Mamas, it's time to talk Fall Trends!!  First up….the moto jacket.

I fully support running out and grabbing some badass leather moto jacket (this one is fabulous).  I mean…Miranda Kerr sports one, baby in tow, so there you go.  It's possible.  And many of you have previously confirmed that it is indeed easy to wipe spit-up off of a leather jacket.  There's no disputing that a leather moto jacket will seriously up your style game…forever.  They're classic.

My issue, however, with leather jackets in general is the same issue I have with most jackets in general:  I can't move my arms.  And nothing makes me crazier than when my arms are constricted – especially when cruising around with the kiddos.

Happily, there are a ton of amazingly chic, made-to-move, washable moto jackets on the market.  And if you treat your moto jacket like it's any old thing and throw it on over everything….BAM.  Lookin' good, Mama.

Here are a few ways I'm wearing my moto jacket (both playtime and date night):

To Up My T-Shirt and Jeans Game



It's just jeans and a tee, right?  But I feel so cool, which has got to count for something.



Look at me, daringly showing a little hipbone.  It's the one "upside" to two surgeries in 30 days.  Snort

Actually, if I tie the knot juust right, there's little-to-no skin exposure.  



jacket:  Rag and Bone / JEAN sweatshirt moto….similar color..or..another sweatshirt moto

tee: J.Crew Linen V-Neck Pocket Teesimilar color….affordable

jeans:  J.Crew Toothpick Jean in cherish wash

shoes: DV Dolce Vita sandals….similar vibesimilar color

accessories: necklacebelt



Overalls?  Really?  Oh, yes.



Overalls are tricky things to layer.  The sexiest part is showing off some skin, so if I cover up completely, I feel dowdy.  

Moto jackets are just nipped in enough to add some, uh…..hunh.  Womanly curves might be pushing it, but I'll settle for a hint of waist.



jacket:  Rag and Bone / JEAN sweatshirt moto….similar color..or..another sweatshirt moto

overalls: Current/Elliott Ranch Hand Overalls…or this cute pair for under $100…and cheaper still  

shoes: TOMS

accessories: Madewell orange/red clutch (from top pic)…similar


And Now My Fav….Over a Preppy Button-Down

Lovelovelove what moto jackets do for button-down shirts.  The collar with the other collar?  Be still my heart.



Shall we do a close-up?  Indeed we shall.


I liked this look so much I tested it with heels….

…yup.  My next date night outfit.  


jacket:  Rag and Bone / JEAN sweatshirt moto….similar color..or..another sweatshirt moto

shirt: Elizabeth and James striped shirt….similar  

shorts: A&F

shoes: ancient J.Crew flats….love these

accessories: Moop paperback bag


More soft moto jacket picks later this week….

Happy Fall!






  1. You are one smooove lady, mama. You rock the overalls like none other. You’re SO going to pair those bad boys with a turtle neck this fall and make me smack you, aren’t you? But it will probably look all effortless and chic and shit, and just leave me scratching my head, bewildered my the look. Lol

  2. egad — I’m at my computer to do WORK, and you have me longing for a jacket…(will other ones be a wee more budget friendly? The Helmut one is totally swoony, but not an option.)

  3. YES.  You bet.  I know that Helmut one was pushing it, but the color is gorg.  (BTW – I got the Rag and Bone one on EBay.  Something to try, maybe?)
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  4. Ah, that Helmut sweatshirt has been killing me already, and now you had to post and remind me about it…I’m pretty sure it will be mine the MINUTE Shopbop has another 20% off sale.

  5. I’ve been waiting for more overalls. Love love. I had the Nordstrom ones in my hand for about 30 min on Friday, but walked away without them…maybe I’ll try again tomorrow:)

  6. Ugh – I wish I sized up.  That's my normal 26, I've just shrunk.  To be honest, while I love the wash of these jeans, I didn't love the fit.  They were tight through the hips, a little looser on the waist.  It looked cute, but wasn't super comfortable.  I just put in a huge order at Piperlime trying to find the perfect light-wash skinny.  We'll see.  Xo
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  7. First let me say how much I am rooting for you! Love your style and your focus on things that make you HAPPY! Can you tell me about that gorgeous orange (I LOVE ORANGE!) clutch?

  8. Love this. I have an olive-ish sweatshirt moto jacket sitting in the back of my closet that I bought years back. This has given my inspiration to resuscitate it.

  9. I’ve never liked moto jackets for me, but I think it’s more because I didn’t like the style category they fell into. I’m a more bohemian-ish dresser (at least I want to be) – can moto jackets work with that?

  10. Allie – I actually like when moto jackets are mixed up with different styles. I tend to wear mine with preppy or boho stuff, actually. If I were to wear my moto jacket with moto boots and leather jeans….I feel like I’m in costume. That said….Free people does have a moto jacket with a decidedly boho vibe (see tonights post). xoxo

  11. Bought it at Madewell eons ago…it was a “document holder” or something strange. I haven’t been able to find another, but I did link to something similar. Check out the outfit deets under the Pax-as-astronaut picture. :0

  12. Go sign up for Bloomingdales emails. Once in a while they have secret email sales, and the one today has SEVERAL pairs of overalls in them (J. Brand, citizens, etc.) xoxo

  13. I was wondering the same thing–I thought “those are awesome boyfriend-y jeans” and then I read they were JCrew Toothpicks! I can’t even squeeze my legs into those–my Matchsticks are skin-tight in the leg as it is. Anyway, you look great and I’m loving all the different looks.

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