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I haven’t been this excited about a new boot trend in years.  We’ve all just been going round-and-round with short boots for almost a decade now, and while our favorite moto/lace-up/chelsea boots aren’t going anywhere, there is A New Kid in town.

Everyone, meet The Sock Boot.


I’m so excited about this style of boot because:

1.  It’s flattering – yes, it cuts the line of your legs (if your legs are bare), but these boots also seem to balance hips better than the super short ankle boots.  Also, the lines are really sleek, rather than chunky like other ankle boots, elongating the leg.

2. And SOFT – the best sock boots have butter soft leather (or even fabric) at the top, making them seriously comfortable to wear (with or without socks).

3.  It solves the Cropped Pant In Winter Problem – slide these babies under a pair of cropped (or cuffed) straight-leg jeans and you’re all set.  (Even some of my skinnies work.)

4.  Hello, Warm Ankles – I wear mine over SmartWool Socks.  And because of the higher shaft….The world will never know.

5. Oh-So-Practical – chunky walkable heels are the name of the game.  (I personally wish more companies would stick with lower heels, but maybe that’s just me.)



Outfit Details:

top: Corey Holly Collared White Poet Top (size XS)

jeans: Blank Denim Straight Leg Jeans (size 24)

boots: Free People Marquis Boot (or try here as well)

ring: Soko Sasi Bar Ring


Sock Boots – What To Look For?



1.  Free People Cecile Ankle Boot, $168

This boot is on backorder in most sizes, but for good reason:  it nails the trend.  I like the slightly lower heel, and the sleek, mod shape.  I ordered these just to satisfy my curiosity.  (And look how gorgeous under cropped denim.)

2. Free People Marquis Ankle Boot, $268

These are the boots I’m wearing in both pics.  The leather is butter soft, they’re insanely comfortable with or without socks, the chunky heel is nice and stable.  The only downside?  That darn heed is 4″ high.  I’m typically a flats-only kind of girl, so this is really, really hard for me, especially with all of the walking we do.  Yikes.

3. Frye Patty Artisan Zip, $388

Has Frye ever led us astray?  I think not.  And these are typical Frye – gorgeous color options, chunky heel, and a totally on-point shape.  [applause]

4. Vince Camuto Wedge Boot, $188

This boot has a seriously mod vibe I’m digging.  Love that this trend is also available as a wedge.

5. Sam Edelman Reyes Bootie, $149

Every. Single. Color. of this boot is gorgeous.  And there’s a model pic if you click though – you can see where these hit nice and high.  Perfect.

6. Jeff Campbell Larice Booties, $195

Love the neoprene liner – gives the boot a super sleek look and is amazingly comfortable to boot!

TIP:  Wear these black smartwool socks with a higher shaft ankle boot to mimic the look of a neoprene liner.  You can see an example here.



Shopping:  The Sock Boot

Since this is an emerging trend, many of these are expensive.  (Trends tend to start at the top, then trickle down.)  I tried to find some at every price point – and there were a few happy surprises!  Many of my favs, though, are in the $300 – $500 range. IKNOW, but CPW*, maybe?  In any case, justification for each boot is included in the notes below.

*CPW = cost per wear



Thoughts on this trend?  And PLEASE:  if you find a perfect sock boot with a low heel, LET. ME KNOW.




  1. I’m a bit confused. What is a sock boot? Does it mean that it is higher on the leg? I first thought it meant that it was made from a sock like material but that doesn’t seem to be the case from your recommendations. I’m dense, please explain!

    • No! Not dense – it IS confusing. I’ve been trying to figure out how to refer to this new trend – Mid-Shaft Ankle Boot seemed like a mouthful, but when I saw Who What Wear refer to it as a “sock boot” I thought that was pretty genius. Anyway, as you guessed, the “sock boot” is basically in the shape of a sock, on your leg. The collage was my attempt to point out the differences between this short boot trend and others. So YES: it’s higher on the leg, narrower on the leg, and many do have a fabric-like top. Does this help?

  2. Have a pair of these boots. Love them! They go with just about anything. Like Rebecca, I’m confused though. What qualifies them as a “sock boot”?

  3. I love the look with cropped / boyfriend jeans, so fresh! I persinally am still living in fear of the cropped jean trend, but realize I may have to get with the program this season. Wouldn’t the closest thing to a “flat” version of this sock boot would be a Chelsea boot? Would ANY of these work with leggings or skinnies?

      • Yes! I’m currently hunting for a flat Chelsea boot with a slightly higher rise so I can mimic the look with flats. Actually, those Vince hightop sneaks I bought during the Nord Anni sale do a sporty version of this trend, now that I think about it. And I do wear those with skinnies (rolled). You could also wear any of these boots with leggings or skinnies that are super tight (like leggings). I actually Sock Boots work a bit better with leggings than super short ankle boots – those end up looking too much like Robin Hood, you know?

  4. I’ve made a tragic discovery after buying several of the shoes you’ve featured here over the years… you have narrow feet. In fact, my feet are really wide in the toe box (is that what it’s called? Did I just make up that word?) I’m wondering if you have a wide-footed friend, who might be willing to provide wide-foot options for the shoe trends you feature? I adore all of your shoe picks, so I’d love to find brands that would work for me!

        • Oh no, Vera!! Yeah – my feet are pretty narrow (wider since having Pax, but…you know how that goes). Let me dig around. And everyone: Chime in!! (Thanks, Maggie!)

          • I have a wide foot, too (has been compared to a tamale as it’s short but wide…Frodoesque minus hair?) and must say two Shana picks are among my most comfy shoes ever: Tieks & Saltwater Sandals…

          • Right now I’m trying to find a heel to wear with a floor length red gown to a black tie event… but as soon as I put in wide widths into my search, only ugly old lady shoes come up. I’m hoping to discover some brands that are naturally wider, so that I can find a beautiful shoe to wear!

          • Oh and thank you psshepard – I have wanted to get Tieks, but they are pricey for flats, and I was afraid my feet would be too wide for them. I’m traveling to Turkey in November and need some comfy 20+ hour in the airport shoes and keep wondering about Tieks – I think you just convinced me to give them a try 🙂

  5. Would you mostly wear these with boyfriend/cropped/rolled straight leg denim? What other jeans or skirts would you try with these? I’m asking mainly because I bought a Madewell bootie (the Ames) last year with a very narrow shaft and I need options for those.

  6. Shana! how can you walk around in those 4 inch boots! Just got them and wondering if it gets easier? any “short heel” finds yet??? anyone? these are so freaking cool though..

      • Ive been on the backorder list since September for this boot!!!!! Just came this week and OMG they are amazing!! Had I known they’d be this great I would’ve ordered black too!! They have a Dec ship date now which is waaayy shorter than what I had but the Cecile is fabulous. It’s the perfect t height, doesn’t feel like ur wearing heels, no pressure on the ball of ur foot. The shift is a great height and the leather is super soft and comfy I was in a rush and went no socks on the first wear. Get these!! Hoping to find something G close I can wear now and in black leather not suede. Lusting over the Opening Ceremony ones listed above but cant justify the $520 price tag 🙁 even with CPW.

  7. What do you think of the Born Dulcie? It’s got the narrow top, but the boot itself is – ruched?- is that a thing for shoes? Not smooth like your examples. But totally flat. I can’t tolerate more than a 1″ heel.

  8. Still on the hunt for the perfect low-heeled higher shaft boot…. but I did find these higher chelsea boots that might be what you are looking for Shana? Ahh… can’t get the link to work but they are the Asos Daisy Street Higher Chelsea boot. We need more low heeled options though!

  9. I have an old pair of Born boots that are this “sock” height. They have a very wide opening, leather with a suede decorative insert, and clunky zippers on each side that I always considered decorative. They never seemed to work for me and, for some reason, I haven’t yet given them to the thrift store. After reading your post I dug them out. I put in my new Superfeet, and now the boots are comfortable. I zipped up the inner zipper, and now they fit snugly around my ankle (although a bit bulky at the base of the zipper. This may just work for this fall/winter, when I need something for rainy days. Thanks for the tip!

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