The Fall Boots Shop

We get seriously excited about Fall footwear around here, because bootsAlllll the boots.  This year in particular, the selection is staggeringly good.  Thanks (in part) to the continued dominance of cropped pants, this season’s boots were made to be shown off.

Even better?  Virtually all of the boot styles we’re loving this Fall and Winter are practical, too, with either flat or lower, walkable heel options that don’t detract at all from the style.  Which means, that while they are pretty enough to shown off…..these boots are, in fact, made for walkin’.

The 2017 Fall / Winter Boot Guide

Click any of the boots in the below collage to be taken directly to the retailer.  Or scroll on past the below collage for additional shopping options!

My personal favs?  White ankle booties, or the fancy textured ones – SO perfect for the holidays.  But if you do nothing else, swap out your black ankle boots for the higher-shaft version (we’re calling ’em sock boots).

Over-The-Knee Boots

If there’s one boot I swear by all. winter. long. it’s the Over-the-Knee.  They’re warm, comfortable, and, since I prefer mine flat, verrry walkable.  I wear mine with everything from jeans, to leggings, to even fancy fancy dresses.  You can see them in action here, here, or here.

Combat Boots

Combat boots are coming on in force this year.  So badass with this season’s leather, but also a unexpected twist with the 70’s inspired stripes or a feminine element (like the pale lavender sweater, above).   They’re one of the few flat boot types that look good with boyfriend jeans, too.

Hiking (or Hiking-Inspired) Boots

Rugged-sole boots can be spotted everywhere right now – I’m guessing it’s an extension of the sporty trend – including actual hiking boots.  We rounded up some of our favorites – a few are just hiking-inspired, but most of them?  Actual hiking boots.  Because there’s nothing we love more than when trends support some seriously epic adventures.

Sneaker Boots

There are trends on the runway and then there are trends on the streets.  This one is more of a street trend, but no less valid in my book.  Sleek boot styling, but with a comfy, sneaker-like bottom?  What’s not to like?  (This, BTW, is another flat boot that looks good with boyfriend jeans.)

Sock Boots

A sock boot – just so we’re all on the same page here – is a boot with a slim, higher shaft.  Some of them are made with a fabric upper, such that it fits like a sock with a heel (hence the name), but we’re considering any of the newer, higher-and-slimmer-shaft boots to be sock boots.

These boots are my new date-night saviors.  They look amazing with cropped jeans, skirts, and dresses – even with bare legs. And many of the ones we love have heels that are walkable, making many of them perfect for all-day walkin’ around.


Sock Boots Over $150


Sock Boots Under $150

Statement Boots

Studs, sequins, velvet, embroidery, bright red, dark red, and high gloss shine – whatever bright shiny light calls your name, they have it in boot form.  I love a statement boot with hacked-off skinny jeans, but for those of you less daring, this style of boot also looks amazing peeking out from underneath straight-leg or flared denim too.

Just be picky – there’s a ton to choose from, so find a pair that truly makes your heart beat fast.

Now, get ready to SWOON…..

Studded Boots

Choose boots with a few simple studded embellishments…..or go nuts with studs from tip to toe.

studded boots

Textured Boots

Everyone needs one pair of show-stopping, richly texture boots for the upcoming holidays or date nights.  I mean…these things can dress up anything.  One of my very top picks for Fall/Winter.

Red Boots

Really the only question here is: bright red or oxblood?  Both are gorg.

White Boots

This is my personal favorite of all of the boot trends.  White boots just feel so fresh and modern right now – a seriously easy way to update your entire look.  I especially like white boots with a monochromatic look up top….or paired with army green.

Metallic Boots

While this is an easy win for date night, with a chunky sweater and lightwash jeans, you’d be surprised at how easy it is to wear these boots in the daytime, too.

AE metallic bootie

Leopard Boots

Rawr.  These things have been around for a few years now, and are just as on-point as ever.  Treat them like a neutral – wear with everything.