A Maternity Holy Grail: Faux Leather LEGGINGS


I have long been a fan of faux leather leggings . . . from post partum to pregnancy to regular daily wear, these are my go-to for feeling put together but comfortable.  This pair from Seraphine have been on constant rotation lately.  I love that they’re under the belly (the belly panels never seem to fit me correctly) without being too tight to cause muffin top.  They come in numeric sizes from 2-14 instead of just small, medium and large, so the fit is better.  I found they run true to size as I’m wearing a size 6 (usually a 28 in pants).  I love that the faux leather is only on the front . . . they seem more comfortable (and less hot) because of it.  The only thing is that they’re a little long, so I tuck them under (gasp!) to shorten them.  (I’m 5’4″). 


Seraphine Faux Leather Maternity Leggings: c/o I love that these are under the bump instead of over and the fact that the faux leather is only on the front.  Wearing a US size 6 – they’re a bit too long on me, so I tucked them under.

Lush Side Slit Tank: Not maternity, but I really like the drape of this top.  Also in red, aqua and blue.  Wearing size small.

Leopard Clutch: I love this thing . . . it matches a surprising amount of outfits and holds everything I need.

Oversized Hoop Earrings: My husband makes fun of these but I will always love hoops . . . the bigger the better.  And these are 40% off making them only $6 . . . yaaassssss.

Suede Pumps: Now 40% off!  I like the shape of these and it also makes it easier to walk in them . . . my heels don’t come out like they do in a lot of other pumps.  Also available in a ton of colors.  (TTS)

Jacket: Similar, available in regular, petite and tall sizes and a ton of colors.  I also really like this moto jacket that looks super comfy.I was laughing so hard when I saw this picture, I couldn’t resist sharing it . . . don’t come in between a pregnant girl and her fries . . . these are served with “Gotcha” sauce made with mayo, sriracha and blue cheese.  YUM.




  1. Am bookmarking all of these posts so the next time I get myself knocked up (soon hopefully!) I know what the heck to wear – last one was a challenge and I ended up in some um, unfortunate outfits. Thanks, Scotti! You are gorgeous as always!

  2. Looking absolutely glam and gorgeous, Scotti. Holy wow.

    Am purchasing the clutch and thinking hard about the shoes! Thank you.

    And very warm congrats again on the new baby coming your way!

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