Your Fall Wardrobe Needs These Rust-Colored Slingbacks


Ah, Fall. We each have that one moment when Fall excitement hits us for the first time, whether it’s that first sighting of bright red leaves scattered on the sidewalk, a whiff of the crisp smell of firewood hanging in the outdoor air, or the season’s first taste of Pumpkin Spice…

But you know you have a serious shopping problem when what you’re most excited about for Fall is:


Yup. You heard right. But not just any shoes….Let me introduce you to the most well-rounded pair of shoes this Fall (and my new personal fav): the V Slingbacks by Everlane.

The V Slingbacks are the perfect pair of flats to wear as we transition from Summer to Fall, and then into Winter. They’re versatile enough to go from workwear to jeans, and also to dresses, without so much as a fuss. They’re the shoe version of that one reliable friend you can take anywhere and introduce to anyone, and who gets along with everyone — (but the V’s won’t judge when you decide to order that third pitcher of margs ;).

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Notes on the V Slingback:

  • At the start, I was drawn to the rich, gorgeous shade of rust, and then the chic style really piqued my interest.
  • They’re made from 100% Italian suede, so the quality is definitely there.
  • A lot of reviewers seemed to have no problem wearing them comfortably all day long right away, but with my narrow, flat feet it took me a good few hours to wear them in; after that it was smooth sailing!

I did have a few doubts though, mainly because of the price tag. I’ve never spent over $100 on any pair of shoes that weren’t boots – not to mention their fit and durability. When I first tried them on, I was surprised by how well they fit — quite snug, but not uncomfortably so. Ultimately, the amazing reviews sealed the deal.

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I highly recommend a leather protector spray like Kiwi’s Boot Protector or UGG’s Care Kit (both available through Amazon) to keep the leather looking new.

Happy first days of Fall!!



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