Fall Trends: Sport Chic



Mamas, have I the trend for you.  We've talked about track pants ad naseum, but there is oh-so-much-more sporty joy in this world: stripey tees, comfy joggers, playground sneaks, and baseball hats eve-er-ee-where.  My comfort-loving heart just wants to explode with joy.

Here's a few thoughts on sportin' the sporty duds….

Yay For Hat Head!

I mean really.  Enough said, right?  (And the selection of baseball hats right now is staggering.) 



Rock Retro Sneaks

These might be the most comfortable pair of shoes I own.  More comfortable even, than my big ugly running shoes.  Retro sneaks like these look best with one other sporty element:  a baseball hat, sleek black leggings(or silky track pants), a bodycon dress.  Even a sharp blazer works with sneaks.  There's a ton of visual inspiration on our Sneakers Pinterest board



hat:  J.Crew

shirt: Elizabeth and James striped shirt….similar  

jeans:  AG The Legging in 18 Years Heartbreaker

shoes: Nike Air Vortex in blue


Play Ball!

Really, ball inspired anything is big for Fall.  I'm swapping out boring cardigans for a baseball-inspired jacket, but you could easily upgrade your basic tee to a football tee, try a color-blocked jersey or bust out your old varsity jacket. (Really!)  


I prefer these pieces paired with something a bit more polished:  a collared shirt like above, or perhaps a pencil skirt for work.  Keep your footwear intentional:  sneaks can work, but they should be cool, fashiony sneaks, not big 'ol runners.  Even better?  Ballet flats, oxfords, cool boots, mocs.  In other words:  REAL SHOES.

Someone wrote in asking about khaki pants.  A jersey with a pair of khaki pants (rolled) and cool shoes would be spot-on.  (This is on a loong list of outfits I didn't have time to try.)



top:  Rag and Bone Tent Tank - XS hereM hereL here, or black here

sweater: BP cardigan - similar…or maybe this cheap varsity sweater

shorts:  A&F shorts –similar

shoes: Unmellow Yellow c/o Tieks

bag: Marc Jacobs pretty nylon hobo…in blackdifferent style, similar color



Don't Be Afraid To Dress It Up



I'm not a huge fan of head-to-toe sporty.  You need a different element mixed into your outfit, lest you are confused with the coach.  Unless, of course, you are the coach.  Then that's cool.  But maybe wear a whistle?  You know…just to be clear. 

In any case, because this mix is so crucial (yes, I'm rolling my eyes at the use of the word "crucial")…this trend is perfect for dressing up.  Think stripes and lipstick, baseball hats and bling…and heels, of course.


Yup.  Continuing on my quest to prove that leopard pumps go with everything.  They've not been stymied yet! 



top:  Madewell Varsity Striped Tee

jeans:  AG Stevie

shoes: Aerosoles – similar "comfort pumps" in leopard

accessories: vintage bag, J.Crew belt, Stylemint sunnies, Stella & Dot earrings – similar


Heels and sweatpants can also be done.  There are few times this actually makes sense (I mean seriously why??)…but it's included for the sake of argument. 



top:  St. James tee

sweats:  H&M

shoes: Nine West

scarf: J.Crew


Incidentally, this is what I wore to my first chemo treatment.  So…um…Yay?  WTF I know.  We're just so serious about style here at ANMJ.  Even during chemo.  [Snort]  

(Which, incidentally, seriously kicked my ass.  Whoa.  But, uh…life goes on. THREE LEFT.)

ON THAT NOTE….let's end with a collage, shall we?  Much better than discussing the fragile state of my digestive system.  Blech.



Mamas, I'd love to see how you are wearing the Sporty trend this Fall.  Shoot me a pic at aintnomomjeans (at) gmail (dot) com or just hashtag me (@shanachristine) as #ANMJ on Instagram.

MWAH!  MIssed you!


ps.  I'll give you guys more of an update on the whole chemo thing later.  I'm just…drained.  Thanks for the love and support over the last week.  It makes such a difference.  xoxox





  1. Shut your face!!! Buying the J Crew scarf and Varsity Striped Tee right now! I’m kind of in love with the BP Sweater too but want the one you’re wearing. Dang!

  2. Love the purple varsity tee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Must buy right now.
    In the collage THANK YOU for including the pic on the right. I’m probably the only person in the world who notices it, but that woman looks like she has real grown-up size feet. I’m 5’3″ and avg/slightly slim build but I wear 9.5s and let me tell you… those feet are a tough proportion to manage, especially with skinny or straight legs.

  3. So glad to see you back and looking fabulous as ever! I was sold at outfit one, but outfit two? Be still my heart. A striped shirt makes everything in my book. Now to break out my suede Pumas…

  4. Count me among your long time readers, first time commenters. Can I just say that I love you so much? I mean, I know that I don’t know you, but I feel like I DO know you. You have been such an inspiration to me. I felt like such a frump after my baby was born. I had no idea how to get my mojo back. The thing I love most about this blog is that the styles that you display are so ATTAINABLE. None of this over-the-top designer stuff. You keep it real, yo! This blog is living proof that style is not superficial or vapid. It’s about improving real women’s lives! I heart you, Mama.

  5. My dad is going through a another round of chemo. He said you look great he but refuses to try the leopard pumps. Probably a good thing.

  6. I check for updates often and think of you the most when there’s not one. Hang in there, Lady. And know we’re all thinking of you when you’re absent here. Xoxo

  7. My husband and I died reading those and then reading them again! Soo hilarious! I’m laughing just thinking about it now!
    Aaand I’m still praying for you (and fam). prayed for you on my run yesterday, you should have felt some love around 6pm PST 🙂

  8. Those outfits look awesome. I’m not sure how all of those things you just said will translate to my wardrobe, but I’ll continue to mull it over.
    (and I’ll continue to send love and support your way)

  9. You’re AMAZING! Found your blog recently and fell in love with your style…then fell even more in love with you after reading your story…reminding us all that no matter how beautiful and stylish you look on the outside we are all real people going through real things. I’m keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. thanks for sharing!

  10. You look fantastic. and I am in awe that you made sweatpants look good. lol
    I was thinking about you, hoping you would be feeling well enough to post. I hold your little family in my heart for time being, until you are 100%.

  11. My pre Christmas splurge list is getting longer and longer by the minute!! Thanks for the inspiration! You are looking great, my husband came home from work and asked how u were! Ha ha just shows how I am becoming obsessed with checking blog for updates. X

  12. Can we talk about the munchkin Beasties t-shirt? awesome!! Love love the purple shirt, must have.
    So good to see your post, been thinking of you. We all have your stylish back Mama.

  13. I discovered your blog a few months back as well and LOVE it – so many stylish yet accessible ideas for moms. And thanks for continuing to post, even when it would be so much easier not to do so – you have no idea how many people are rooting for you. You are amazing, and thankfully, cancer picked the wrong girl to fight. May you continue to kick sartorial and oncological ass. 🙂

  14. I have been checking your website anxiously awaiting news of how you’re feeling post chemo #1. So glad to see this post. I’m so sorry to hear the first round sucked. But… one down! Thinking about you often – and heading off to pull out my “retro sporty” old duds who have been waiting for a comeback! 🙂

  15. I’m so glad you’re back! I jumped out of my chair when I saw your pic in the Madwell varsity tee- I bought it was week and I loooooove it. So soft, and both my husband and sister commented on how cute it was. I wore it with rolled denim shorts and grey converse to the fair last weekend, and it was perfect. I’ll continue to send good thoughts and prayers your way.

  16. Shana, I am LOVING the purple top (GO RAVENS!!!). You must read this piece from the NY Times, “Caught in the Hipster Trap.” Guy sounds like he is in a total fashion rut, unable to “recycle” those old trends we love from the ’90s. You totally liberated me from my old rule, “did it once, too old to do it again.” I think your example of dressing up a sports jersey w/LEOPARD PUMPS totally refutes his claim that “the only way to safely avoid looking like a hipster is to dress in mesh jerseys bearing the logos of sports teams.” I think you could totally rock that look, too. http://www.nytimes.com/2013/09/15/opinion/sunday/caught-in-the-hipster-trap.html?ref=todayspaper

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