A Current Trend I’m Loving: European-Inspired Graphic Tees


One of my favorite trends at the moment has got to be the playfully-chic, European-inspired graphic tees that I keep seeing. I think 2023’s “European Summer” really got to designers’ heads. And I’m here for it.

What I love most about this specific genre of graphic tees is that the sayings are romantic, quippy, or just downright cute to read. It’s not too loud of a message nor graphic, and it expresses just a slightly-sassy, fashion-forward feeling. To me, at least. Probably because gahhhh I just want to be a cool French girl.

The 13 Best European-Inspired Graphic Tees

Of course one of TME’s favorite brands ever, sporty-French Clare V., has all of her simple-yet-stunning tees (the classic Oui & Ciao ones have definitely been closet mainstays for awhile), but I’m seeing quirky lil French or Italian sayings on tees all over – with MOTHER, Clare V., Anthro and Sezane having the best selections, IMO. Slightly more affordable brand Letluv has been acing them, too. (Theirs is that embroidered one all the way at the bottom. HOW SWEET.)

I can’t get enough of them. They’re the type of simple graphics (wellll maybe not the one with the bread on it haha) that can be dressed up with a pair of trousers or a skirt, or down with jean shorts, over a bathing suit, whatever. It’s the simple designs that go the farthest.

I want every single one below, s’il vous plaît.

1. Vintage Aesthetic French Toast Shirt

Ok, not technically a tee. (The rest are, I swear.) But the styling here made me absolutely swoon. So it stays. And what’s Frencher than French toast?! 😉


2. Kule Modern Oui Tee

There’s something so great about Kule’s simple designs. They have great silhouettes, are unfussy & sporty-skewing, and are really high quality. And now I want a croissant. With an affogato on the side.


3. Clare V. Apéro Classic Tee

This color combo is great. It’s like that perfectly bright & quenching, Aperol Spritz orangey-red + a cloudless July-blue sky. Ahhh. A freaking tee shirt just transported me to Capri.


4. MOTHER The Rowdy Oui Non Tee

Shockingly cool & playful. That pretty much describes all of MOTHER’s graphic tees. This one looks especially fabulous with giant sunglasses, apparently.


5. MOTHER The Strong And Silent Type Tee

I like the tank cutoff shape here – especially paired with two of our current fashion faves; loose jeans + ballet flats. A sassy saying is always appreciated. Give ’em some ‘tude.


6. Free People Paris Sporty Tee

I could see Shana loooving this one, therefore it really appealed to me haha. It’s Parisian and sporty, which is one of our favorite style combinations. I also love the laidback (pantsless? nahh) way it’s styled on the model.


7. Clare V. Oui Classic Tee

This post would be oh so wrong if it didn’t include Clare V.’s famous Oui tee. The simplicity is stunning and allows it to be dressed up super easily. So good.


8. MOTHER The Lil Goodie Goodie Fleurs Tee

This one is just really sweet. I love the sentiment (“Flower Power” in French) and cute little drawing – plus the subtle colors are a really soft, unique combo.


9. Clare V. Ciao Classic Tee

Another Clare V. masterpiece! All of her tees are decidedly special and fancy, which is what makes them so good. With nylon shorts, a blazer & a backwards hat?! Okay, coooool.


10. Phthalo Ruth Graphic Baguette Tee

Haha this one is funny. I got it for my mom for Mother’s Day (so hopefully she doesn’t see this) because she A. loves all things French and B. is the biggest bread fan I know. So it was only right.


11. MOTHER The Goodie Goodie Ringer Savoir Tee

A French baseball tee is exactly what my closet was missing, I’ve decided. Another one of those sporty-French pieces that stuns. (Even though it’s just a tee shirt.) Love the super casual styling here too.


12. Clare V. Sardines Classic Tee

Another playful tee in a cool color combo. Doesn’t it just look so comfy, too?? I’d wear with light wash jeans and colorful sneakers.


13. Letluv Embroidered Venice Graphic Tee

Ooo, this one has some fun embroidery going on and I’m really into it. Letluv makes some of the cutest, under-$100 graphic tees I’ve seen.


Bisous, Abby

Hiiii, Pinners…

If you're loving European-inspired graphic tees like I am... Peek at these 13 (chic, playful, sometimes sporty and just really pretty) pieces.

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