Cool Off With Our Favorite Fans!


I’m not sure what your past week was like, but ours…was HOT!  And everyone was feeling it!

Something about summer heat, projects on delay for all sorts of real life reasons, and, oh, I dunno, politics and global warming, Supreme seats, and all sorts of adult tensions building against the forever tension of just wanting to play with all the kids all summer and not adult at all.

We’d all be well-served by a little cooling off!

My mother always had fans in our rooms when we were kids, and it wasn’t until I was a mom that I genuinely appreciated the gentle soothing breeze + white noise combo that helps big time with nap- and bedtime; for all of us!  And now that I’m of (early, very early, yet still…) age to wake up at oh 1 a.m. and 3 a.m. every darn night and need the temperature to be turned down to basically freezing in order to go back to sleep…well, fans are even more important to me. They literally breathe the life back into me, thankfully.  You too?


1/  Hunter Fan Hepburn Matte Black Do we not all fall for a Hepburn?  Always?  $179.10.  That’s what you’ll see when you add to cart.  She’s a beauty and a bargain.  That bulb cover is a pearl…of course it is.

2/  MinkaAire High Gloss Red Ten.  This fan comes in Ten finishes including super cool translucent.  Don’t ask me who’d be cleaning that, but still, fantastic.  Red.  I’m me, so I’m in love with the red.  But with this design, ALL the selections are beautiful!

3/  Cranbrook Low Profile  Isn’t this just the best ceiling fan ever?  And…for certain people we might all know and love, yes S, it comes in mint too.

4/  Force 3 Blade LED While I normally am not a fan of lit ceiling fans, this one is tres chic and…it had me at LED.  So smart.  Pun intended.

5/  60″ HUTTON 3 BLADE CEILING FAN WITH REMOTE CONTROL Absolutely the most sleek.  And call it sculptural art?  Maybe an all white room could use this pop of gorgeous black?  It might be just the thing.

6/  MinkaAire Flat White  If there were an instruction manual for how to design a basic, good looking, non-obtrusive ceiling fan that works anywhere, we’d find this as the model.  And it comes in multiple finishes.

7/  Peregrine Industrial Ceiling Fan  By far, my favorite transitional (not too traditional, not too modern) of all the fans.  And available in 7 different finishes; this combo is by far my favorite.

8/  IRENE 3-BLADE HUGGER CEILING FAN  Well hello, Irene, you and all your ceiling hugging.  Need something flush, yet super cool?  Here she is!  And she comes in multiple blade and ‘hugger’ finishes.

9/  Dyson Air Mulitplier AM06 Table Fan, 10 Inches, Iron/Blue Yes, it’s Dyson.  Yes it’s expensive.  Prime Day, maybe…one might hope for some help there.  Dyson is worth it.  Vacuums, fans, all the air blowing and sucking, we find Dyson to be worth the investment.  Lots of sizes.  This is the tabletop.  Comes in other colors as well.  And is kinda amazing.

10/  VORNADO GUNMETAL SILVER SWAN ALCHEMY FAN  The matte black + metal finish of this is absolutely gorgeous.  And this is the fan most similar to the no-longer available ones that I own 7 of…basically one for each bedroom ++.  It’s an investment.  If it’s too much of one, see its siblings below, also great looking super fans, at a much cooler price.

11/  Vornado V-Fan Also comes in Chrome.  And other sizes.  This is the tabletop version.  It’s small but mighty, as from its name, one might infer.

12/  Urban Jet Desk Top Fan  The name says it all.  And OK, I’m a sucker for red.  It also comes in black and red.  And if Prime and shipping are your thang, well it’s also available here, in many finishes and I might be swooning over the Rose Gold.

13/  RETRO 16″ OSCILLATING FLOOR  This one is the budget maker.  And simple and sleek.  Done.

14/  Dyson Blue Air Multiplier Tower  This one is the budget breaker.  But free shipping…does that help?  And blue?  And Dyson for goodness sake.  We do own one of these; the most super of the super sensitive kids owns it actually.  And loves it.  #worththeinvestment

15/  Arden Pedestal Fan This is the Shana fan.  It’s in her bedroom.  And she loves it.  So freaking much.  It’s also available here.  And also comes in Satin Nickel.

16/  Vornado V-Fan Pedestal   How sweet is the mint?  I swear my grandmother had one just like this at some point.  It also comes in antique white, which while not quite as fun, is also lovely!

Size Matters.  It’s true.

So here’s some great advice on sizing ceiling fans from 1800 Lighting/Live Brighter and also from Lumens.  Simple.  Right?


Our favorites + More favorites +

Life Advice on Temperature Heat/Air and HVAC Utility Bill Control:

We have all the fans: ceiling fans with and without lights, floor fans, and tabletop fans.  All the fans!  Tabletops can be moved around as needed, the floor fans are great for a stronger breeze, and ceiling fans are a great way to help manage the air conditioning and heat in your home…you just need to remember to switch their rotation seasonally so that they pull and push air in the correct direction. Here’s the cheat sheet:

As you look up at the fan, during the summer you want the fan to blow air straight down, so your ceiling fan needs to run in a counter-clockwise direction.

During the winter, choose a low speed and a clockwise direction.  There’s a switch on most of them. Flip it seasonally. It will help with overall comfort.

Ceiling Fans with Light:

Ceiling Fans without Light:

Table Fans:

Floor Fans:


Are we all a little cooler now? I love me some summertime, but I’m a big fan of cool. xoxo A

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