Fall Must-Have #1: A Seriously Cool Hat


I’ve been working on another round-up, a list of must-have pieces for Fall.  One of the items high on that list is a cool hat.  After the past year, I have a newfound love & respect for hats, and have appreciated how they can take any outfit up a notch (even when bald, right??).

But I found, after going through so many different hats last year, that the good ones sell quickly.  Most of my favs, by the time I blogged about them, were long gone.  ANNOYING.  So I know it’s early in the season buuuut….let’s talk hats.  So I don’t have to my told you so dance later.  (As you might imagine, Mike loves my ‘told you so’ dance.  I’ve been workin’ on it for years.)

Baseball Hats

Brimmed Hats







  1. I love these hats, they are fabulous, have you ever seen the Lola Hats? Calypso has one (The Thumper) I got last year and it set some tongues wagging. Just found your blog and I am a huge fan! Looks like I live not too far away either so I look forward to trying out some of the spots you blog about. Can’t wait for the OOTD section.

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