28 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Dads that love to have FUN at HOME!


Looking for a little Father’s Day Gift Inspiration and gifts that may or may not be fun for the whole family at HOME?  We’ve gotcha covered.

My father loves nothing more than:  when we ALL have FUN, when he is working on a Project, and when he is HOME!  Ok, fine and maybe now, golf.

Our favorite gifts to him and the ones he loves most were things that work for adventures we all experience together, fun home improvement projects that he would always let us ‘assist’ him in the execution of (and now enjoys with all his grands,) and any way there is for us to all play games and have fun together at home!

Did you know that if 10 neighborhood kids help you wash the car for date night with mom, and then it rains on said date night, that you can surprise mom with a car that looks more like a bubble bath in motion?  My dad does.  (And so does my mom.)

And that it only takes your own kids plus 10 or so neighborhood kid friends to ‘help’ you move the wood to the wood pile while decreasing the efficiency of said project by several hours.  But, fun.  It’s all about the fun.  Of piling the wood in the wagon, then the kids on top of the wood, then moving it with joyous screams!

And that you can in fact teach a 4 year old to climb a 15 foot ladder and then hand them power tools to work with?

To all the Dads that have the most fun at HOME playing and working with their families, we salute you.  And we do that with fun Father’s Day gift ideas!

So while that royal wedding is in full celebration mode, well done you two and all your people – Let’s multitask a bit and start shopping for our Dads, shall we?  xoxo A


1/ Rolling Cooler Let the cool times roll!  How fun is this?  Even better if you stock it for him!

2/ Square Offset Charcoal Smoker & Grill Men like to smoke.  True fact.  Let them.  It tastes delicious!

3/ Genesis II E-410 Liquid Propane Grill Classic Webber!  A whole summer of grilled meals – yes!

4/  Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Lowball with Lid Golf foursome refreshment containers.  Obviously.

5/ Portable Cooler Everyone’s favorite!  Works well for travel too!

6/ Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler My dad never leaves the house without his tea in a tumbler.

7/ Ogden Crystal Decanter Caddy The piece de resistance.  But goodness how very special!!!

8/ Henning Wood Burning Fire Table Fun nights roasting marshmallows with the family!

9/ Broughton Decanter This, plus a bottle, just beautiful!

10/ Maddox Keychain Charging Cable, Zebra Cool Dad accessory!

11/ The Long and Short Of It Beard Comb What says Dad more than a beard comb?

12/ Stanley Charger Set Dad’s love these!  Fun Dad accessories to keep them powered up!

13/ Marrakech Outdoor Wood Sunbed Dad Sun Bed.  Take a nap.  You earned it.

14/ Inflatable Outdoor Projector Movie Screen Fun Friday Family Movie nights in the yard!

15/ Leather Poker Game Set Family favorite game with our own dad!

16/ Square Grill Pan & Press Set For when the outdoor grill isn’t an option!

17/ Twin Signature 19 Piece Block Set Are the knives ever good or sharp enough?  They are now!

18/ Walnut Wood Cutting Board For all that deliciousness that comes off the grill and out of the smoker!

19/ Tic-Tac-Toe Set So, freaking, cool.

20/ Ultimate Ears BOOM 2 Phantom Wireless Mobile Bluetooth Speaker Shock proof, Water proof!

21/ Bottle Opener Wall Mount these are such a fun sweet little Dad gift for the beer drinker.

22/ Sun Shade Sail THIS is such a great Dad weekend project with the kids, stringing one of these!  Shade!!!

23/ Oversized Pillow Cushion Pool Float There is no better pool float for a Dad!

24/ Roll-Up Camp Blanket Picnics with the family?  Yes please!

25/ Writing Desk For the aviation fan, what a fun home office desk!

26/ Hammock Such a great place to chill at home!

27/ Chicken Coop and Hen House if you have a yard, why on earth wouldn’t you keep chickens?

28/ Table Tennis Table fun to play with indoors or out, great family game, creates fierce family competition.  With love.  xoxo A


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