Fall Trend: The Denim Jacket (And 3 New Ways Mamas Can Rock It)



Mamas, the denim jacket (which is, arguably, a classic and therefore always cool)…is having a moment so big, it feels like a new trend.  I'm sure you've seen it paired with statement pants (red skinnies or printed denim, perhaps?), and we've covered to death the denim-jacket-over-casual-dress-and-boots combo (here and here and here – and it's still good, BTW)…but I'd like to highlight the three new ways I'm loving my denim jacket.

Layered Under a Vest

A denim jacket looks really, really cool layered under a vest.  Any substantial type of vest would work.  Try: a military vest, a chunky sleeveless cardi, a shaggy boho vest a faux-fur or shearling.  They all would look fab.  

Incidentally, this will be the last. time. we take Saturday afternoon pics on our street.  The locals (aka the lightsaber brigade), have had a whole day off from school, and are restless.  They saw me standing there "posing", and swarmed. (Probably saving me from myself. Posing.  Good Lord.)

"Hand's UP! Put 'em where I can see 'em." (Said with vehemence.  It was awesome. And funny.) 

P9099969(wearing: JBrand Lovestory bells, JCrew vest and belt, Dansko boots, James Perse tee, Joe's Jeans denim Jacket)

Luckily, I was packin'.  I always take out the big kid first, then the blond (aka my son Raines, for new readers).  



Know my favorite way to piss off R?  I tell him that these are my love guns.  And each time I shoot him, he can't help but loooooove me.  And then I chase him down and kiss him.  (Thank you Playful Parenting
).  OMG he used to love it, but now that he's older, he gets so mad. "MOM!  They are NOT LOVE GUNS!  They are GUNS that KILL YOU.  NOT LOVE YOU! STOP IT MOM! NOOOOOOOOOO" (sounds of running feet)

hee hee.  Deep down, I think he likes it.


Wear That Fancy Dress You Bad Thang, You

Do you have a fah-bulous dress?  The one that makes you feel like Trouble, but you never wear because it's too dressy?  Even for date night? 

Yeah – just add a denim jacket.  Seriously – I don't care if it's a sequin wonder.  (Actually, even better if it's a sequin wonder.)   Ankle booties help dial-down the dressiness also.

Hey Baby.  Know what's better than me & you & a whole night out? Not. Much.

P9089837(wearing: tibi dress, nine west booties, joe's jeans denim jacket, cocktail ring by lindsay bloom jewelry)

ps.  Like the hair tie around my wrist?  Me neither. I just found these.  Genius!  (Thanks, CheapChica!)


For Days You Just Don't Give a Rhett

It's funny, Mamas.  I actually was going to re-take these pics.  I saw them and was all, "Ooo…too sloppy, this doesn't look all that great" and then I realized:  That's the point.


(wearing: stylemint tee, jcrew saturday pants, sperrys woven loafers, makr rucksak, joe's denim jacket)


I know we typically talk about getting out of our sweatpants, but geez.  We all have those days.  And when it's been raining for five billion years – STRAIGHT – and the kids are going nuts, and you are totally out of coffee and all you want to do is just RUN to CARLINOS RAIN OR NO RAIN and the last thing you want to do is change out of your sweatpants….do the denim (jacket).

In this situation, the denim jacket is flippin' perfect.  It has so much more style than, say, a fleece, yet it's not SO above and beyond your sweatpants that you'll be all, "Oh Hello, Dearest Neighbor.  I'm here running to the store in my sweatpants and blazer.  Now where did I put my Louboutins?"  You know?  I mean..you're in sweatpants.  Pairing them with a denim jacket is the perfect balance between trying too hard and not trying at all.

I'm assuming that most of you have a denim jacket stuck in the back of your closet.  But for those of you looking for an excuse to shop….


Shopping Info:

Gap 1969 Denim Jacket | AE Denim Jacket | Free People Baja Jacket | J Brand Waxed Sleeve

Stylemint Parker Vest | Aeropostale Ultra Skinny Sweatpant | ASOS Dolly Dress


Mamas, how are you wearing your denim jackets?  Share!  









  1. Wondering if I can get away with my husband’s (vintage!) denim jacket from high school. He’s not that much larger than I am, but it’s probably cut a bit boxy. Hmmmm…

  2. I pulled my jean jacket out of the back of my closet this morning and took one look in the mirror and thought, this is so out of date. I can’t do this. But I was wrong! Thank you for updating my fashion sense. I’m going to wear that jean jacket tomorrow!

  3. Mine is a Levi’s and I loooove it. Wear it with colored denim, over maxi dresses, everything. Love your sweatpants idea. You look wonderful!

  4. I just bought a Levi’s denim jacket and wore it yesterday with black skinny pants, a crisp white button down short and an Hermes scarf.

  5. I second the nod to Playful Parenting – great book! – and I really want a denim jacket too! I’ve got a brown denim one – should I still splurge on a blue one or should I just make the brown one work?

  6. “Love Guns” – totally remembering this for when my own little boy is big enough. His dad will also roll his eyes and pretend to hate it!
    My denim jacket – I wear it to church all the time with my dresses – sleeves rolled up. And now that it’s fall, it’ll be all over my new cords and my lightweight long sleeve tees.

  7. I always avoided them back in high school and college because I couldn’t get them to fit right across my shoulders and look fitted at the same time. Now that a lot of brands are offering sizes for tall girls…

  8. Yes, as for the tall girls, any recommendations? I used to have 2 denim jackets but got rid of them and always have trouble finding ones that fit my (rather large) milk jugs and long torso without looking like a HUGE box.

  9. @Liz K – WOW. That outfit sounds crazy-amazing.
    @Tamara – I’d start by making the brown work. If you find you’re getting a ton of use out of it, then maybe upgrade to a blue one? But test out the trend with what you have first. And I’d wear the brown just like you would the blue (meaning…don’t worry about color).
    @Kitchen Mommy – Cords! Yes! I have to pull mine out, too.
    @Lisa – Gap’s are great. They’ve always done this piece well.
    Tall Girls – Long Tall Sally (that name! why??) actually has one that’s pretty cute: http://us.longtallsally.com/tall/coats/short-coats/fitted-denim-jacket/denim
    But I’m also loving Topshops longer, baggier style with sherpa lining. I can’t find it online anywhere, but I did recently see it at Nordstroms….

  10. P.S.
    I bought a blazer from Eddie Bauer last year (in the tall size), and I was really impressed. The sleeves were long enough and the waist actually hit at my waist instead of my armpits (ok, so regular sizes aren’t that bad, but sometimes feel that way!). They have a classic denim jacket as well (comes in blue or white). And I think they for a little roomier in the chest (but I don’t have giant milk jugs-just medium ones).

  11. I LOVE the denim jacket with Saturday pants and Sperrys! I have that entire outfit in my closet. ;). About the Saturday pants– I love ’em but haven’t worn them yet and was wondering if they maintain their shape or bag out at the knees as the day goes on? I’m hoping they keep their shape because I ended up buying a 2nd color during the recent 30% off final sale before wearing the ones I already have!

  12. I have a funky tailored denim jacket that I love with skirts and any pants other than jeans – only issue is 90% of the time I’m wearing jeans!

  13. My SIL gave me a fabu fitted one with shiny asian print collar and cuffs. Can I get away with that and these looks? I so do not do vests but I am totally going to try rolling up the sleeves,and over dresses: CUTE!
    P.S. I also continue to love my Revlon Bitten lipstain you wrote about eons ago, THANKYOUVERYMUCH but Maybelline’s is one gloss wand, covers feels and lasts better. Tho they do not have a proper red like Revlon’s. ALAS.

  14. Whew. I’ve been seeing denim jackets out and about more, but I wasn’t sure if it was official. I’m going to pull out my oldie tonight and see if it’s still working.

  15. @Ashley – thanks for the reco. God knows I can’t *really* talk about tall fashion, LOL
    @Jenn – My Sat pants keep their shape relatively well. But keep in mind I probably throw them on daily, and sometimes fall asleep in them. So they look pretty ragged by the end of the week. I’m actually waiting for a sale, so I can have one in the wash and one on my body, LOL!
    @Jenna – I bought my 9west booties several years ago…the closest thing I can find right now (in a 9west price range) are the following:
    @Julia S. – If double-denim freaks you out….try the vest over the jacket. Seriously. I’m now a convert. (Or just pair a lighter wash jacket with dark denim, or vice-versa)
    @Heather – Um…YES. I think so! And thanks for the tip on the Maybelline!! But does it act like a stain (ie not come off on baby’s face??)
    @Erin – Yeah, baby.

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