite Essential Oils

I’ve tried a few different essential oil brands and still my favorite is Young Living. The quality is just superb (you can read about their Seed-to-Seal quality commitment here) and if you start with the starter kit (scroll down mid-page) you get wholesale pricing on the rest of your purchases from then on with no monthly commitment. Nice. If you do order monthly, they gift you with free oils! They also hook you up with loads of information about using your oils through Facebook groups, etc. I honestly use my oils everyday and LOVE knowing I’ve got this little arsenal of toxin-free goodness for our home. See my previous post for some of my very favorite daily uses.

DIY Gift How-To’s

For the rollers, your recipients can apply the blends to theirs wrists, temples, neck or vita flex points (read more here). For the scrub, simply scrub hands and rinse! For the cologne, apply to pulse points as you would with store-bought scents. Voilà!

essential oil headache roller

Headache Roller – This is a great blend to ease head tension and great for anyone on your list. I’m thinking of giving it with some nice chocolates for teacher gifts. You can order up some roller bottles here and the oils needed here. To make you just simply add the listed number of drops of each oil to the bottle and fill the rest with a carrier oil – I like fractionated coconut oil or sweet almond oil. *Tip: did you know there’s a tiny hole in the plastic lid of the oil bottle? If you look closely you can see it. Pour from that tiny hole and NOT the big center hole and you’ll get single drops much more easily. I am so glad I learned this! So helpful.

liquid sleep essential oil roller

Liquid Sleep Roller – We all know someone who could sleep better (raises hand) and this blend is like heaven in a bottle. It’s so relaxing and warm and beautiful. This would be great for someone who travels a lot, too. Again, put the recommended number of drops of each oil in the roller and fill the rest with carrier oil (the oils in a pump make it easiest for this process.)

esential oil gifts men

Lemon Hand Scrub –  The hand scrub is so simple but so useful. It’s not only great in the kitchen for removing onion and garlic smells from hands, but it’s also great for any guys or gals on your list who work on bikes, cars or machinery. This mixture great for scrubbing paint off for any artists out there, too! It’s super moisturizing as well. I like using Sweet Almond oil for this one, but even kitchen olive oil works great. You can use the 8oz mason jars, like I did, or these cute flip top jars.

woodsy cologne essential oils

Woodsy Cologne Roller – This is a blend I came up with for my dad and YUM. He and I both love woodsy scents and I’m excited to give this to him. It’s so fun to play around with recipes for different favorite scents. I looked up an existing recipe that was sort of similar and then changed it up a bit for my taste. Easy peasy. (If you wanted to make a true cologne you can put it in a spray bottle and substitute 70% alcohol or vodka for the carrier oil.)

Do you enjoy making gifts for friends and family? Have any favorite essential oil blends to share? Please do!

Happy Gifting!


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  1. I love, Love, Love Young Living Essential oils and have done quite a bit diy stuff with them. Thank you for sharing these gift ideas! In case other readers get ideas from this post, just one tip I learned the hard way: when using citrus oils be sure to use a glass container….citrus oils can break down plastic ones. The post listed a mason jar so that’s glass but just in case you were thinking of swapping for a plastic container….stick with glass.

  2. Great ideas! I love my oils (Doterra girl, here : ). My daughter’s Kindergarten teacher is getting a diffuser and immunity blend for Christmas. So.many.classroom.germs…One other suggestion about citrus oils–definitely ALWAYS mix any citrus EO with a carrier oil if you are using on skin because they can cause some serious photosenstivity. Suffered an accidental 2nd degree contact burn this past summer from some lemon that spilled on my leg. Oops, I didn’t want to wear shorts anyway…Oh, and one of my favorite blends is cedarwood, lavender and orange. Heavenly!

  3. Are there any diffusers that you recommend? I’m not tied to any brand and my husband gave me blends last year from somewhere on Amazon… I’d love to get another prettier diffuser but would love your recommendations to put it on my wish list!

  4. I’ve just recently started using EO’s and love them. I use thieves on my daughter everyday and she hasn’t gotten sick even though the flu went through her kindergarten class!
    The link isn’t working in your previous post. Would you please tell me the app you luse for oil info?

    • Oh sure! Sorry about that. Thieves is the best! I’m gonna start daily now, too! I use one just called Essential Oils. It has a tree on the logo. I hope that helps! I also search Pinterest a lot and get a ton of info from our FB group my friend added me to.

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