Comfy Shoes And The Chaos of Family Photoshoots


Born shoes have always had a special place in my heart.  My Dad was never a big shopper, but there were two things he’d be willing to spend money on: warm coats and comfortable shoes. Born was one of those brands he just trusted to be comfortable and well-made.  So when they reached out and asked us to check out their fall line, I was thrilled.  We ended up liking the shoes so much (Ha – by “we” I mean I liked my shoes so much) that I planned a family photo shoot around them.

You know those family photos where everyone looks perfect and their clothes are coordinated and everyone is actually looking at the camera at the same time with a smile on their face?  I love those pictures.  Because I know what goes into getting a photo like that:  chaos.  The total and complete chaos of getting everyone out the door and photo-ready at the same time.  (And I thought it was hard with one child – HA!)  Making sure everyone is dressed, fed, shoes on, socks on, diapers changed, hair brushed, and looking freaking happy???? Virtually impossible.  But one tip – if I may share a tip – is not only to embrace the chaos, but to actually make it part of the photoshoot itself.  Some of our favorite moments came from the craziness of getting ready.

Of course, it’s much easier to laugh in hindsight.  MUCH EASIER.

On Scotti:

Born Meggs Boot (also in grey and black), Faux Fur Coat, Sweater (similar), Cropped Jeans, Earrings

On Zack:

Born Hemlock in Grand CanyonShirtCardiganJeans

On Greenlea:

LeggingsDressCoat (Similar)

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Photo Credit: Riutta Images

A huge thank you to Born Shoes for sponsoring this post.  I love your comfortable shoes and I love that you have them for the entire family.  And to our readers, thank you for your continued support.  It is so very much appreciated.




  1. Scotti – You look fantastic! Love your outfit, wish the jeans were still available. Oh well bought a dark pair with a chewed hem. YAY for $40 jeans. I gotta try those boots.

  2. I got the coat yesterday and love it! It’s so soft. I usually look for a new one every winter, this is perfect not too thick for Ca weather and I like the length. It has an All Saints vibe. The style is a bit more edgy than other fur coats. 5’2 123 lbs , xs Thanks!

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