Fall Trend: The Peter Pan Collar (And Three Easy Ways To Style It)




Mamas, there's fun, 60's Mod vibe afoot. I love it.  And one of the hallmarks?  Yup – the Peter Pan collar.  Retailers are currently stocking a range of Peter Pan collared blouses, tees and sweaters (remember M's adorable pullover from J.Crew?)….but I'm kinda loving the Peter Pan collar.   As in, just the collar.  A detachable Peter Pan collar.  Why? 

Well….it's slightly more cost-effective and versatile…but I just really like the way it dramatically changes the look of my t-shirt & jeans uniform.  

Besides, the collars are totally mom-friendly (unless you find a jewel-encrusted one, they are soft enough for babywearing) and just look so…cute?  But in the coolest possible way?  Cute-cool?  Is that a thing? Gag.  Let's go with…charming insouciance.  BAM. 

After lots (and lots and lots) of searching, I fell in love with Very Vague's detachable Peter Pan collars.  They are simple, hand-made, and gorgeous.  She was kind enough to send me a black one and a plain white one to try….but she also makes fab patterned collars.  Polka dot, anyone?  And at $18 a pop, they are an easy way to transform the daily mom-i-form.

Here are the three very mom-friendly ways I've been wearing my Peter Pan collars…..

With Jeans and a Tee


(wearing: Black Peter Pan Collar c/o Very Vague, Stylemint Tee, Abercrombie Mid-Rise Super Skinnies, Clarks Leather Booties)

These collars look amazing with virtually all of my crew-neck tees.  From a styling perspective, I really liked the faded denim (too keep it casual), and chic ankle boots to make the look sophisticated and modern.  


With Military Touches


(wearing: White Peter Pan Collar c/o Very Vague, J.Crew Heart Sweater – tons on eBay, Madewell shorts, Mia Buckaroo Boots – similar here, Wilster Cotton Anorak) 

Personally, I can't get enough of the sweet-tough combo of Peter Pan collars and military-inspired pieces.  If you have a pair of camo pants or army boots, it's time to bust 'em out! 

A quirky sweater helps to bridge the gap.


Hello Sportsfans


(wearing: White Peter Pan Collar c/o Very Vague, Original Retro Brand Redwings Tee, Vince Ponte Knit Pants, Chucks) 

There's a Go Team! vibe that also pretty big this fall, and I've been loving it with anything 60's mod (Peter Pan collars, skinny stovepipe pants, A-line mini skirts). A traditional baseball tee would also be really cute here.  And any outfit that looks cute with my Chucks is a win in my book.


What do you think, Mamas?  Could you rock a Peter Pan collar?  I'm loving it…but my mom said she was going to pass.  I think this trend does skew a bit young for Grandmas.  But what about the rest of you?  Is there an age cap? (And be nice…I'm going to be thirty-freaking-seven in a few months….)




  1. I kinda love the detatchable idea! And i’m 38…& I know my cousin, wh’s 40-something would absolutely rock a collar like this! Crew neck tees usually do nothing for me, so maybe one of these would help!

  2. I LOVE the last look, okay so the others looked great too but the last one… perfect. I’m pretty dang handy with the sewing machine (when I want to be) so maybe one day I might whip one up, maybe. I never thought of wearing them separate, I didn’t even know it was possible!

  3. The third outfit totally reminds me of Alice in Wonderland – in a good way! Something about your pose or smile maybe, with the collar. πŸ™‚
    I think these are super cute but I don’t know if I could do it. But then I’m still in nursing tanks most days!

  4. I am loving this trend! You look fantastic as always. I am the same age as you, and will totally rock it even though it might look a bit funny with my nursing dress πŸ™‚

  5. Love! I ordered one within minutes of your post. Everything you post about sells out. I hope to give new life to my old tees, it gives it a kind of polish that makes those tees more wearable for mamas in our thirties i think. I hope to wear it with my boring-ish cashmere sweaters though they have slight v- necks. We’ll see. Thanks again!

  6. These a super cute! I love that they’re so much more versatile than buying one peter pan collar pull over. Plus, I’m hoping to get pregnant in the near future and these would be great for making simple maternity pieces a little more interesting without spending a bunch of money. I just wonder if you find them sliding around often or if they generally stay in place? Because, while I love them, I think it would drive me nuts to have to keep readjusting it.

  7. i like the idea, but to me it looks like, well, a detachable collar worn with a tshirt. something not quite right about it. if you move around doesn’t the collar shift and the shirt move and make it all wonky?

  8. Shana, you look adorable but I’m 48 and I’m like your mom — I’ll pass. HOWEVER, that anorak — LOVE it. I see it is a couple of years old. Do you have any ideas about duplicating the look? I have been looking for months for something similar.

  9. Perfect! I admired that jcrew peter pan collar sweatshirt, but it was just too pricey. This is a perfect way to play with the Peter Pan collar look with much less commitment.

  10. Thanks for the comments, Gang! (And the Alice in Wonderland comment cracked me up. I’ve always loved that book.)
    These collars do slide around a bit while wearing….but I kinda like that they look a little quirky. You aren’t really fooling anyone with these, but that’s part of the charm.
    In terms of the sliding…you know how if you actually try the layered necklace trick they all get tangled up in each other? Yeah – it’s not that bad.
    Lisa – Let me look. I found mine at Nordstroms eons ago, but will see what I can find.

  11. I second the request for the anorak! I tried to get one through Gap but they sold out. Looking forward to seeing what you are able to find.

  12. Can you tell me where to find your black booties? They were from nine west in a previous post. Are they comfortable? Like wear to work comfortable?

  13. One of my favorite things about your site is that I feel like you really, really try your best to answer the questions in the comments. I really respect that! And, now that I think about it, I do agree with that is one of the quirky charms about the detachable collar … it sliding around. Its almost like it is part necklace, part color. I like it.

  14. @Beth – Ok. Military anoraks posted. Hope you found something you like.
    @Megan J – It’s my go-to, fav look. I never tire of it. πŸ™‚
    @mf – I have worn them to work! However…they are from a few years back, and I cant’ find anything similar at 9west. However, we are working on an ankle boot article, so let me dig around a bit.
    @Emily – Being under 80, I don’t actually “remember” dickies, but I do know what you are talking about, LOL!
    @Christine – There’s also cool collars that aren’t necessarily Peter Pan….
    @Desiree – You know…I really do try. It sometimes takes me a while, but I do try. Thanks for noticing. You kinda made my day. πŸ™‚

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