I've been working on our upcoming How We Wear It, which will focus on long shorts.  I have a bunch of ideas, but one of them I wanted to run by you Mamas. 

So:  Long khaki shorts.  I was having trouble styling these things…long khaki shorts can come off so dowdy, especially with flat shoes.  But once I added heels, and then topped the whole thing off with a blazer….


I love it. 

I realize this outfit isn't playground material…but would any of you wear this to work?  My engineering firm's dress code specified 'no shorts', so I'm outta luck.  But god-awful khakis and vendor polo shirts?  The ones given out for free at conferences?  Apparently those are fine.   I mean really – my long shorts look more professional than some crappy polo embroidered with LaCie or NetApp.  

Although…I will admit this outfit walks a fine line, especially when I compare it to these summer work looks.

In any case, I'd wear this outfit without hesitation to some sort of school event, or even…date night?  I certainly felt sexy enough for a date, and Mike surprisingly loved this look.  In our case, we had gone down to the city for some pre-surgery testing (I have a tentative date of July 10)…which is why I'm wearing my backpack, rather than a date-worthy clutch.  (And let me tell you, these heels made my hospital gown look fabulous.  Lipstick and heels, at all doctor visits from now on.)



Jacket:  old…first seen here – this one would work, or this soft one

Top:  old Free People – similar

Shorts:  J.Crew 9" chino short

Shoes:  old Guess pumps – similar

BagMakr Farm Rucksak


See that woman in green?  She had been patiently waiting for Mike to finish snapping pics before she walked by.  Once I realized she was waiting, we paused, and I apologized for holding her up.  She gave me a big smile, and rubbed my shoulder as she passed, "It's all good, Baby Girl" she said.  "This here's the city 'o brotherly love."

Yay, Philly.




  1. I love this look, Shana! I’d definitely wear shorts to work, but in a language school basically anything goes. (OK, probably not anything) The only thing I’d never do is shorts with tights, a pet peeve of mine. πŸ˜‰

  2. I love the shorts and blazer look for work, and have rocked it meself, but personally, because I’m a shortie, I stick to shorter shorts (I’m trying to see how many times I can get shorts or shortie or shorter or just basically a short-based word into one sentence, and apparently it is eight) – WINNING.

  3. Oh my gosh? Are you an engineer? I’m an engineer! I think it’s a no-go in my current firm, but at a previous company I could get away with long shorts + heels and a dressy top on Fridays (and looked way dressier than everyone else on Friday!)- so it really depends on the company. I think it’s way more professional than the dark jeans, knit top, and pumas look that I usually wear on casual Friday’s.

  4. Yeah, being that I, also, work in an engineering office, shorts are out and bad khakis and polos are in. One day we engineering women are going to make this field pretty! Not the point… Thanks for the idea of adding a blazer. I bought a similar pair of shorts this spring and have been stumped as to how to style them.
    Also, July 10th is on the mental calendar for extra good vibes and thoughts in your direction.

  5. You look fantastic – if I could rock it the way you do, I would definitely wear it to my Foundation office πŸ˜‰ I think the navy shorts make it look more professional than a tan and the brown blazer makes it less dark and wintry.

  6. I’m looking forward to your piece on how to style those tricky long shorts,. You sure rock these! Wishing the best for you in your saga with the docs!

  7. oh my gosh. i just love ‘people moments’ like that, here in Philly or anywhere. made me cry.
    on a lighter note, i LOVE this outfit so much. AND I have some Bermuda-length shorts and a new summer blazer to try it out with……..thank you!

  8. These pics are great! I love them all…I wear scrubs to work…but I copy all your outfits!…please don’t ever stop blogging….sending good vibes for july 10th::)))

  9. Love this look on you!
    Will be sending good vibes, healing thoughts and huge hugs your way on the 10th. And I have to say, maybe that woman’s words speak for your future as well- “It IS all good, Baby Girl” for that is what I am believing for you. It is all good.

  10. Looks cute on you, but dangerous territory! I wore bermudas to work (back when I worked) and I liked the look, mine were slim and tailored and had stretch. I think that is the key. This is not the time for faded or broken in or baggy.

  11. As a software engineer — yeah, I could totally wear this to work. The heels would actually be considered “dressed up”. (My previous manager wore cargo shorts and Hawaiian shirts every single day.)
    Heels + lipsticks for dr’s appts — hell yeah! Keep that up. In the words of Elizabeth Taylor: “Pour Yourself a Drink, Put On Some Lipstick, and Pull Yourself Together.” — it helps when you can’t control other things.

  12. Before I decided to stay home with my older son, I totally wore long shorts to work. But that’s totally ok in a design office. As were flip flops and graphic tees. πŸ™‚

  13. Love it! I would’ve wore it to work when I worked. It was the wine business, shorter shorts would have been fine too!

  14. I can wear anything to work, and often just throw on shorts and a t. And feel, you know…blah…about it. This could be a simple way for me to do a little more without a ton of work.
    I saw a lifetime movie once called, “Why I wore lipstick to my mastectomy.” I think it was originally a book. You can write the sequel: “Heels and hospital gowns.” πŸ˜‰

  15. I’m lucky; I work at a creative agency so the dress code is verry flexible. (OK, it’s pretty much nonexistent.) I totally wear shorts to work. I love the blazer idea, but usually by the time it’s warm enough here to wear shorts, I’m not so keen on wearing a heavier garment on top. This makes me want to carry one in and put it on at the office!

  16. This post makes me miss Philly, my hometown for 2 years. Thank you for bringing a little bit of that brotherly love back for me. Little moments like these are gifts. And so are you.

  17. Love this look, but we don’t wear shorts to work because the men would try to wear shorts. That’s. not. cool.
    And then our president (I’m the CEO, we share the company 50/50) shows up in shorts a week ago, and I have this head-smack moment, uuuuuh, I told the guys no shorts and she’s in shorts.) So, I don’t wear shorts any more to work. However, I do love this look on the weekends/date night and even to church.

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