Fall Trend: Chic (and Soft) Jackets




Mamas, statement outerwear is huge for Fall. (Yes, I'm still harping on jackets.)  And while I totally endorse running out and buying a brightly colored wool coat with balloon sleeves, or some swoon-worthy feathery confection…there are certain, uh, lifestyle limitations most of us face.


For example, they only look calm.



jacket:  Gap…similar at NY and Co

top:  Joie Striped Linen Tee

jeans:  Mother Denim Drama Flare Jean

shoes: Aerosoles Tapestry Pump….or similar


So here's my twist on this trend: Find a cool jacket that's really a sweatshirt.  Or a sweater.  Something in a chic cut, but made from a fabric you can literally wear every day.



jacket:  Gap…similar at NY and Co

top:  Zoe Karrsen tank…also love her Brooklyn tee (currently on sale at Nordies)

skirt:  Vintage from Etsy…I should've been wearing this longer version

shoes: Sperrys (woven and sooo comfy)

accessories: Madewell Transport ToteSalt sunnies


And no, this isn't really all that different from the soft moto jackets we talked about last week.  I've noticed (over the last few years) that styles are moving in a…less casual direction?  Or perhaps just a more interesting direction.  Even 90's grunge is often paired with a few glamorous elements.  Gone are the days when one wandered out in a matching Juicy tracksuit, you know?



But it's a fine line, Mamas.  A FINE LINE.  For example: I happily wore the above outfit to The Franklin Institute's Spy Exhibit.  (How hard can it be to walk around a museum?)   At one point, however, there's a set-up for kids, where you try to get through a room of lazer beams James Bond style without tripping the alarm.  

Needless to say, I skipped it.  

But the boys loved it.  However, they both balked at crawling through a fake air duct because it turned a corner and they couldn't see past the first three feet.  But I could tell Raines really wanted to try.  "OK!"  I said.  "Raines, go first, and Mum will be right behind you!"  He started in, and I dropped to my knees and sort-of scooted in behind him, keeping one hand on my bum.  Stupid skirt.  But then Pax wanted to come too.  So I reached around and scooped him in front of me and we quickly turned the corner.  I heaved a relieved sigh, knowing the threat of bum exposure had passed.  Anyway, Pax sees how long the tunnel is (it's NOT) and freaks out.  God knows I'm not BACKING UP and risking bum exposure yet again so I shove Pax in front of me and crawl behind him, literally pushing him down the (thankfully short) tunnel as he shrieks.  Skirt be damned!  Well.  We emerge from the tunnel to a large crowd, all staring at something over our heads.

It was a TV screen, Mamas.  The tunnel contained spy cameras.  


I get to my feet, red-faced, brushed off my skirt and my dignity, then looked at my husband.  The bastard was smirking.  GAH!

So.  Beware the skirt.  But the (relatively) chic, super comfortable sweatshirt jacket?  That is a no-brainer.



I've even worn it out on date night.  It's not black-tie ready, but neither is my life.  So it works.



jacket:  Gap…similar at NY and Co

dress:  Milly…similar here, here…or here (all on sale)

shoes: Betsy Johnson….similar

accessories: J.Crew bag…similar at Bluefly…..Salt sunnies



We took these pics at Mackinaw Island's Grand Hotel.  It's an all-inclusive resort where kids are free.  They have an amazing kid's club which gives the adults some alone time from 6-9 every night.  So Mike and I had a few drinks, then proceeded to, you know, walk around and talk about mature, adult things.



Let the record show that I can run across the entire lawn in heels without falling.  Mike still owes me $20.



ps.  The shopping enabler has rounded up a bunch of chic jacket-sweatshirts for tomorrow…


  1. Probably my favorite post from you ever! Love the real mama moments thrown in complete with smirking husband! Wishing you well, mama!

  2. Oh, S, you had me at smirking husband – lol. Really, you had me at sweatshirt jacket. I even wear mine to my (admittedly casual) office, but love the idea of teaming with a skirt/dress!

  3. Your skirt story made me LOL. I can barely get my baby in and out of the car without flashing someone when I’m in a skirt. I had to wonder what I was thinking even attempting a skirt when hauling a baby around. Glad I’m not the only one who risks it for the sake of style once in a while!

  4. Your story about crawling through that tunnel in your skirt made me laugh. You have the funniest embarrassing stories ever… like this one and the one about when you had to take off your top on the airplane. Hilarious. Love how you can rock the short skirts and denim cutoffs. I feel too much like I have tree trunk legs when I try those super short styles. Just not flattering on me. On you, they look great!

  5. Love the jacket. I bought two gray jackets last year: one in a lighter gray with knit sleeves and back, the other one is a darker marled gray in a moto style.(Lucy) A friend of mine labeled them “playground chic.” Love that.
    A few years ago I went to my nephew’s birthday party and some of his little toddler friends were dressed up with fancy dresses and tights. I told them how nice they looked and how much I liked their tights (twins)one of the girls then yanked up my dress and yelled,”Where are your tights?” Gotta love those toddler parties.
    Hope you’re doing well.

  6. You are freaking hilarious. And so real. I love that you’re so hip and cool and look perfect in these pictures but then you share a story like THAT mess that so would have happened to me and ….. Love it. Thank you. And like another poster above, you’ve got me trying much harder and I like to think it is making a difference. Just bought an extremely soft, cool (?) black moto sweater thing from Athleta and am wondering instantly what you’d have thought. 😉 (here: http://athleta.gap.com/browse/product.do?pid=919121002&tid=atpl000001&kwid=1&ap=7&sem=true&mkwid=9Cbwub1a_dc&adid=tbbtyr_Cebqhpg&pcrid=22560277170) I never would have bought it pre-ANMJ reading but I’m ready to rock it as soon as the whole 90 degree thing ends (hello, MICHIGAN!).

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