We spent a long weekend in Avalon last week.  The Pope was in Philly, so schools and roads were closed, and it seemed like the perfect opportunity for some much-needed family time.

It turns out that fall in Avalon is glorious.  Cool temps, thundering waves, and shells as far as the eye can see.  Most of our mornings were spent on the beach, bundled up (at least I was) and then back home for hot chocolate and warm baths. We rented a place with a foozball table, so afternoons were spent cooking, foozballing, and day drinking.  I mean.  Bliss, right?

But there’s nothing like weekend packing to really winnow your closet down to the essentials.  If you follow me on Instagram (@shanachristine), and I’d love it if you would, you know we’ve been talking about raincoats lately, and other cozy things.  So I thought I’d share a few of my well-worn favorites.


This parka.  THIS PARKA.  I cannot say enough happy words about this darn jacket.  It’s not completely waterproof, but it is very, very water resistant.  I wore it hiking in the rainforest this past Spring, and it’s been my go-to every time we travel.  I have worn it in the rain countless times with no complaints.  Torrential downpours will eventually soak it through, but it does hold up beautifully against constant drizzle (or crashing waves).



This jacket also strikes that perfect balance of chic and functional without being overly precious.  When I’m adventuring with the boys, the last thing I want is something…precious.  Cool?  Sure.  Fussy?  Not so much.



Free People top |Everlane Parka | rag and bone surf skinny jeans | reef flip-flops



Yet this jacket looks good enough to function as a cool trench….even on date night.  (Yup, we were there with friends who happen to know a sitter in Avalon.)   [fist pump]





How amazing is this sweater?  It’s so cozy yet so freaking sexy.  I bought it at The Closet in downtown Avalon.  Such a cool boutique.





Outfit Details

jacket: Everlane Parka (size xs)

sweater: Soho Sweater by Top Secret Society (size xs)

shorts: One Teaspoon Bandits

shoes: sooo old, but I found two pairs that are similar – Jeffery Campbell’s twist sandals (comes in either blush pink suede or lavender – on sale for $99), or a hysterical pair from ASOS that involve blush pink faux-fur (and are only $45).

clutch: old J.Crew, but this Lauren Merkin clutch has a similar pattern (which I find goes with literally everything), and is currently marked down to $102 (from $295).



The waves were AMAZING.  They’d explode over the rocks, raining down on anyone close by….





Love how Pax was using his, uh, beach chair as a shield.  (He carries that thing everywhere.)


Do you guys happen to remember that Free People sweater-jacket from last year?  It’s now on sale at 6pm for 60% off.  It’s so comfy, so cozy, and a year later I’m still wearing it everywhere.  (It also comes with a belt, but I’ve been happier just wearing it as a cardigan – no belt).



It’s the perfect thing to snuggle into on a chilly morning (especially for bagels on the beach).






Raines does this thing were he throws mud at me….but juuuuust close enough for it to splash, not actually hit me.  The little stinker has good aim, too.


Free People sweater-jacket | rag and bone destroyed boyfriend shorts | vans


Such a perfect weekend.



(Mike’s North Face jacket has a subtle herringbone print, making it a little more sophisticated than the norm)


We had front-row seats for the lunar eclipse.  Watching the moon disappear and turn red was both eerie and wondrous.  As we sat together on the balcony, huddled under blankets, Pax wanted to know if the moon was dying.





“Not yet” we told him.  “Just changing.”   Like so many things do.





Happy weekend, everyone.





  1. Oh my, these photos – it’s like a big drink of childhood! It’s hard to miss the lazy days of beach reading (too much) when you get to experience the fun of surf and sand with a little.

  2. I have the jacket from everlane and agree it’s great. it’s one of the best purchases i’ve made recently and amazingly versatile. i wear it a ton. highly recommended. thanks for the post, great pics and great to get some new ideas about how to wear something i already own!

  3. That sweater/shorts/shoes combo is *super* sexy! I love the cool factor of that trench too. I lived in Seattle for 5 years and having a good raincoat was essential! I found an awesome one from Lululemon that was my most used coat. Fleece lined and long it got me through everything 🙂

  4. Chica, you definitely have a different definition of cozy than I do – mine does not involve wind up my belly button. But sexy I think we agree on!
    You really make me look forward to my little guy growing up.

  5. I really like the free people sweater jacket. Is your an xs? I’m 5’10, but generally I wear a S/M. I’m thinking size small would be a good choice since FP tends to run big. Just curious!

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