Fat Brain Toys is one of my favorite online toy retailers. Their site is easy to navigate, they categorize by age and interest better than any other retailer in my opinion, and they curate their selections better than most toy retailers as well. I love the ease of Amazon (and I do buy A LOT of our toys from there) but I try to give Fat Brain Toys (in addition to my local toy store) business as well because they really DO provide an amazing service in selecting the best toys.

**Fat Brain Toys is offering the following Cyber Monday deals: Free Ground Shipping when you spend $59 or more! Code: TF-3259; 15% Off + Free Ground Shipping when you spend $100 or more! Code: SA-4329; $40 Off + Free Ground Shipping when you spend $250 or more! Code: OY-6669.

If you go to Fat Brain Toys and search by age or category, you’ll see great stuff, but below are some of the toys we either have, have played with, or are gifting this year for the holidays. We include more detail about several Fat Brain Toys in our Ultimate Gift Guide for Kids as well as additional fun toys in our Road Trip and Airplane Guides, so take a look there if you are looking for more play gifts and toys for the holidays.

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Hope everyone finds some good deals over the next few days–and has some fun while doing it!


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