When the going gets cold (we say that lightly of course…we’re barely there yet) some of my sweet friends ask for cute space heaters. Really? OK, fine, those to come. For now, those of us who prefer to wrap our selves in a super-soft throw and light a candle or smudge stick, and cozy the days and nights away will find a treasure trove of happiness in life’s simple pleasures right here. They are amazing gifts these fires and (faux) furs, and also a way to treat ourselves to little more love. And we all need that.

 Stay Warm With Fire & Fur This Winter


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1/  Woodlot Palo Santo Incense: Wrapped in a simple leather cord, natural palo santo wood sticks are sustainably harvested from fallen branches from Ecuadorian palo santo trees. #guiltfreepleasure. They bring you energy and amazingly, they naturally ward off insects.

2/  Cinnamon Projects Orbis Burner + Smudge Stick in Brass: Functional objet-d’art + an air-cleansing burn. This one is a mix of cedar, desert sage, lavender, and patchouli. Perfection!

3/  Palo Santo Incense: Sister to sage (insert giggle,) this also eco-friendly incense stick is harvested from naturally fallen branches off the Palo Santo tree in Equador. Cleanse, energize, and scare off those skeeters!

4/  PB Faux Fur Ruched Throws: The longer pile + incredibly silky fibers and ruching (for all us 80s girls that aren’t over that yet!)

5/  WE Faux Fur Throws: Little luxuries be found in warmth and texture!

6/  Diptyque Baies Large Black: Are we all clear yet that this is this my favorite scent, and favorite color, of my favorite candle? Maybe not yet, so I’ll keep on burning that light strong.

7/  Midnight Candle, Citrus: If ever there were a temptation to replace or add an addition to… (as nothing can replace my love for) the above, it’s this. Who doesn’t love Midnight…and Citrus? And the wrap job on this is just amazing!

8/  Diptyque Baies White: Tried and true to this simple beauty.

9/  CB2 Premium Grey Faux Fur Throw: Soft, luxe throw, generously sized. Done.

10/  Stainless Steel Bonfire Pit: It’s a long time since a fire pit got me hot. But the simple, modern, sleek clean lines of this are just totally irresistible. How freaking efficient is this thing? If I lay down a pile of stone, can I plant him in my living room is my only question? (No…that’s a dream. He lives in the garden, out of doors.)

11/ Nordstrom at Home Sheared Stripe Faux Fur Throw: Luxuriously plush cuddle-soft throw.

12/  Blue Sage Smudge Stick: Native American Blue Sage Smudge Sticks purify the atmosphere, disperse negativity and protect. Let’s all meditate on that.

13/ H&M Faux Fur Throw: Well hello there, H&M with my most favorite faux animal richness in a throw!

It's time to get cuddle up! Wrap yourself in a super-soft throw & light a candle or smudge stick to cozy the days & nights away for cold-weather happiness.
Cozy-up my friends! Strike a match, light a giant (or the tiniest of) flame(s) on fire, and enjoy every little moment and pleasure! And now I go round up space heaters for the non-believers. Get those girls a smudge stick to clear their brains and hearts, and a faux fur to warm their bones already.


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