Three Major Denim Trends That Are Going to Be Huge For 2015



Over the last few weeks, I’ve been working on a big Fall Trends article – the whole thing should hit the blog soon.  BUT!  I keep running into a pesky little problem:  the pieces that I’m choosing to illustrate two particular denim trends won’t stay in stock.  So.  In and amidst our travels back from Michigan, I’ve attempted to pull together a quick little something-something about…

Trend 1: Jumpsuits, Rompers, Onsies and Overalls



I’m obsessed.  Not only is this Treasure & Bond jumpsuit insanely comfortable (it’s right up there with my sweatpants) but I get compliments each time I wear it.  Oddly enough, the compliments have come from people ranging from 16 years old to Grandmothers.  There’s a cool vintage vibe (Rosie the Riveter, maybe?) that has some seriously wide appeal.  And the view from the back isn’t total disaster.  Observe:




(wearing:  Treasure and Bond Sleeveless Workwear Denim Jumpsuit)


However, if overalls are your jam, get your butt on over to Madewell.  Madewell’s Skinny Overalls are magic and are flattering on virtually everyone.  (Here’s PROOF.)  (I take my usual size – the vanity sizing seems to be less of a problem with these.)


Trend 2:  Denim Dresses


ASOS Pinafore | Black Orchid Shirtdress | Boohoo Denim Dress

A dress that’s cute, on-trend, machine washable, durable and affordable? I CANNOT RESIST.  I’m just having trouble figuring out which one…..thoughts?


Trend 3: Denim Skirts


Boohoo Button Front Mini  | One Teaspoon Destroyed Skirt | Express Pencil Skirt

Sexy pencil skirts, major maxis, mod button-front minis, prim midis….it’s all out there for Fall 2015 – take your pick!  My personal favs are the higher waists (so much more flattering and easy to walk in), button-fronts, and majorly destroyed pencil skirts.  Such a cool twist on a classic silhouette.

(Psst!  I predict that these won’t be going anywhere for a while….)



More later!!  (Including FLARES…)




  1. Ugh, I held onto an old Loft button front denim skirt for 7 years and *just* donated it last month! It looked so dated to me I thought I’d never wear it again. Now the button front skirts are EVERYWHERE for Fall. Just my luck!

  2. I just picked up two denim dresses from Mango over the weekend, I have had one from them for years so I know they fit well and hold up well. I highly recommend! Now to start my overall search…

  3. Teehee
    I should’ve known my Mennonite-background,homeschool girl staples would be in style one day!
    Now where’s my Northren Getaway sweater….?

    Bless everyone who can pull these off!

    • Lol yes, another former conservative homeschooler here! I love seeing the 90’s come back, these are well thought out pieces, and there’s a few pieces here I really like, but I cringe at the thought of personally putting most of them on. More power to those that can wear them without flashbacks to dowdy denim jumpers!

      • I love this thread. You two crack me up. 🙂 I now wish I had called this article “All Hail The Mennonite Homeschool Denim Trend!”

  4. Oh, no. That jumper is just not right. Very skinny people can SOMETIMES wear a denim overall/jumper and get away with it hanging “just so” but to introduce this as a trend is not a good sign. Fully 99.98% of the female populace will look dumpy and frumpy. I see a fall of groans for me. Why not wear something the flatters rather than hides (which often serves to accentuate by default).

    • Holly – totally get your point. I guess it depends on what you are trying to accomplish with your style choices. If it’s to flatter your body….yeah. Denim rompers probably aren’t it. (Neither are boyfriend jeans, you know?) Personally, I look to style for amusement, a little fun. I like to try different pieces depending on my mood, express myself differently. Bonus if the pieces are also flattering, but sometimes I’ll sacrifice a flattering fit for something that makes me FEEL cool or matches my mood. 🙂

  5. I had a denim maxi skirt that I wore in the early 2000s (high school and college) that I LOVED and it was so flattering on me. It’s hard to believe that these denim jumpers and maxis are back in style. I grew up in a very conservative family with a lot of long skirts and jumpers so to me, a lot of these pieces still seem too dowdy and “homeschool.”

  6. I see lots of others had the same reaction I did: Homeschool Uniform. I lived through the 90s in a long denim skirt, long denim dress, long denim overalls…. and the long braid too!
    And once was enough for me. 🙂

  7. Ugh, I’m sorry but all I’m seeing is escaped prisoner. I’m pretty sure this is something for those XXS ladies. Those of us ladies with curves are just going to look so dumpy and unattractive. Also, how do you pee?!

  8. Thanks for ideas on how to wear my distressed short denim skirt from Express. A long cardigan and some over-the-knee boots or moto boots would be so cute. You rock!

  9. I think the key here is the pick the trend you DIDN’T do in the ’90s or early 2000s. I denim pinafore dress from Express on the first day of High School freshman year. I don’t want to be my 14 year old self anymore…but I never did a denim shirt dress…that seems new and fresh…

    • Exactly why I haven’t done the overall trend this time around. But now that the Madewell version comes in black, not sure I will be able to resist!
      I love the brand Cloth and Stone from Anthropologie for their denim and chambray.

      • LB – that’s a good tip! And many of these pieces don’t come back exactly the same – black, distressed overalls are on my wish list, too. They are fundamentally different from the oversized Gap overalls I used to wear. (Which I still have, BTW. They’re TERRIBLE, LOL!)

  10. Old Navy has a cute denim jumpsuit I just ordered – for $30 I’ll try it out since I’m not sure of the trend.

    Also stoked I saved the seventies denim skirt I found at a thrift shop in SF a decade ago. High waisted and everything. Boom. Just needs some small repairs. I’ll have to style it into a #myeverydayedit sometime soon!

  11. I personally don’t think overalls or a jumpsuit flatter my figure. But some of those shirt dresses are cute. Shana I would love to see some of these styled on a curvier gal. You and I (and the models) are built so differently I can’t imagine most of these would look good on me.

    But Flares! I can’t wait!

    • Meaghan – Is there a dress in particular you were interested in? Scotti is planning to try a few of these pieces on….now she can hardly be called curvy, but the girl does have some bass goin’ on. 🙂

      • Thanks for asking!! If she hasn’t had a chance yet I like the gap, express and revolve the best. And the Asos dress, which is a little hard to try on. Hopefully those aren’t all sold out

  12. Need to try oh. so.many of these!! Thanks for the layering tips (now/later)- never thought I could wear my chambray short jumpsuit into fall, OTK boots u save me again (let me count the ways…) The destroyed pencil skirt- love!! It’s such a contradiction. Thanks for the find, my only other option was AG but @ $200+, it was a no thanks.

  13. Btw- my sixteen years old son just bought a pair of $70 shorts (with his own money) and when I razzed him a bit about $70 athletic shorts he said “they’re a basic neutral and with the cost per wear….” BOL, I believe we created a monster!!

  14. It is a true testament to your influence that I am seriously considering a pair of Madewell overalls. I am a devout “no overalls” gal much to the disappointment of my husband, but that black one is calling me. Wondering how they fit 6′ tall mamas who would normally wear an XS… torso especially.
    Also, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the contrast between Scotti’s denim post and Ms Kloss in her super sexy Express shot and then Shana sitting in the back of her hatchback in a cozy jumpsuit. I don’t even know what to say about it except it’s epic and perfect and true!

    • Oh man, maybe I’m just hormonal or something, but this comment made me tear up. THANK YOU, in any case. It was very sweet of you to take the time to send some love.

  15. Hi Shana!
    I ordered the Treasure and Bond workwear denim jumpsuit, both sleeveless and with sleeves, and they arrived today from Nordstrom.
    I was so excited to try them on! My only problem is I ordered a small and they seem too big on me. I am normally a small and it depends in numbers- I can wear anything from a 2, 4 or 6 depending on who makes it.
    I am afraid to return them and order extra smalls in fear of then being too tight, especially in the leg area. I’m just under 5’4″ and 120 lbs. My legs are not skinny, I’d say more on muscular side.
    So do you have any suggestions? Should I go to a tailor with them or attempt and extra small?
    Thanks much and loved this post!!

  16. I just got a pair of overalls, I’d love some ideas on how to style them so I don’t feel like, I dunno….either a kid or like I’m supposed to be cleanin out barns or something lol !

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