My New Winter Uniform: Making Sweatpants Look Put-Together


I remember the first uniform I shared here: jeans, a sweater and a tailored coat. Then, after some body changes, I ditched the jeans for leggings.

But lately, after fighting the winter for 13 years since I left Colombia (damn, I can’t believe it’s been that long), I’m surrendering, cozying up and listening to my body more. And what my body wants is to feel comfier and sleep more…when possible.

My body wants comfy pants, sweatpants to be precise, pushing me to adapt to a go-to uniform that’s a little comfier and more casual but equally put-together in my book.

Winter Outfit Formula: Fleece Sweatpants + Longline Coat + Structured Bag

I often find sweatpants too bulky, too low-rise or too thin, but the Nike Phoenix fleece pants are my go-to sweats.

pants (S) l similar top l similar coat l shoes l bag l gloves

I’m all about sweatpants, especially these Nike Phoenix fleece sweatpants, which I ordered out of desperation.

I often find sweatpants too bulky, too low-rise or too thin. But when I finally tried these on, they were nothing like I’d tried before and soon became my go-to sweatpants. It all has to do with the overall fit, warmth, color options and ribbed waistband. The latter eliminates the need for a gathered waistband, which I’ve found very chunky and unflattering on my body.

These Nike sweatpants feel deliciously warm + cozy inside & look great on the outside.

pants (s) | also at Nike l gloves

These Nike sweatpants feel deliciously warm and cozy inside and look great on the outside. One word of caution is to get the non-high-rise version because this style already has a good rise, and the high-rise pants get too long on the rise and may look frumpy, especially if you’re petite like me.  

A Long Coat Can Make Any Casual Outfit Feel Put-Together

I love to wear a tailored, long coat to make sweatpants a little elegant & more me.

pants (S) l similar top l similar coat l shoes l bag

Looking back to those uniforms, or “mom-iforms” as I call them, I can see the common factor: a tailored, long coat. I don’t think I’ll ever quit the powerful feeling they give me, so it’s not a surprise that I use one to make sweatpants a little elegant and more me. For years these coats have been on the mid-length side (I’ve been dying to try this J.Crew topcoat), but last year I got this long coat and fell in love.

The length transforms any outfit into a more sophisticated version.

If you’re petite like me, you’ll need to have it tailored to you, but it is a small price to pay to feel like a million bucks. I had to hem mine shorter and take it in at the high waist. My exact coat is long gone, but the same brand, Noize, has a similar style in two accent colors, and you can see the other at the end of this post.

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A Structured Crossbody Bag For The Win

This Rebecca Minkoff "Love Jumbo" Crossbody Bag helps balance the casual sweatpants outfit.


This Rebecca Minkoff “Love Jumbo” Crossbody Bag is at least five years old, and while I don’t wear it all the time it’s been getting more wear with my more casual outfits. It adds some structure and helps balance the outfit.

There’s a small version if you prefer, but one of my favorite features for me is the jumbo size. I can carry a book, my reMarkable tablet, my phone and makeup. I think I even fit diapers and a sippy cup when my younger was a toddler. I was never the big-diaper-bag kind of mom.

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I’m Not A Hat Lover…But This Beanie Is Always An Exception


This hat from Sh*t That I Knit was a gift from TME last year, and I don’t know if it was the fact that I didn’t buy it, how soft and warm it is, or that it’s sustainably made by women in Peru, but I was hooked the minute I tried it on. I immediately got one for my kids, and my 5-year-old wears it daily. My 9-year-old is a hair guy and can’t ruin his peinado. He’s his mami’s son.

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Y bueno, this is how I love to wear my sweatpants. Today I wore them with the matching sweatshirt and a trench coat for school pickup.

How do you wear your sweats to feel your best?



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Photography: Juanca Studios

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My body wants comfy pants, so I created a winter outfit formula that's casual but still put-together: fleece sweatpants, a long coat & a structured bag.

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