Fall Art and Style Inspiration (yes, pumpkins are involved)

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You guys might remember Jess (aka Jessbobess) who has contributed some seriously cool art to TME.  I featured her back in August, and long time readers may remember this epic post.  But one thing you may not have realized is that Jess is funny – with a good eye and a keen wit.  So this month, instead of my usual blathering on, I thought I’d let Jess do the talking.  -S


Hey guys! Jess here, I’m not going to lie- I’ve been nervous about this post for The Mom Edit,  following in the steps of Shana and her team of style experts is a bit daunting to say the least, but here goes nothing….

I’m a 31 year old aspiring artist and designer, certified elementary art teacher, crafter/DIYer, book nerd, sometimes barista, and lover of fashion since the day I was old enough to dress myself. My style icons include:

1) My tiny Texan grandma with a larger than life personality and walk-in closet filled with clothing items one can only expect from a fashion forward 60 year old Texas grandma: bold, colorful sequined, dresses, gaudy, faux gemstone jewelry and mounds of high heels…

my grandma, with my equally stylish brother and me (yes it’s a perm, and no I don’t want to talk about that phase of my life)

stylish grandma

2) Clarrisa, from the 90’S Nickelodeon television show Clarissa Explains it All, who’s outfits, if I’m being completely honest, I would still wear if I could get away with it and still be viewed as a mentally stable, functioning member of society…


3) and like most every other girl who grew up in the 90’s, Cher from Clueless with her to-die-for computer operated outfit chooser and dream closet…

cher clueless style

….which probably gives you a little insight into my sense of style/fashion failures, depending how you look at things.

But onwards and upwards…I’ve been messing around with leaves, pumpkins, and all things Fall, and was inspired by a Pumpkin Decor DIY Modge podge project from Uncommon Designs Online. All you need are some pumpkins, modge podge and leaves. She uses plastic pumpkins and leaf stickers but I collected leaves outdoors. It could be a fun Fall craft project for you and your littles to do together while the weather is still nice.





Dress:  Missguided  (currently %20 off) – I love this dress.  It’s comfortable and lightweight, although the flared sleeves tend to get in the way a bit even if they add to the dress’ vintage/boho vibe.

Earrings: After scouring the internet for my earrings (which I bought at Forever 21 over 3 years ago) I failed to find my exact pair but I found a very similar pair from Joanna Laura Constantine on Shopbop:

Shoes:  My d’orsay cut-out oxfords are from Qupid and are also budget friendly at $24.00. They are super comfortable, easy to slip on and off, and go great with a pair of jeans or with a day dress and tights.  Also, while I was searching online for my Qupid oxfords, I found (and bought) these super cute, coral colored, cut out oxfords from Refresh. They are currently 40% off on Amazon.


Happy Fall!

– Jess


You can read more from Jess on her blog, thiswildpreciouslife.com or on her instagram (@jessbobess).


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Meet our resident artist/fashionista, Jess. Her creative side pours into her everyday style and it's oh, so good. Not only can she dish out packing capsule wardrobes, Jess can draw the dream wardrobe to match. We love to get inspired by her artwork and we think you will, too.

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    • thanks Bonnie! I would love to do that! What are some types of diy projects that you would be interested in seeing? (kids’ art projects, holiday inspired….ect)

    • I know! I wanted to go as her for Halloween, my boyfriend said “no one will know who you are.” Now, I have proof of the opposite!

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