Video: The Swimming Platforms of Sicily In 1 Minute


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We shot this quick little video (mostly with our GoPro) while we were in Sicily this past summer.

I didn’t quite realize, when I had booked our flat in Ortigia (on the coast of Sicily), exactly where we would be staying. I knew we were near the water, I knew we were in the old town of Syracuse (that’s the Ortigia part), but never in my wildest dreams did I realize that we were literally across the street from THIS.

I don’t even know how to best describe this place — swimming platform? Natural swimming hole? Cliff-jumping spot? It’s all of those things, really. And this spot became the central point for our entire week in Sicily.

You can read more about our trip (as well as links to where we stayed), in the article, Sicily Fav: Syracuse’s Swimming Platforms.



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