Fall Denim: The Boyfriend Jean…Updated


I know the buzz this fall is all about the flare jean, and I get it – I too luuuve flares.  However, I recently replaced my old boyfriend jeans (which, uh, had literally fallen apart) with these babies:


These are like a hybrid boyfriend jean /skinny jean.  The result?  Crazy comfortable, yet they look a bit sleeker than my old boyfriend jeans. 

Not tight, mind you.  Just sleek.


Sleek means I can throw these on with an old fuzzy sweater, scarf and boots, and look put together.

But still be ready to rock.


(wearing:  On S – Current/Elliott Stiletto Jeans in Canal, Mia Boots, J Crew Shawl-Collar sweater, AE perfect tee, Echo scarf….On R – Joe’s Jeans, Ugg Halfhitch kicks c/o Ugg Australia, J Crew tee, Splendid hoodie)

I also like that I can wear this jean-boot pairing through most of the winter.  Wouldn’t this outfit look cute with a bright, cozy sock peeking out?  It’ll be one more way to navigate through snow & ice without worrying about dragging a hem through the muck.  

I’m wearing Current/Elliott’s Stiletto Jeans.  If you haven’t tried Current/Elliott yet, be prepared for some crazy-soft denim.  Pajama jean fo’ sho.

Raven denim (another one of my favs – amazing tailoring) makes a really cool boyfriend / skinny / trouser jean hybrid called the Everly Boyfriend Jean.  Another option is 7 For All Mankind’s Josefina Skinny Boyfriend Jean.  Both are pictured below, from Shopbop.com.

Screen Shot 2011-10-10 at 10.14.55 PM
Screen Shot 2011-10-10 at 10.15.15 PM

I can’t help but think…you know how skinny jeans just seem to get skinnier each year?  I have a few pairs bought YEARS ago, that now look practically straight-legged.  It seems like you could chop off a pair of old skinnies (or a straight-leg that isn’t too wide) and make your own skinny-boyfriend jean.  You want to cut your old ones off enough so you can easily roll the jean to expose your ankle…without the roll being to thick.

Here’s how my Currentt / Elliott’s look un-rolled, according to Piperlime:

Screen Shot 2011-10-10 at 10.38.12 PM

Awkward, right?  Yeah – I would never wear them this way.  But it gives you the idea for a DIY.

Personally, I think boyfriend jeans are one of the top contenders for a perfect mom jean (and I say that lovingly).  They are crazy-comfortable, and look great with sandals in the summer or boots in the winter.  And they just evoke that whole tomboy, let’s-run-around-and-ride-bikes-to-the-park kind of feeling.

Which is exactly what we did.





  1. It’s so funny that you posted this, because I totally wore my Old Navy skinnies like this just the other day (with Toms and a tri-blend v-neck tee, thanks to this crazy Indian summer in the Midwest). Their skinny fit is sort of narrow yet relaxed, and looks just like your (admittedly much more chic) Current/Elliott version! I, too, am a designer denim junkie, although becoming a SAHM has forced me to reform my ways. I love your tough mama style Shana!

  2. So I’m new here… and definitely dusting off my long-neglected fashion sense. I’m feeling baffled by the styles of jeanos these days. I still don’t know what a boyfriend jean is. And a flare? I can guess… but is it different than a boot cut? And degrees of skinny? Oh dear. Then there are the price tags… so I get that you’ll pay big $ for designer, but for us budget-limited SAHM’s have you found cheaper alternatives – Target, Old Navy, Gap, Costco, etc?
    Wondering if you’ve done a Jeans 101 post for us Rookies that has covered this info?
    Thanks for this great site! I’m learning a lot!

  3. I’m always jealous of anyone who isn’t a short pear when I see an outfit like this. Sadly, I just don’t think I can pull of sleek, cropped jeans. Woe! But the blazer and scarf combo on top is something I can rock with the best of them. Love this!

  4. Shana – Any choices for us pregnant mamas? I’m 22 weeks along with my 2nd, so my belly is definitely bigger this time around, and these jeans look comfy yet still stylish. And does any short boot work with them or do they need to be “sleek” as well? Love your fashion tips for us mamas who still want to look current!

  5. I just bought a pair of skinny boyfriend jeans from Gap Outlet this weekend, in case you’re looking for a cheaper alternative. I think I paid about $40. Love ’em already!

  6. Question for all of you in the ANMJ community – how skinny are skinny jeans supposed to be? I have a pair that are baggier in the thighs – but I don’t think I’d be able to roll them like Shana’s above. So they feel too baggy – but I also am scared of getting jeans that are too tight…
    What’s a gal to do?

  7. Hi Shana! Question for you.. did you need to size down for the C/E’s you’re wearing? These are seriously calling me and I’m not sure whether to go with my regular size (in j brand) or one smaller. Thanks!

  8. I want to love these, but I’m a little afraid of how low-waisted they seem to be. That’s quite a few inches between the model’s bellybutton and the waistband. And every time I try to wear jeans that low, I inevitably end up yanking them up all day (and meanwhile my mommy tum hangs over the waist every time I sit down). Sigh.

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