My Fav At-Home Workout: A Review of The 21 Day Fix



So around the 4th or 5th time that I had to be taken out of a class at the Y because Greenlea wouldn’t stop crying in tot watch, I knew something had to change.  I wanted to get back in shape, but….how?

A few of my friends were posting on FB about “The 21 Day Fix” and how great they looked and felt and blah blah blah and I thought to myself, “yeah yeah, they look great . . . but I’d never stick to it.  It’d be a waste of money,” and then I’d go back to my giant bowl of popcorn and glass of wine.  One night I realized I had eaten an entire bowl of popcorn by myself (we’re talking a HUGE bowl…..with tons of butter if I’m being completely honest) while Zack was putting G down and I ordered the 21 Day Fix immediately after.  HA!

I started the workouts the very next morning (using the on-demand feature because the DVD’s hadn’t arrived yet) and?

I loved it.  I could do a workout in the morning (get it over with while G was eating her breakfast), and then be DONE for the day.  Each workout is 30 minutes – that’s it.  Even better: each exercise is 30-60 seconds and they have a timer for you to watch as you’re doing them.  If the move was more difficult I’d be staring that timer down . . . but 60 seconds and it’s over!

I just do the workouts in the middle of my kitchen.  It’s a small space, so you don’t need lots of room.  You do need weights and a mat (and if you’re like me, you’ll need access to a door so you can run outside to cool off because you’ll be sweating your booty off).




Before I saw any visible results, I felt so much better.  I slept better, had more energy, felt stronger, healthier . . . I even ate better because I was working out.   (Full disclosure, I did not follow the included nutrition plan.  It involves portion-control containers, etc . . . but it was the holidays and my mom makes really good cookies . . . and I really like wine . . . what can I say? )

I ended up liking the 21 Day Fix SO much that I moved onto the 21 Day Fix Extreme (the same general set up as the 21 Day Fix but more intense) and now I’m doing their Hammer & Chisel program (my goal is to gain some serious muscle by summer!).



So here are the obligatory before and after photos . . .






It wasn’t easy to share these photos…but I realized that if I want Greenlea to love herself and her body then I have to practice what I preach.  My body is not perfect, but my goal isn’t to have a perfect body.  It’s to be happy with my body . . . to be healthy and feel healthy and I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished – “flaws” and all! 🙂



PS – If anyone wants to try out a Beach Body workout, I’d love if you’d use my affiliate link here.  Click on “Shop team Beachbody” for all of the different programs and starter packs.  If you don’t want to buy through me, that’s totally ok – but try them through someone else!  I think you’ll love them – I’m totally blown away by the results I’ve seen (due to the fact that this is a workout that I can actually do…with a baby…at home…YES.)