Fake a Little Height with This Leg-Lengthening Jumpsuit


Fourth of July, 2018. My husband took my almost 5-year-old to see the fireworks. Me? I stayed home with a sleeping baby. What’s a tired mom to do alone on a holiday? Shopping, that’s what! I posted it on my IG stories (@theunbosom) “I’m home alone with a sleeping baby and I’m about to do some damage, should I get this?” and posted a pic of this jumpsuit.

‘Yes’ was the answer to the poll. The last push I didn’t really need because I was obsessed with it anyways. A week later I saw the box at my door step. My heart raced immediately. I knew this was it and quickly opened the package. Even though I get boxes pretty often because of this blogger job, I still get excited with a few things. So, there it was! Even prettier than I thought it would be. I wore it that same day, and the weekend after, and then on a random weekday, and brought it with me to Colombia to wear in Cartagena and my parents’ weekend house, which is where I am in these pics.

This is my third jumpsuit with vertical stripes this summer. Jumpsuits and vertical stripes have become one of my favorite combos to wear. I feel taller and more stylized. When you’re 5′ 2″ something that does that is a must-have, isn’t it? I know I have to crop it, but I’ve been so obsessed with it that I don’t mind the longer length on my petite body. On the model it’s actually cropped.

Outfit Details:

BCBG striped culotte jumpsuit – Wearing XS. It’s loose and forgiving. I initially got it from Bloomingdale’s, but it sold out really fast — in a matter of days on Bloomingdale’s, REVOLVE and Macy’s. But no worries! It’s still available at the link above and stocked in all sizes. Did you see it has pockets? Everything with pockets is a YES on my book!

Soludos Knotted Slides – Favorite slides since last year. They go with everything and are really cute. Size up if between sizes. Available in two colors and on sale.

Rattan Bag – Favorite thing about this bag: It’s very spacious. Least favorite thing: It takes a while for the smell it comes with to air out. In case you don’t know these bags are smoked to obtain their color, so they get this meaty smell. I let it air out for a few days and then sprayed some Febreeze. It got much better. I wear it all the time now.

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Now let’s hang out on Instagram @theunbosom for more jumpsuits, high-rise jeans, and a real and vulnerable take on postpartum style and motherhood. I’m a believer that social media shouldn’t be to document only the good things. I’m also currently documenting our days in Colombia! 

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