Everyday Style (#myeverydayedit)


Well, another week of Everyday Style has come and gone and ya’ll, you rock. Watching the #myeverydayedit s pop-up on instagram made my days. Thank YOU, all of you, for joining us on this. *loud cheering*

So. Here’s a round-up of my own dailies from this past week.

I got Puked on Last Night (like a lot)

How was I not in my pjs then? It’s like this. I was in pjs and sweats the entire week before (because of the bug that hit me first. the jerk). I was OVER feeling and looking like a homeless person, so…I got dressed. It helped that a sweet necklace showed up in the mail that day…and yes, yes I do tuck in my sweatshirts. I have to show off the high waist goodness of my favorite pair of wide leg jeans! Sometimes you just have to tuck. #tuckit #tuckitrealgood



sweatshirt: old navy crew neck sweatshirt, old. This Project Social sweatshirt is adorable. I vant it.

jeans: 7 for all Mankind wide leg jeans, old…but these high waist 7s are just as good.

necklace: long, pendant-style necklace (rocks box). Can’t find it online…booo, but this Tildon 3-in-1 Art Deco necklace is a charmer. Gorgeous. It may look like a bit too much, but there’s a trick to wearing a necklace like this…wear something super simple (like a basic sweatshirt or tee) and ta-da.


I still can’t decide if this tunic top (that looks like it morphed with a sweatshirt) is actually cute…or just ehh. Either way, who cares. I dig some frump-tastic. I added socks under my Edelmans to lengthen the look (because I need to look taller – ha).



top: hooded tunic top, found at TJMaxx…so can’t find it online. This Free People (I know, FP again. I can’t help it) Swing Tunic is a good one for a cozy day when you don’t feel like getting dressed, but want to look dressed. 😉

jeans: J. Crew toothpick jeans, blacksmith wash.

booties: Sam Edelman, Nordy Rack find. AGAIN, (I’m starting to sound like a broken record here) booties are rockin’…as are the Jodie bootie, which I’m not convinced would look good with the above, but are worth mentioning, because…they are b-e-a-utiful.

Comfy before Chic…or both. Hoozah!

Is it possible? Oh ho ho ho. It is. I have kind of perfected the look, dare I say? I can’t handle too many bells and whistles on a daily basis, so what I do is go 99% comfortable with a small 1% dash of cool. It works. It really, really does. For this outfit, all I did was not try at all on top and then add loafers. I mean, loafers. It’s what you notice though, amiright?


(I was getting a kink out of my neck, apparantely)


tee: Everlane V (wearing size S for reference)

cardigan: TJmaxx find. Similar style here…and it’s so cute.

jeans: Citizens of Humanity, hacked by moi into cropped jeans. There’s a slew of the same type of style out there and I just so happened to find these Current/Elliots

loafers: Crown Vintage loafers…and I looked everywhere for these, because they are the best. Couldn’t find. So sad. However, Jack Rogers makes a mean loafer.

The Day I Finally Got out of The House (and celebrated by wearing my new favorite thing)

A kimono. For the love of all things good and holy, do yourself a favor and treat yoself to a kimono. It is just such a cool and easy thing to add to an outfit. Actually, it makes the outfit. Spring will be full of shorts, tees, sandals and this very kimono…and it shall be glorious.



kimono: another TJMaxx find (I went cray one evening on a shopping trip with myself). FP (duh) has a bajillion, including this tribal kimono.

tee: J. Crew vintage cotton tee (wearing size S for reference)

jeans: Banana Republic medium wash skinny jean (wearing size 4 for reference)

belt: braided w/ leather bits, found at Goodwill years ago. Target has some cute options!

booties: Seychelles Scoundrel booties. This particular color is sold out, but this pair is very similar.

Red Lip (because FRIDAY)

Man, I felt good when I woke up this past Friday. The sickness was gone, baby gone. I may have danced in the kitchen…and I definitely slapped on a red lip. We were getting out of the house…to go to Target, but going out nonetheless. ::whoop! whoop!:: Also, chucks. My chucks always come out to party.



top: Necessary Clothing Necessary Top

scarf: printed scarf from second-hand shop. Anthro…gooooodness…beautiful Delphic Tile Scarf (tassels!)

jeans: Gap 1969 sexy boyfriend jean

chucks: Converse Chuck Taylors (classic white)

lip: NARS Cruella lip pencil. So good.

Ummm and gals, it’s time to share some of your day-to-day ensembles, because (again) ya’ll rock and kind of took over #myeverydayedit and made it into something these past couple of weeks. Seriously. I feel like I’m getting to know all of you through this and I love it. The Mom Edit readers are the best of the best. I am certain of that now.



Leggings tucked into ballet flats on @monicarenee144 ? Yes. Sneakers with a tribal print on @candio82 . Yes! The sweetest color of a ball cap with even sweeter shoes on @tysieright . Yes. High-waisted jeans with a tucked (#tuckit #tuckitrealgood) tee on @therer5. So much yes. Keep. it. coming.

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