I giggled while listening in on TME weekly call…the discussion point?  Fall Trends. After a long pause the contributors responded to Shana that they’d wear some of the trends as a costume for a “70’s” or “90’s” party.  And then came my own super long pause:  is a “90’s” party a thing?  And if so, OMG when did we get old enough for that to happen?  But yes, all trends have happened before.  The ones that repeat more often than others (and maybe a few of us have lived through these more than once,) I’m going to, without political nor social, nor any other comment, call:  CLASSIC.  Denim, White leather, Black Leather, Camel, and Red are….Modern Classic.  While not so much a fan of trends, I’ll take classic any old day.

For me, the fun of this is that these Modern Classics easily fall into home decor!  Let’s call this one,  She Says Fashion/She Says Home:  where Shana is excited about something you can wear and I am excited about things you can decorate your home with!  This is a fairly real representation of how we actually speak to one another about things (including plenty of eye rolls and laughs).  We just also touch on all the topics that I won’t right here, right now.  With love and respect and we wish you all nothing more than and peace and fun, always, in all of it.

Trend: Space Age/’70s Vibe

Photo Credit: ALLMODERN

We’re partnering with Russia.  To build in space.  AGAIN?  While simultaneously discussing trade embargoes, interference in an election, bribery and collusion?  Ok.  Let’s partner.  Bring on the White…especially as a metaphorical flag, but certainly as leather in all that we love in home decor.  Because space in fact seems like the perfect place to hide from all that’s happening on earth.

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Trend: Camel

Photo Credit: GILT

It’s the beautiful, sexy neutral.  It’s chic.  It’s elegantly understated.  It’s luxurious.  Think:  Bogart in Casablanca, Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, John Cusack in Say Anything, Dick Tracy.  See the trend here?  Classic.

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Trend: Femme/Masculine/Working Woman/Matrix



Everything from power suits and broad shoulders (even if padded), the PANTSUIT (but we’re not going there right?  we covered this in our last election, no?), men’s wear as women’s wear (again, not going there, it’s fabric for all), and the trench (and therefore everything tan and camel colored.)  I’d include everything black leather, and chic, and even fishnets.  There I said that.  Take the pun as you wish…I’d go 10 places each, and delicately, with women/men/work/fish/net/fishnet if we were at Friday night happy hour, but well right here, right now, I just won’t; except for in home decor, my safe space, where black leather, done just-so, is perfection.

Photo Credit: ALLMODERN

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Trend: Icelandia

Go Now.  Before it melts away.  That’s all I have to say on that.  If you need more, see here, or here, or here.
Photo Credit: Kidka on Amazon.com (Seller)

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Trend: Americana/Folk

Americana…..but then I would need to comment on our president, our dealings with North Korea, our racial divide(s), our management of global warming and natural disasters and our response to earthquakes and hurricanes, and forest fires, and our debate regarding whether to take a knee and for what reason.  And I’m not going there right now.  Not here.  Not right this minute.  But I will say this:  when times get tough (as they are for so many) and the sh#% hits the fan (as it absolutely has), people often go to their core, to their roots, to find themselves again.  It’s no wonder we are reminding ourselves of who America is, what it stands for, and how it is represented and represents itself.  We ALL need to work hard on this.  Denim is a relatively safe way for us (Americans) to do so (in fashion and home design.)  That’s all.

Photo Credit: westelm

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  1. I LOVE this! You are a rock star! Perfect timing- we are deciding if we will renovate our current home or look to move within the year. The limbo is tough- this gives me some awesome ideas to boost our current look while we figure it out. Love your aesthetic, eye, and writing!

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