How I’m Elevating My Daily Uniform (aka…Fancy Athleisure)


My daily uniform is joggers, a sneaky sexy top, and even sneakier sexier kicks. I tend to choose a few favorites and to wear them on auto repeat, until, sadly, they get tired. Good times were had in the last round, but I was overdue for a closet refresh and found some really fun new cuts, fabrics, and colors…just edgy enough, yet completely practical and comfy enough for every day, all day long, and on repeat.

Daily Uniform Upgrade: Elevated Activewear

Daily uniform = joggers, a sneaky sexy top & even hotter kicks. During a closet refresh, we found new cuts, fabrics & colors...edgy, yet practical & comfy.

Sweaters, Sweatshirts & Jackets

1 Pullover // 2 Hoodie // 3 Zip Jacket

The New Balance Loft pieces are beautiful. They are all quilted, stylish, well-cut and warm, but not too heavy. I love the neck and pockets on the pullover and the asymmetrical zip on the jacket, but of the three, the hoodie is the one I kept, wear every other day, and get tons of compliments on.

//4 Tenacity Duster//

Needed to be steamed out of the box (I have no time for that kinda crazy—so I tossed it in the dryer on wrinkle release), is heavy weave, super-structured for a sweat jacket, and is winter white (not at all practical with kids in tow), and requires the wearer to have some height (but IS available in petite as well.) I almost sent it back without even putting it on. Now, I’m glad I gave it a chance; it’s pulling me together just a little bit for mid-day running around. Love it most over a white tee and skinny jeans and with high tops. Great for transitional weather. And it covers my tush. So there’s that.

//5 Nike AeroLoft//

This might be the most expensive piece I added, and kept, with zero regrets. In my mind, a quilted mid-layer does not get sexier than this thing. I put it on and feel like I can take over the world. This is a price-per-wear, investment piece. In a month, mine’s already paid for itself. We’re all profit at this point.

//6 The Milan Sweatshirt//

This top is favorite sweater meets favorite sweatshirt meets favorite faux silk, the three fall in love and live happily ever. The sleeves on this are plenty long with a little extra in a good way at the cuffs. The mock neck is just enough warmth. It dresses up and down, and pairs with just about everything really well.

//7 Nike Aeroshield //

It’s the asymmetrical zipper that makes me love this one. It’s also tailored in a good way. Good cut, interesting lines, black and white forever, and genuinely breaks the wind. Great for actually running and/or just running around town. Super flattering.

//12 Tri Fleece Pull Over//

I sent this back almost before it even arrived. This was me trying something new and then immediately retreating to my own comfort zone. This…is something I love on other people. It’s arguably very cute. It’s just not me. I tried. It’s good to try. And then often better to know your limits. But someone….someone needs this. It’s super soft and comfy. For me, the tri-color block is just too many things to process at once in addition to fleece. Research for later today…does it come in all black? If so, that’d be more me, I’d try that.

Fresh Kicks: Current Sneaker Rotation

8 Stella Adidas// 9 Nike 270 // 10 Nike Air Max Dia// 11 Nike 270

Stella McCartney+ Adidas can do no wrong, ever, IMHO. And kicks you can kick off and slide on are efficient. Nike 270s are my current very favorite kick for comfort and color combos these days. And for more fun, and a special gift, you can even customize them!!! The Air Max Dia are my current dress-up sneakers. The pink is so pretty.

The Joggers

13 Lang Silk Joggers// 14 Harem Jogger // 15 Nike Silk Joggers // 16 Hybrid Jogger

I sent the Langs back. They are in fact GORGEOUS. I can’t with that price tag right now. And they are a bit precious for every day, all day. And most sizes are sold out. The Harems (I’m 6′ tall—they are wide-leg cropped on me) are super comfy and fun. And they even have a coordinated top if you love that look as much as I do. I kept the Nike Silks in Olive, too and LOVE them. And the pants you will see me in most frequently…are the Hybrid Jogger. First of all, thank you Athleta for your Tall Option and for a winter-weight, well-detailed jogger. I can’t even remember what I wore everyday before these. It took me a minute to decide for sure I liked the fabric. One minute, and then things got real. They keep me warm without making me hot, and they hold their shape, or I guess my shape, well, and we’ve been happily together since.

Feeling successfully refreshed…in this one way, anyway.

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