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Have you guys noticed we’ve been amping up our home game recently? I think we all love to mention the kids’ bedding we’re currently loving or the coziest blankets we swear by for Friday nights out by the fire but sadly that’s about as far as my interior design skillz go. So this is why..

…I make friends with interior designers.

And when they want to contribute, I do a happy dance, and we all win. Whether it’s pretty containers to store all. the. stuffs. or the right couch for your living room or dreaming up the coolest playroom, someone with an eye for design makes all the difference. Trust me – just a few small suggestions from these chicks have made all the difference in my life and that’s why I am so happy to share them with you.

Meet our newest contributor to TME Home, Allison. Allison is a friend from back home in MI, but now she lives abroad with her husband and son Arlen with a baby girl on the way (yay!). Her firm, Curio Interior Design Studio creates some seriously amazing spaces from residential to commercial designs. It’s fresh, it’s fun and she totally has an knack for creating beautiful, practical spaces. #saynomore.

She’ll tell you a little more about herself right here:

Meet Allison

Hey Everyone, I’m Allison! A 32 year old mom, wife, nomad and interior designer trying to make the world more beautiful and functional one space at a time.  I am originally from Michigan but have spent the last 7 years living overseas ( Norway, Kazakhstan, Germany and now Scotland) with my husband while he chases his dream playing pro-hockey.

I started my own business, Curio Design Studio, in 2012 as a way to flex my creative muscles while still being able to travel and explore this amazing world.

My Design Philosophy

I want my designs to be practical, affordable and accessible to my clients. Sure, I love that perfectly curated pinterest image or glossy sheet from Elle Décor magazine but let’s be real—that is not how we live day to day. I believe that design has positive ripple effects throughout our lives and that should not be limited to those who have a huge disposable income to hire the fanciest designers and buy the most expensive items. Good design can help people live their best life, be the most productive in their work space, feel motivated, calm, energized. All of these things can be nurtured and encouraged through design—and that should be something everyone gets to experience.

Design is equal parts finding function and finding beauty. I want to use practical space planning and design selections to encourage more functional living, to actually change the way people use their space through intentional design. Because at the end of the day if the space doesn’t function for how you live, then all the pretty pillows and coffee table styling in the world won’t make a difference.

On Home Decor + Motherhood

Home decor decisions is something I had a personal struggle with after having my first baby and buying our first home simultaneously. Do I not buy that white rug because of what a toddler will do to it? Should I avoid this gorgeous glass top table because of the constant windexing that will come with it? I made an intentional decision to not completely alter my personal design choices and aesthetics based solely on the fact that I have children. Of course there are some modifications. The REALLY expensive items go up higher, the sofa is maybe not the exact material I wanted (velvet and yogurt fingerprints don’t go well together).

But like with all things motherhood—there are tradeoffs and compromises. I did go with that glass top coffee table and have found strange personal joy in windexing it at the end of each day.  I am extremely affected by my surroundings, I love things that have meaning, that are unique and a space that feels like a curated reflection of our family. I just refuse to pack up all those things and tuck them away until little hands can’t grab them.  Yes, some things will break. Yes, there will be fingerprints on my coffee table, Yes, toys will be sprawled across my vintage rug.  But at the end of the day I am OK with the moments of imperfection in order to be surrounded by things that I love and that make me feel like the whole person that I am—the designer + the mother. 

nursery ideas Curio Design Studio Gender Neutral Nursery 

The Plan

I am really excited to jump on board The Mom Edit Home and share snips of REAL LIFE PROJECTS that I have worked on for REAL LIFE PEOPLE. Many of these people are mothers, small business owners, corporate bosses and all around crazy-busy young families.  They do not have GIANORMOUS budgets or unrealistic expectations of pinterest perfection. They have young kids + the desire to feel happy/inspired/proud of the spaces they call home. I plan to show you some the design strategies and selections we used to achieve these beautiful interiors for them, along with tons of tips for making practical + beautiful design changes in your space!

– Allison

Find Allison’s contributor page here, as well as her FAQs (always so fun to read).


Keep an eye out for even more TME Home coming at ya. As always, we love input from our readers so if there’s something you’d like to see covered, leave us a comment below!



  1. Love that you are adding more home design to the team. Welcome Allison! Can’t wait to read your posts and love your design philosophy.

  2. Welcome!! So excited to see your ideas! We just bought a new home and it is just about a blank canvas to play with. 🙂

  3. Yay Allison!!! I first heard of Allison through The Mom Edit, and she has since helped me make my home beautiful (Side note: she actually did recommend we buy TWO velvet chairs, and so far, no yogurt fingerprints!)

  4. Hey Allison! Welcome…I am starting my own therapy private practice beginning of the year and would love some ideas around office space that is functional, warm, and inviting. Can’t wait to read more about your work!

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