Our Favorite Beach Chairs + Fun in the Sun!


Summertime and the livin’ is…schlepping the beach chairs and sun fun!

A few years ago, a sweet friend posted a side by side of her and her girlfriends to social media:  on the left was them in their 20s, free birds on the beach, just them in their swim suits, and on the right was them in their 40s doing amazing sexy mom tankini poses with their beach carts loaded with kid stuff like only women outnumbered 3 to 1 can be.  It needed no caption.  Here’s just where we are; we schlep stuff to the beach.

I feel like I’ve nailed the single adult+multiple little kid schlep to the beach; in no small part due to the fabulous inspiration of those tankini’d moms and of just being where we are.  I have both a rolling tote and a collapsible wagon, and they both work really well; I use them interchangeably.  I load them with the boogie boards and folding chairs, an umbrella and a tent (because I have a toddler niece and toddler little friends,) and a bag with snacks, sunscreen, towels, and toys.  And I can manage to pull or push those big tires and that loaded cart/tote up and down the dunes all by my own self without looking like too much of a crazy mom.  For now, this is where we are.  To see how we evolve as we head to the beach with a little less schlep, scroll down!

Here are a few of our favorites for family fun in the sun:  Big Wheels, Small Folding Chairs, and Made Shade!


1/  Aloha Rio Sand Chair  These were my favorite chairs when the kids were super little b/c they are so easy.

2/  Rio 5 Position Classic And now that we’ve all grown a bit, I’m back to the classic!  Tried and true, Rio 5.

3/  Ostrich South Beach Sand Chair, Blue/White  I don’t typically sun bathe, nor nap, for fear someone might drown.  But occasionally the kids fall asleep on the beach and they’d love this little nook for belly sleeping!

4/  Oniva Beach Mat This chair alternative recliner mat is just such a simple, wonderful idea and comes in all sorts of fun patterns and colors!

5/  Party with Pride 8′ Rainbow Umbrella Does that name not say it all?

6/  Frankford Umbrella Black and White Stripe  Old, old company, with products meant to last, and so classically cool in their many, many colors and designs!

7/  Regatta with Fringe, Designed by Beach Brella  Ok, sucker for fringe, it’s true, what a perfect detail!

8/  Family Size Instant Easy Up Beach Tent Sun Shelter  Easy, easy up is the key here.  The beach and breeze aren’t the place to struggle with shade ups and downs.  This one really is so simple.  And you weight it down with sand.

9/  Chillbo Tent For something this incredibly cool, I’ll put in the not so easy up and down effort!  So many fun patterns!  And such a great shape!

10/  Coleman Day Tripper Beach Shade Another piece of cake to up/down, and great headroom for the adult changing the diapers, nursing the babe, or also hiding from the sun!

11/  Rio Brands Deluxe Wonder Wheeler Wide  This is the one I have.  Nope, nothing sexy about it, but pack it and hang the chairs on it and take it all up there in one trip is totally worth it.

12/  Beach Cart with Folding Table / Drink Holders  Had I known I could have one that would flip over to make a picnic table with cup holders I absolutely would have done that.

13/  GREY COMPACT FOLDING WAGON So when I had a kid that couldn’t quite make it all the way to the beach from the bay, I used a wagon b/c I could put the stuff and the kid in it and then just pull and everyone was happy.  Now the kids load their own stuff in it and pull it b/c that’s easier for them than pushing the tote.


Then kids age-up a bit, can carry stuff, and beach life gets easier!

This is “The Jason” set.  Jason’s kids are tweens/teens.  They are old, and big enough to help carry stuff, and don’t require tents, just some fun games.  That man packs his Yeti with sparkling water and adult sparkling water, pops his bluetooth speaker in the pocket of his backpack chair, and pops a backpack chair on each of the kid’s backs, and a boogie board in each of their arms, they each wear their own big hat for shade, and they are off to the beach!  They look so organized and efficient!!!  And like fun waiting to happen.  Every time I witness this, I’m just like, “Wow!  This is totally amazing!”  #goals  We’ll all get there…just as soon as the kids are bigger than the backpack chairs…you know, challenges that will resolve themselves in time.  No rush, just something to look forward to for sure!

1/  UE BOOM 2 Serendipity Blue Wireless Mobile Bluetooth Speaker (Waterproof & Shockproof) – Ltd Edition Best Beach Speaker ever, and the limited edition models are super slick looking!

2/  Wood and Canvas Backpack Chair  ok, that’s just me wishful thinking and falling in love with a wood and blue backpack chair.  Jason just chimed in, “hell no” to the price on those.  These are the actual chairs he has:  RIO Gear Original Steel Backpack Chair, you know…less a zero and then some.  #efficient

3/  Hammer Crown Frescobol Paddle Ball Set This isn’t an inexpensive set, but it’s so gorgeous and will last a lifetime!  Maybe a great special gift for someone that just loves games and sports and who doesn’t ‘sit’ so well on the beach?

4/  RTIC Soft Pack 30  Not a Yeti, a bit less expensive, blue, with that great red trim detail, and gorgeous.

5/  YETI Hopper TWO Portable Cooler I’m loving the less expensive blue alternatives, but J says, nope, he’s staying true to the Yeti.  That’s the one we have.  But he just mentioned that if he had another it would be this one. He feels it would be easier to get things in and out of.  He might be right.

6/  TOURIT 20 Cans Leak-proof Soft Pack Cooler Waterproof I’m just in love with this blue and leather mix.  And the price too!

7/  BucketBall Beach Edition This is just pure fun and so simple and a great way to also make castles with multiple buckets.

8/  BULZiBUCKET Next Generation Cornhole Game We’ve been playing this since J’s kids gifted it to him for Father’s Day.  I’m still not exactly clear on the scoring, but I’m fairly certain I’m winning.

Who needs date night when you can have beach dates???

Do you have grandparents at the beach?  Or a house close enough to the beach that you can sneak out there on your own during nap or screen time for a quick half hour?  Or an awesome teenage cousin or neighbor who is happy to take the kids to the arcade for happy hour?  Yup, whatever it takes. There’s just something so amazing about adult happy hour on the beach as the sun goes down!  Why not do it in style?

1/  Telescope Casual Original Mini-Sun Chaise Folding Beach Arm Chair, White Why not white chairs on the beach?  So beautiful, so classic, so clean…just gorgeous!!!

2/  Jakob Wagner Baggy Wine Coat  Well hello there all I really need.  Yup, it’s a super cute little wine bag with a tap.  Salut!

3/  Telescope Casual Universal Shade Canopy, White Something about all white on the beach, something else about needing shade, but keeping it slick, something about this is just easy elegance+function.

4/  FRANKFORD UMBRELLA COMMERCIAL OAK WOOD BEACH CHAIRS One of the oldest umbrella companies out there also makes chairs, and they are so beautiful and come in a great selection of colors!  Built to last, for sure.

5/  White Tent  Ok, fine, not at all practical.  But if anyone were trying to create romance on the beach for say maybe a special anniversary date…THIS would totally be amazing!!!

6/  WOOD & CANVAS SLING RECLINER  This one…this is the one I meant to put here.  The sling.  But obviously I still have the wood and canvas backpack chair #2/ Jason on my mind…Obviously.  Hint hint.  xo

7/  Chillbo Baggins And the easiest carry?  Fits in the cute tote, fills with the salt air, so, so comfy!!!

8/  Lafuma Transabed These are light, black, slick, and cool.  They’d be an easier carry than the others.

9/  Valerie Small Bucket Tote Because who needs anything other than a small tote for a beach date?

10/  Kessler Folding Beach Chair  Relatively speaking, this is the affordable folding sling gorgeous chair!


Someone who shall remain nameless but who might be mentioned above…might just be waiting for me right this hot (very hot, it’s already 90 degrees) minute, to get ready to go to the beach!  I hope you all have an amazing weekend and that you get a little more relax and a little less schlep where ever you are and whatever you are up to.  Ok, J, I’m ready.  xoxo A


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