Fall Layers: Put a Mini Dress Over a Skirt




I almost bought that Philip Lim for Target dress.  The one that looks like a long sweatshirt over a skirt?  (I featured it in yesterday's collage.)  But Mike was lukewarm about the whole thing, and admittedly the fit was strange.  So I skipped it, only to re-create it with pieces I had at home.

And I think I like this better.



dress: James Perse Raglan Sleeve Sweatshirt dress

skirt:  Ann Taylor (old)…try Sabine's Pleated Maxi Skirt at Piperlime

shoes: Guess ankle-strap pumps (old)…similar at Piperlime

wig:  Henry Margu



But here's the deal:  A flowy skirt (of almost any length) will work.   

Or…if you love to show a little leg (and just need a few more inches of hem)…a cheap, stretchy little skirt might help you get more mileage out of your mini dress/tunic/long sweater.



dressJames Perse Raglan Sleeve Sweatshirt dress

skirt:  H&M 

shoes: Aerosoles Tasseled Loafers

accessories:  Salt sunnies, Gucci scarf, similar bracelets

bag:  old Coach…but I like this one much better, or even this budget-friendly one


Ok – now full disclosure:  I hate the above picture.  I love the outfit (except for maybe the too-short bag?), but that picture…man.  It's tough to look at.  I really look like a cancer patient, you know?  It was taken the day after Chemo #2 when we went in for my routine Neulasta shot.  My legs are swollen from the steroids and the headscarf is just…no.  I've since figured out I don't like square silk headscarves – they're too thin, giving me that billiard-ball-cancer-patient look.  Sigh.  More on the head-scarf thing later.


So let's end with a prettier picture, shall we?



Ahhhh….much better.


(Oddly enough, these pics were all taken on the same day…it's amazing what a little skirt drama and hair can do for a girl.)



ps.  Gap's Herringbone puffer vest is finally available online!


  1. I love the length of the layered necklaces, but do you find the longest one gets in your way with the kiddos? I always put a few on that long but then get nervous and take it off. Love the new layering idea too, genius!

  2. I totally disagree re the pic you don’t like. I looked at that pic for awhile before even reading the following paragraph where you stated you didn’t like it and was thinking “man she looks *fantastic*! And not “fantastic given her situation” — just FANTASTIC. Your bone structure is exquisite, I think the scarf looks fashionable, and I love the outfit (all of them on this post actually). I get that you don’t want to look sick. I also think it’s ok to just be where you are (I know, easy for me to say) but regardless, I saw the pic and only thought AWESOME. If I had never read this blog or your story, I wouldn’t have thought anything different. Just sayin’.

  3. You look FU(cancer)nomenal!! And DAMNIT I was just trolling the archives last night looking for THAT dress which has called to me for the last year. Sigh…But the necklaces? loooove!!! Details please?!?

  4. I cannot wait to try this. I love my Shana enabled flowy pink chiffon skirt and I just bought a too short mini dress for Halloween that I’d actually like to try and wear. You are the best. Cancer’s getting its ass handed to it by you, Shana. Rock on.

  5. You really do look gorgeous and your legs look great. Of course, you are 100% allowed to be upset about the effects of steroids and to miss your hair! Any pic that reminds you of that stuff will probably not be your fav.
    Great necklaces too! (Any info on those?)

  6. I have to say, I think the scarf one looks the best! (head-wise) YMMV, but I totally felt like I looked like I was trying to hide something when I wore a wig, whereas with just a scarf or bald, I felt like myself. You don’t look sick — basically, what Chez said. You may not have hair, but you look great. Seriously. (plus, what a cute outfit. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Your legs swollen are way hotter than my legs not swollen, and I think I have nice legs!!
    Anyway, fun idea. I looooove the pink skirt.
    I actually just bought a sweatshirt mini on an impulse buy today (stupid clearance rack) and love it but hadn’t figured out how to style it. Hopefully I can use these ideas to come up with something great!

  8. I can’t wait to see a scarf post…although I don’t know how you manage to piece words together…my chemo brain makes it tough to get thoughts organized. I have my last chemo today(YAY!), but I haven’t lost all of my hair yet. I never did the preemptive haircuts and wish I would have. Instead I’m caught in between, too much hair to go under the wig, not enough to look normal with it pulled back, and I look like Vigo from Ghostbusters 2 with it down, so scarves are the only way to cover my bald spots. I’ve had luck with cottony lineny type scarves. I was pregnant when I started Chemo and they think that made my hair stay longer than expected, it started to drop after I delivered my (HEALTHY!!) daughter. I’m glad I’ll have a role model like you to figure out scarves and then short growing it out hairdos for me. I just wish you didn’t have to go through this to do it. You are a blessing, a fierce gorgeous blessing.

  9. WOW you look beautiful and this is one of the outfits that really, really catches my eye! You are being too hard on yourself, one day, you will look back on all this and wonder how you managed to keep an amazing blog going along with everything else!

  10. You look Gorgeous in every single photo!!!
    Thank you for this blog & all you do for others — I’ve been reading for 2 years & have been so inspired.
    THANK YOU!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. I am so pleased to see that your last chemo treatment is today. I am always horrified that anyone with breast cancer has to go through chemo, whether it is you or my daughter, but it’s what we have today to make sure that we are here tomorrow. Bless you, Nella!

  12. I can’t imagine going through cancer treatment with young kids. That being said, I think your mini skirt look is bad-ass. I love the loafers, the bracelets, the proportions. Something about the image shows tenacity–the soft flowy looks are beautiful, no doubt, but I like the attitude in the mini/headscarf look.

  13. Hi Shana,
    I am wondering if you’ve seen how Jewish women cover their heads? There are a lot of videos on youtube that show how to do the beautiful wraps and how to get the volume that you’re missing. You van shove another scarf under the scarf you wear on the outside and there are also special caps with a volumizer built right in. Judith De Paris is a good place to start shopping and. RIva Malka and also Andrea Yonatan griberg have some great how to videos.
    I know you don’t feel great but you look great! Hang in there!

  14. no no love, you look great in all! the head scarf one just needs some accessories! bright lips and a neclace. I always love that you can pull off bright lips as I can’t, i wear brown lipstick – try not to be jealous of how adventerous my makeup is, haha!
    hang in there chica, you can do this (and look good while doing it!!)

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