What I’m Loving From Lou & Grey Right Now


I don’t think that I’ve ever done a styling video like this, but when I opened up the box from Lou & Grey and started trying all of the goodies on, something inside of me just…happened. I found myself grabbing the Canon, setting up the old tripod and dancing around in front of the lens. 

I felt so drawn to Lou & Grey’s new stuff, as if each piece was made for me and those early mornings when I will myself to jump out of bed and get the kids up and out the door for school by 7:30 a.m. (all before coffee, too). I saw a lot of potential in these simple, comfortable and uncomplicated outfits…so, that’s how this video happened.

It makes me very happy, as do the ensembles within it, and I hope it does the same for you!

Favorite Fall Outfits From Lou & Grey 

The Stars of the Show: 

Outfit 1: cropped chambray top | drawstring chambray pants | oversized cardigan

Outfit 2: jersey striped crop top | drawstring pants 

Outfit 3: crochet striped crop top | drawstring joggers 

Outfit 4: jersey striped crop top | striped jersey midi skirt

Outfit 5: twill tie-front top | striped jersey midi skirt 

Outfit 6: cropped chambray top | crochet striped midi skirt 

Outfit 7: twill tie-front top | high waist wide-leg pants

Outfit 8: poplin utility jumpsuit | oversized cardigan

Outfit 9: quilted poplin jacket | twill tie-front top | high waist wide-leg pants

Outfit 10: plush yellow sweatshirt | high waist wide-leg pants

SNEAKS: B&W GOLA Trainer (size down) | white Vejas (size down)

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Psst: This one’s for the pinners:


  1. Cam I enjoyed the video, but kept wanting to see the whole outfit (full length shot). Love Lou & Grey, got the wide leg pants last week, agree with the “size up” suggestion.

  2. Totally bummed that there are no pics of the outfits.I think videos are fine, but not at the expense of still shots. I want to be able to go to what I like, not have to watch a whole video. Ever.

  3. So good! I love the video and honest perspective. Definitely grabbing a few of these pieces. I had to watch the vid a few times to catch the looks all together. Maybe a few still shots to see the outfit combos and be able to shop from those as well?? Welcome back, missed your perspective!!

  4. Love love love love love. The pieces, but mostly the video. I liked seeing the clothes in motion. Tells me more about how it’s going to hang on me than a posed photo. I do agree a good compromise would be adding a photo of each outfit on you, but whatever you do, keep it coming. Awesome sense of humor and we all need more of that, especially in September. This mama is tired already.

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