Everyone Loves A Sneaker Outfit (With Vintage Plaids + High-Rise Denim)



Perhaps I should have titled this Yet Another Way To Wear My Sneakers, in the spirit of editorial transparency.  But I did NOT, so let’s just proceed.  With a story, that is, in fact, related.  Mostly.

Several weeks ago I was running on the beach (before school started – it was our last hurrah in Avalon), and I was feeling faiiiirly smug about the fact that I Forced Myself To Go Running.  It’s all about Choices, people.  We all make (*cough*sanctimonious*cough*) choices. And I had chosen to run, instead of take a nap. Unlike my husband.  Ahem. In any case, I obviously was feeling pretty good about My Choices because I Instagram-storied the run.  If you follow me on IG (@shanachristine), you may recall the slightly obnoxious story:  Me, sweaty but with a slight smirk, all “HA-AY, I reached the halfway point!  #runner #health #runhappy #motivation #justrun.”

Then I started running back down the beach.  I was running barefoot, and right at the water’s edge.  As much as I’m making fun of myself it was a beautiful setting, so I was looking out at the water when it happened:  I fell into a hole.  My phone flew into the ocean, I scraped up my knee, and something happened to my left foot.  I hit so hard it was a little disorienting, made worse by the fact that I managed to bite-it right in front of people we know.  I picked myself up, dripping and mortified, retrieved my phone from the ocean, and pasted a bright smile on my face.  “OMG I’m fine!  So ridiculous, but I’m totally fine!!!”  Ha, ha….ha.  I ran away from them, blood running down my knee.  I made it a half mile, discovering in the process that embarrassment is stronger than pain.  But by that point, my left foot was already developing a huge bruise, and now I couldn’t put weight on it.  So I called Mike.  On my phone.  Retrieved from the ocean.  (Well played, Apple.)

Long story short?  I bruised the crap out of my toes (and foot) and have been wearing only sneakers since.

I think I originally had something else in mind for vintage plaids, but happily, sneakers totally work.  And who doesn’t want another good sneaker outfit?  NO ONE.

With Shorts (Hey Fall, Where’d Ya Go?)

Outfit Details

top: J.Crew ruffle top in vintage plaid (now 30% off with code SHOPFAST)

shorts: One Teaspoon Harlets Short

sneakers: Adidas Women’s Superstar 

jacket: Everlane The Swing Trench

And Then, With Jeans

My new favorite jeans, in fact.

Outfit Details

top: J.Crew ruffle top in vintage plaid (now 30% off with code SHOPFAST)

jeans: GRLFRND Karolina. Comes in petite & regular.

sneakers: Adidas Women’s Superstar 

purse: Rebecca Minkoff Mission Mini Sling Bucket Bag


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  1. ok…so talk about the jeans..I thought you said they were eh…because of the fit..reserved for date night..did they stretch out? soften? also did you have to size up?

    • Yes. They did soften, stretch a bit, etc. I forgot how long it takes to break-in non-stretch denim. Especially since I’m soft around the middle a little bit, which is where they were too tight. I ended up keeping the size 25 (but in their other styles, I do a size 26.)

    • I think it’s the styles more than the plaid itself–I wore tops like the one Shana’s wearing in the 8th grade. Not gonna say exactly how old I am, but it was a long time ago!

  2. I’m bored with my hair and love your bangs, how often do you get trims? On days that you need to rush out the door, do your bangs hold you up or are they easy-ish to fix and head out? You look great and it’s swaying me!

    • My bangs do hold up pretty well! I mean….there ARE days I wet them down, but most of the time they’re pretty consistent. Even though I rarely dry my hair with a hairdryer, I almost always dry my bangs. It helps keep them looking OK. And I wash them more often then the rest of my hair. I usually stick my hair in a bun, jump in the shower, and just wash (and then eventually) dry my bangs. But the result is that they look good most mornings.

  3. Girl. I did the same thing a week ago. Only I feel down in Manhattan in front of a bunch of people having happy hour. Huge bruise on my thigh and my knee still hurts when I kneel on it. It was right at the end of the run, too, when I was feeling all smug. (Full disclosure, I *may* have been trying to outrun some zombies on a running app I was listening to…..)

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