Father’s Day Gift Idea: Up His Watch Game


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(photo cred:  Amanda Danziger)

“Son,” one of my husband’s old bosses said to him, “it’s time to get yourself a nice watch.   See mine?”  He shows off an expensive Rolex, “this is the watch of a man in control.  This is a watch that represents my position.  Go get yourself a watch like this.”

Mike, smartass that he is, showed up the next day wearing a Casio. (Extra-large digital display, HOLLA!!)

But truthfully, Mike has done a 180 on his watch game.  Not because he’s trying to “represent his position”  but because watches hit that perfect note of form and function.  “It’s the easiest way to check the time” my engineer husband remarked (thank you, Captain Obvious), “but also…they’re….cool“.    My brother-in-law (Scotti’s husband) summed up the allure nicely:  “watches are just the least douchey of all man-jewelry”.

Alrighty then.

Keep reading to see which watches are high on Mike and Zack’s lists.  And the best part?  There’s not a Rolex in sight.


1. Shinola The Runwell Moon Phase, $850

“Phases of the moon??” says Mike.  “That’s sweet.”  Shinola, in case you haven’t heard of them, is (hands-down) our favorite watch brand.  Made in Detroit, they’re known for vintage styling with modern updates – like a slightly oversized face (Mike’s wearing one in the very top pic, for reference).

2. Skagen Holst Round Watch, $155

Mike loved the bright blue watch face, and the fact that “the brown strap keeps this watch from being too fancy.”

3.  Shinola The Runwell Leather Strap, $750

This is Mike’s watch.  The black/tan combo is so good, and he wears it with everything from suits to jeans.

4. Movado Heritage Chrono Watch, $795

I feel the need….the need for speed.

5.  Shinola The Runwell Leather Strap, $550

“So many reasons this is cool….made in Detroit, all black, legit.”

6. Skagen Ancher Round Leather Strap, $145

Mike says, “Simple, but solid.  And the blue second hand is a surprise.”

7.  Shinola The Canfield Leather Strap Watch, $900

This is my favorite – Mike and I both loved the vintage appeal of this watch.  Mike remarked, “it looks like something I could’ve inherited from a great-grandfather.  So badass.”

8. Burberry Check Stamped Leather Strap, $495

Mike was drawn to the clean, classic design….coupled with the layers of detail and texture.  “It’s…elegant” he said, sounding surprised.  “But manly.”  A gentleman’s watch, perhaps.


1. Skagen Ancher Round Mesh Strap, $105

“This one can go either way – goes with a suit, or with jeans and a tshirt….yeah, that would be cool, too.”

2. Movado Bold Bracelet Watch, $795

We like how sleek this watch is, and, according to Zack, “the blue metal band is sweet.”

3. Ted Baker Multifunction Leather Strap Watch, $165

“This watch totally reminds me of a high-class champagne party.”  Yes.  Yes it does.  (But you could also rock it with jeans.)

4. MVMT Leather Strap Watch, $135

This one is classic Zack – clean design, interesting details.  “I don’t know why I like this one…..I just saw it and yeah – thumbs up.”

5. Timex Intelligent Quartz Flyback Chronograph Watch, $165

“Cause I fancy myself a woodsman.”

6. Fossil Nate Chronograph Bracelet Watch, $165

“This watch is the more affordable version of my dream watch (an obscure diving watch that costs….well.  Too much.).”

7. Shinola Runwell Leather Strap Watch, $600

“Monochromatic, just like the black one.  But in a lighter color.  Sweet for summer.”

And the one watch that both guys freaked out over???


Yes.  It is a C-3PO watch.  Star Wars forever, man.

Shop Mike’s Favorite Watches

Mike favors watches that have a clean design, a nice balance of vintage and modern, and can be easily worn with a suit to work, or on the weekend with jeans.  Here are all of his favorites:

Shop Zack’s Favorite Watches


Shana and Scotti

A huge thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post!  Their men’s watch selection is insane, and both guys immediately found lots to love.  I always appreciate a nudge in the right direction when shopping for men (they’re so hard, ugh), and with Father’s Day right around the corner, this was perfectly timed.  As always, all thoughts, opinions, and product choices are our own (in this case, the guys’ own).  And readers, thank you for your continuing support of The Mom Edit.  It doesn’t go unnoticed, and is so very much appreciated.


  1. I was going to say the same thing…I need more Father’s Day ideas!!! Help. He already has a watch, and he is a no fuss kind of guy, who works from home…I’m stumped.

  2. My husband is obsessed with watches as well, so I have done this for fathers day which he really liked. Then he realized he had a collection and got a watch box! So that could be another good gift on this theme…

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