Everlane Denim Review


I’ve been a fan of Everlane for a while now. Something about knowing how what I buy is manufactured makes me feel comfortable when buying from them. If you ever want to know about the factories used to make whatever you’re buying from Everlane, just check the “details” and click on “see the factory.” That transparency has been one of the things that made the brand what it is today. I personally love that. How about you?

I had been wanting to go the NYC flagship store for a while since they opened it. I was mainly curious about Everlane Jeans, which they call the “Damn Good Denim” So, I recruited my mother-in-law to watch the kids for a day. I also got fancy dressed because when you go to Soho you dress fashionably, right?. Ok, ok not a must but I like it, specially since I live in jeans, joggers or leggings for my everyday work-from-home life. I showed it all on my Instagram (@julietatorresd)

On this particular day I left my NYC suburb and went back to riding the subway. By the time I made it there, it was lunch time and it was packed! Women of all ages (young college ladies, but also working women over 30) were going in and out with shopping bags. I went in and grabbed every denim piece I found in my size, along with some jackets and a camisole because I was wearing a dress. And no, I wasn’t going to give you topless denim selfies haha. Although after my Instagram stories takeover (@themomedit),  you may be well familiar with my wrinkly bellybutton and lower stomach saggy situation. Which reminds me to thank you for all kind words – because you’re amazing and make me more confident in this saggy skin.

Why is the denim so affordable if it’s so “Damn Good”?

Everlane Jeans retail at $68 which is very affordable for the quality and fit offered. They are made with premium 11oz Japanese denim with only a 2% of elastane for comfort and avoid the denim to bag out. The two things I noticed that may keep the costs down are:

  • The lack of label in the back of waistband – most jeans have one in leather and Everlane avoided it
  • The washes. Basic washes with minimal distress, which I honestly love.

You can also read about the factory here. I loved knowing the efforts to save water and energy in the process.

And now let’s start with my least favorite that is actually really good if you like mid-rise denim.

Side Note: All styles come in different washes but I was only able to try one in each style. Believe me, they are flying off the shelves. And for reference I’m 5′ 2″ tall and weight about 118lbs give or take (don’t really weigh myself)

Mid-Rise Skinny (ankle length)

For a low/mid-rise hater, I actually liked these. The exact wash I’m wearing, which was the only one available in my size may run a little smaller, but I loved the dark indigo. The rise is 9″ which I know is perfect for so many who may have shorter torsos and are not fans of the high-rise.

Above is why I don’t wear mid-rise jeans.

Mid-rise Skinnies  – Wearing size 25. TTS. They felt a little tight but I think they would break-in and be more comfortable. As I said it’s only with this specific wash. They come in mid blue, light blue, bone and black too.

High-Rise Skinny

Ok, these may be some good high-rise skinnies. They suck everything in and even though they have some stretch they feel like more expensive pairs.

(Mid-blue wash)

High-rise skinny (ankle length and mid blue color) – Wearing size 25. TTS. My flabby stomach was happy again!!! I really loved how they sucked everything in. Rise: 10.5″ They also come in 5 different colors. Dark indigo, mid blue, light blue, bone and black. Are you tall? Full length here

Cheeky Straight

This is the newest style. A straight-leg with high-rise and the promise to make your bum look great. Two things about sizing: Size down if you want more of a girlfriend fit (slightly fitted) or get your regular size for more of a relaxed fit. I’m leaning towards sizing down.

Regular size

Cheeky Straight (ankle length) – Really soft and comfortable. They could be a high-rise boyfriend type of jeans. Rise 11″ in a size 28.

Cheeky Straight – a size down..

I wasn’t lucky to find the same wash in a size down and the only wash available was black. It’s a little hard to see but I can tell you that I loved how the size down felt and looked.

Cheeky straight (black) – Size 24. A little slimmer yet comfortable. And yes I liked the bum although is really hard to take a mirror selfie of your back.

The Denim Jacket

The Denim Jacket in light wash – Size XS – Even though I love the rigid denim I felt it was a little heavy. Although I expect for it to keep softening and getting better with time as any premium denim. It’s a relaxed fit as you can see in the back but for some reason I like it a little slimmer, especially in the back. It comes in a white bone color and mid blue wash.

More Everlane Finds

Comfy Pants

So, I don’t really like wearing shorts all summer long and I actually like pants. They have to be loose, breathable and comfortable.  I like them styled like this, with a camisole and pointy flats for a comfy yet chic look.

The Italian GoWeave easy pant – These are 100% wool and wrinkle resistant. I’m wearing a 0. I love the   comfortable and elastic waistband. They also look incredibly polished. Be aware that if you’re petite you may need to get the hem altered. I rolled it because it was long on me. Find them in black, navy and green.

The Perfect Spring Jacket

The cropped city Anorak – Size XS but I could size down to XXS since it’s a little boxy. Lightweight and waterproof. Love the little detail on the sleeve, I hate it when sleeves are wide and long and I look swallowed up.

The Silk Camisole

Double-lined silk V-neck Cami – Wearing XS. A silk camisole it’s a must-have in a closet. Everlane’s camisole is really affordable. It comes in black too.

Flat Shoes

I LOVE white flats almost all year round and as you noticed in all the denim pics I had to try them on. You should know that Everlane shoes are extremely high-quality. They are made with Italian leather and manufactured in Italy too. So the price for what you get is really affordable compared to others in the market.

The Modern Tassel Loafer Mule – Wearing size 6. I’m usually between 5 1/2 and 6, so size up. I’ve been own love with these loafers for a while. The craftsmanship is amazing and were comfortable for the little while I wore them at the store. They come in oxblood and black too but the white ones are my weakness.

The day glove – Wearing 5 1/2. The name couldn’t be more appropriate. These shoes are the most comfortable thing in the world. They released them not too long ago and I’ve been seeing a great deal of people wearing them ALL DAY. Amazingly soft, breathable and look good. They come in 6 colors. Pink, light blue, white, black, cream and mocha. See the story here. Sorry for the pics with the dress but I almost forgot to take a pic of them alone. Go back to all the pics at first and you’ll se how they look with the jeans.

Final Thoughts on Everlane

  • Everlane Jeans: The jeans are good and to be honest some of the best I’ve tried under $100. They are not the trendy, ripped, embellished jeans you’ll see everywhere else and that’s what I love about them. Real denim, with a little of stretch that will wear and break-in to the wearer. My favorites were the high-rise skinny that I want in the dark indigo wash and the cheeky straight going down a size. I want to order it in the bone color. I’m owing you the modern boyfriend fit.
  • Everlane Shoes Amazing! Classic, well made, high-quality and well priced compared to others in the market. I’m not so sure about the mule as I don’t know how they would hold up to walking. I haven’t given a try to mules yet. But the day gloves were so freaking comfortable that I think they would be great as a mom.

What fit was your favorite?

Chao, chao. Julieta

Let’s hang out on my Instagram corner (@julietatorresd) for more high-rise jeans, soft stomachs and a raw and vulnerable take online. Even though being vulnerable is hard I’m a fan of being real on social media. Can’t wait to see you there.


  1. Nice outfit posts! I like the dark denim and easy pants. The white shoes so cute, I never think of that combo. You exude so much beauty and grace. Thank you!

  2. I tried some of the Everlane heels and can attest to the quality. I did think the sizing was way off… reviewers said to size down, so I did, but in reality, I needed to go up a size. Would love to try again though

  3. Thank you for showing where the waist hit in relation to your belly button. I have a short waist so I tend to go for the mid rise to achieve the high rise look!

  4. I love all these and like you, prefer less distressing. I am intrigued by the easy pants..I’m guessing they are light weight wool? They look really great on you!

  5. Thanks Julieta, you look great! I am also curious about the weight of the wool pants (they looked awesome). Also, your leather jacket? It was amazing.

    • Yes the pants are light-weight and they are amazing! My leather jacket was a gift from my dad. It’s a YSL sample, which is why I never give details on it.

  6. Thanks for this review!

    I just bought the Everlane denim jacket in my regular size and was disappointed. It had awesome reviews many of which said it runs large….not the case. It was too tight to wear buttoned up and the sleeves were too short (I am tall). For a tall person it was also pretty cropped – it hit almost at my natural waist.

    And I learned not to trust reviews on the Everlane site. I tried to leave a review for the jacket since my experience was so different from what I’d read. To leave a review you have to get a link from your purchase, but I didn’t get one. I contacted customer service and learned that they only take reviews from people who keep their items! Since I’m returning it, I can’t leave a review. Well, that also means that they only accept good reviews!

  7. Late to the game but I just wanted to note that their men’s denim is also great- I got my husband in their Straight Fit jeans and they look excellent on him ; ) He wears his clothes until they fall apart and I think these will take a beating.

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