Fall Mom Uniform: Flares + Crop Tops (Seriously Perfect For Nursing)


IknowIknowIknowIknow.  I know some of you are like, "first bunny ears and now crop tops?? Is S pregnant or has she just lost her mind??"  

And I know many of you have fuzzy memories of baby tees that showed off your flat lil' belly when you pranced around all teenagery-young and cute in your low-waisted jeans. 

I KNOW.  That's not what I'm talkin' about.  Promise.  (And I'm not pregnant.)

So.  Crop tops.  Now, in 2011.  First of all, they aren't tight.  And some of them, by our 80's-child definition, aren't even that cropped (Back when I was young, we walked uphill to school BOTH WAYS and knew how to CROP a shirt…)

So really, what we're talking about is basically a shirt that is rather boxy and swingy and hits somewhere between the hips and the bellybutton.  (Hourglass shapes, run screaming now.)  Kinda like this:


GET THIS:   This shape of top does a decent job of hiding the pooch!  Also, because it's so boxy and swingy and short-ish….when layered over a nursing cami or other nursing-accessible shirt (we call 'em v-neck tees in these here parts) it's perfect for nursing moms.  Just lift and nurse, people.  No belly exposure required.

AND….you can find these babies everywhere, including budget-friendly places like Target & Forever21.  You with me?  

Let me show you this mom-i-form, three different ways:


First Friday Artwalk

Ok, so this pic was taken before Halloween at a "Cat"-walk for costumed pets.  Hysterical.  R was totally into it.  And because Mike was there to do the heavy lifting (aka Pax), I'm wearing wedges.  I'm So Tall! But I did nurse later that night….piesa cake.


(wearing: On S – JBrand lovestory flare jeans, AE v-neck tee, Forever21 cropped sweater, Cooperative faux-fur cowl, Stella & Dot Alexa Fringe Necklace c/o Becky…on R – Joe's Jeans cords, Crewcuts tee, Ugg Halfhitch sneaks c/o Ugg Australia)


At The Playground

This pic was taken back in Denver when I was quite a bit poochier.  You can see how it camouflages the pooch…but doesn't actually hide it.  If you are very post-partum, look for a swingier shape, or layer it over silkier tops (like a shaper cami).  




(wearing: On S – J Brand Lovestory petites, TOMS shoes, C&C tye-dyed long sleeve tee, Forver21 cropped sweater, Echo scarf….On R – Joe's Jeans, Converse Sneaks, Target tee)


Date Night

We get so few of these!  And well…it was kinda date night.  We had a sitter for Raines, but brought Pax with us.  His separation anxiety is killer right now.  I knew I'd have to nurse at some point that night…so I adapted my flares + crop top mom-i-form for a night out.



 (wearing: J Brand Lovestories, Old Navy Blouse, Pency Lace crop top, Nine West booties)


I'm sure once the snow comes I'll be back in my skinnies, so for now, I'm getting my flare on.






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