Have ya heard, Mamas?  Leather is huge this season.  Whether you rock it in small doses, or go hardcore-hot-Mama in leather jackets/pants…without a doubt, leather makes an impact.  Leather can make even the meekest Mama look like a badass.

Think of leather as our version of a superhero cape. DA DAH DAHN!

Scared?  Don’t be.  I’m the world’s biggest wardrobe wimp (if it’s uncomfortable in the slightest, I’m not interested) and have a couple of leather styling tricks up my sleeve.

Leather + Preppy

Those nerdy button-downs hanging in your closet?  Pair them with a faux-leather bottom to make your outfit infinetely more interesting.  I’m wearing faux-leather shorts from Forever 21…but waxed denim jeans or faux-leather leggings would also work.


(wearing: on me – Forever 21 faux-leather shorts similar here, Banana Republic button-down similar here, Clarks Heath Wren booties in taupe…on R – All Saints sweatshirt gone, but this one is cool, Toobydoo NY striped polo, 77kids cord shorts, skull TOMS )

Or…try throwing a leather jacket* on over plaid flannel shirt.  It’s stealthily sexy, you bad girl, you.

*I don’t currently own a leather jacket, but I have it on good authority from a number of Mamas that leather jackets are shockingly kid-friendly.  Apparently they easily wipe clean?  Nice. 

Leather + Cozy Pieces

Throw on your waxed denim with a big, cozy sweater.  Wear with short boots, tall boots…even snow boots.  Really, you can’t go wrong.


(wearing: Abby skinny jeans in leather-coated black c/o Liverpool Jean Company, J.Crew Tissue Tee in navy stripe, Goddis Ethan Boyfriend Cardigan in Carbon c/o Goddis Knitwear, Lands End Duck Boots now discontinued, try LL bean boots)  

Ok.  I need to talk outfit deets for a sec.  Liverpool Jeans Company sent me the Abby skinny jeans in leather-coated black.  They are notable because they are insanely comfortable (a very soft coated jean with lots of stretch), have a decent rise, and retail for only $80.  In terms of waxed denim…that’s a crazy good price.

HOWEVER.  They’re too big.  Just slightly, just in the bum and through the thigh.  And I’m wearing their smallest possible size (I’m typically a 25/26, and tried their 2P)…soooo, yeah.  Disappointing.  However, Mol looks crazy-hot in hers, and we’ll be doing a full review shortly.  (pssst….they also come in this gold color which would be gorgeous at holiday parties with a fuzzy cream sweater. For Mamas who are size 26 or up.)

But I’m wearing them anyway.  I kinda love the combination of faux-leather and a mom-friendly mid-rise.  Makes babywearing badass.

The picture of hardcore. (If you ignore the cutsy gloves, fuzzy socks, and Pax’s bedhead.)


But the other reason I LOVE waxed denim in general?  Because despite its hardcore look, you can still move.  For example, I would NEVER have been able to do this in my original pair of Real Leather Pants From The GAP, Circa 2000 (RIP):


Heck, I could barely sit in those bad boys.

And sitting is good


But I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking, “S, Where did you get that fabulous sweater???”  I know, I know.  Mamas, I’m feeling very spoiled.  Goddis Knitwear was kind enough to send it to me.  Gratis!! So if you are counting, then YES.  I am wearing TWO gifted items in one outfit.  I feel like a real fashion blogger or something.  BONAFIDE.  Next up?  Nerd glasses.  Promise.

But back to the sweater: It’s Goddis’ Ethan Sweater in carbon, and is currently on sale.  I haven’t stopped wearing it since it arrived.  Goddis knits are pricey, but they are the definition of interesting sweaters.  Also, they’re having a pretty terrific sale. AND AND AND…we have a coupon code!  For an additional 15% off your total purchase, use aintnomomjeans at check out.  I love this one for nursing and post-partum pooch-hiding, this one for pregnancy and beyond and look at this gorgeousness.  Honestly, any of these sweaters would be fab with these perfect faux-leather leggings.

(Also, am I crazy for loving these?  Because I am.  Loving them, I mean.)

Mamas, how are you wearing your faux-leather pieces?  I typically like to give three styling options…but to be honest, I haven’t strayed past these two.  Also….is anyone out there rocking actual leather?  Can you confirm the kid-friendliness of the leather jacket?





  1. My aunt gave me her old Harley Davidson biker jacket, back when I wasn’t even 20 yet. And she had worn it riding. And it is still in great shape. Leather is nature’s rain jacket/wind breaker/protective gear. It is, quite literally, a second skin. :-D. And it wipes clean.

  2. Sometimes I think you read my mind. I was just on the blog looking for leather legging options…the topshop ones look perfect.
    p.s. I used to have the cutest hooded, burgandy, leather jacket…was stolen one night while I was downtown(or at least that’s how I remember it. it’s less painful than saying I forgot it). I don’t think I would take it off this season.

  3. I have a great pair of real suede shorts from forever 21 that were about $25. I love them to death, but the need to be dry cleaned due to a combo of baby mum mum crust and super thick sumscreen grease. I can vouch for the leather jacket for sure, though. My big issue with clothes and nursing is tiny sharp kiddo claws that flail around grabbing at my tops, so anything made of a smooth durable material is a winner.

  4. Any suggestions for rocking this trend maternity-style? I’m having trouble finding faux leather MATERNITY leggings. Thanks!!

  5. damn those look good! I’ve been searching for those Forever 21 shorts for a long time but cannot find them. I bought a pair of waxed black denim jeans from Zara a while back but I’m always super-intimidated to wear them lest I look like a ‘cougar’ (they also have a brass zip along the ankle). BUT I think your suggestion to wear it with a preppy/cozy top might just offset the look somewhat to be less cougar and more yummy mummy. That said, as a university prof, I’m a bit self-conscious with rocking any look that is remotely ‘yummy’. But in the name of fashion, I am willing to experiment.

  6. @dumb mom – What’cha looking for?
    @Ashley, you lucky girl! Thanks for the confirmation on the leather jacket!
    @Em – That is a HEARTBREAKING story. Augh. (And try Nordstroms – the topshop leggings might be there….)
    @Jesse – LOL! I hear you on the suede issue…AND the clawing-while-nursing problem. 🙂
    @Esther – Thanks!
    @Elizabeth – Hatch collection has these for $148: http://hatchcollection.com/shop/product/night_out_legging/
    But I was able to wear (mostly) regular leggings when I was preggo…and I carried really, really low. These, for example, look pretty low-waisted: http://www.target.com/p/women-s-liquid-leggings-black/-/A-11317089?ref=tgt_adv_XSG10001&AFID=Google_PLA_df&LNM=%7C11317089&CPNG=toys&ci_sku=11317089&ci_gpa=pla&ci_kw=
    AND OMG THANK YOU KIM! See her link to Topshop’s Maternity leggings? Nice.
    @Kim – OMG – Cougar?? No, no, no. For teaching, I’d pair with a cashmere sweater or something. You could layer it over a button-down to make it preppy. I’ll bet you look gorgeous. Just cool, not cougary.

  7. I love this website, it really fills a hole in the style world. I would love it even more if you featured regular input from a…less leggy mom.
    Your legs are spectacular, and I applaud you showing them off!
    My legs, while awesome..ly capable, are far from my best feature. So many of the looks and trends you feature and recommend are leg-centric. Which look great on lots of ladies, just not me. And, I suspect, on lots of other moms. Any shorts with a less than 10″ inseam, booties of any kind… so not working on me. Nothing, and I mean nothing, turns perfectly fine legs into shorty tree stumps like booties.
    So…what can you recommend for a little excitement this fall that is NOT shorts or booties?

  8. Except for 10 inch inseams (5 manages to hide what needs hiding after 3 babes while faking a length my legs don’t have) I am also with Lauren. Can you help us less than leggy Mamas out? Skinnies? Flares? Boyfriends? Barring booties, what works with what’s in our closets? Especially at twelve weeks post partum….

  9. Yes, I love the leather trend, and I’ve been rocking it with a cropped leather vest. It is THE most functional piece in my wardrobe this season. Love, love, love. I may try the leggings; I have a similar cardigan that’s long enough to cover my bottom and looks great when belted

  10. I really wanted to do the coated denim trend as it seems way more practical than actual leather pants, but then I tried on a pair at Madewell and they were sooo stiff and uncomfortable. Are they all like that? Yours look more … bend-y.

  11. Mine are WAY more bendy. I actually hate all Madewell jeans -they aren’t soft enough for me. Same with J.Crew. (Except, of course, for their high-end collabs. But for $250, I’ll go back to Jbrand).
    As long as you are bigger than a size 26, try the Liverpools. I also have a pair of JBrand’s waxed denim, and they are also fabulous.

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