We spent the first 10 days of summer vacation at my parent’s home in Florida. Who travels to Florida in the summer? We do. Why not amp up the heat and humidity to ‘feels like a wet 106 degrees’ and then douse it with a healthy late afternoon thunderstorm daily? My kids love their grands, my parents are totally willing to put their own lives on hold and cater to the whims (and appetites) of the kids, and I just appreciate the time with all of them.

If I were a better photographer and Instagrammer, my mother’s home could be subject matter of home decor vignette after home decor vignette for days on end.   For now, the blue throw, grey Turkish towels, baskets, and tasseled curtains below may have been influenced by her aesthetic. The fun pieces in my finds, like the Harry Potter Snitch snack dish and the Whale Beverage Bin caught my attention because that’s pretty much been my mood this week. If I were to go missing, describing me and what I was last wearing would be simple (it drives my daughter C nuts that I pick an outfit and LIVE in it for days on end, yet I’m confident she’ll learn the value of a go-to outfit one day): Tall, Messy Bun, Wearing: tie back tee, most-amazing-no-jogging-lots-of-lounging-black-joggers-on-major-sale-ever, and yet another new favorite pair of slides (available in many designs and colors, but the red+pineapples just feel me right about now.)

I’m happy to be back home in Philly. I’m always happy to be wherever I am (mostly/usually.) But it sure was nice to spend a week+ where we were — summer heat and thunderstorms and all — together.

Weekly Favorite Finds and Home Decor on Sale below. A few notes about sales:

Pottery Barn and its whole family of PB Sites: Apartment | Baby | ModBaby | Kids | Teen | Dorm | are all 20% off Furniture and 25% off Everything Else + FREE SHIPPING, CODE: FRIENDS.

If you are looking for some legs, the West Elm Andes collection has long been a favorite for comfort and, those legs. It just happens to be on sale for 30% off in its best-selling fabrics right now. I love the sectional best, but it comes in all configurations, and the ottoman stands well enough alone to be mixed with other sofas and chairs.

Serena & Lily, 20% off All Outdoor, Code: Breezy has me with these big beauties in a cart. They are just the perfect places to plop, indoors and out!

Weekly Favorite Finds: Loungewear & Cool Home Decor Accents TME is heading into summer w/ some of the best loungewear & sprucing up home w/ cool accents. Sales at west elm, Pottery Barn & Serena Lily totally help.

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1//  Striped Throw with Tassels: Striped, throw, tassels, and blue — what more does anyone need to know other than that this is also well-sized and priced?

2//  Turkish Towels: Long live my love of a Turkish Towel and of many shades of grey. Here’s the catch on THESE: It’s their $5.40 price tag. That is no joke. Go, just go, now. Click and be frugal, stylish, dry and well wrapped- for $5.40. Tell me please what other small pleasures in life are $5.40? I’m on a coffee and a chocolate croissant. Give it to me, what are your favorite ways to spend $5? And then we’ll all just add these little pleasures to that fun list.

3//  Adidas Performance Women’s Adilette Slides: What can I say? I’m stuck on slides right now. And my feet and I feel really good about that. My favorites this week, and for at least a few weeks to come are Scarlet and Pineapples. There are many other options if that combo isn’t your vibe, but your feet feel like a good slide- here and here. Slide to the left…sing it with me? Anyone want to place bets on if another pair of these is in every Weekly Favorite Finds post all summer long? I promise you this: wearing the very same outfit every day, and just trading out stylish slide after stylish slide would not be beneath me. Do I crack anyone other than my own self-up? Probably not. Linzi momma kills it with her roundups of all the comfort shoes. Me?  I just like to slide some in here and there.

4//  Madewell Knot-Back Tee: Let’s just call this dressed-up in the summertime? And then when even this is too fancy or needs a wash, we just fall right back to our comfort zone, happily.

5//  Adidas Women’s adidas X Track Pants: Do you all care about my stats? I’m 5’12”. I weigh more than I should right now, but less than is reasonably allowed to be complained about in modern mom world and would be easily manageable had Santa or the Hanukkah fairy brought me the Zero Runner I politely requested and will soon just order for my own self for the sake of saving my wrecked-knee and overall health simultaneously. I have small bones and long (injured) legs. I’m not so hippy, but I have a tush and a half. So admittedly, fashion-wise, I get away with a few finds that wouldn’t necessarily work on everyone. I’d argue, these would. And I live in joggers. Joggers are office-appropriate for me b/c my “office” is on several filthy dirty construction sites a day, lots of schlepping, and the inevitable web at my desk surfing, momming, and repeat. I take my work joggers seriously. These feel like heaven. *note: these are not for exercise jogging nor running except for when your office, life, and children require such of you in the course of just barely managing everyday life; then they work fine for that as well as they do for lounging if there’s ever to be found, a moment’s rest; in other words, I’ve also happily fallen asleep in them. So there’s all that.

6//  The Emily & Meritt Ticking Stripe Curtain With Hook And Tassel: I have some favorite clients right now who just might be pushing my more modern sensibility to its traditional limit. Truth? When I get frustrated in this area, I go to Pottery Barn. And wouldn’t you know it? Sometimes I am super-pleasantly surprised by some really lovely collaborations there. This is one of them. More truth if your heart happens to beat like mine? I have a secret love of all things PB Teen especially while on sale for 20% and 25% off with code:  FRIENDS. Shhh. Don’t tell anyone.

7//  Jute Laundry Basket: Laundry basket, toy bin, fresh towels by the pool basket, container for the plastic potted plant, do what you must with this, do what you need, or order a few and do it all! Available in 3 other colors.

8//  Sloan Concrete Console Table: He’s meant for outdoor; however…I think I love him even more indoors.  And then you can just tote him out when you need him for a party. Great entryway, dining room, living room, or hallway console. Who will happily hit the yard in OT party season.

9//  Whale Cooler: Why not just have a whale of a good time? I mean seriously? He’s perfection in fun-loving, good times a’ plenty. And he has some cute accoutrements too, as whales often do.

10//  Bermuda Hammered Brass Coffee Table: Not new, (in fact a very, very ancient idea) but both new to PB AND on sale for a limited time.

11//  HARRY POTTER GOLDEN SNITCH Snack Bowl: Hello there PERFECT gift for all HP friends!!! I just ordered one for our favorite 3rd grade teacher who might just house a snake named Slytherin in her classroom. (If you too are a fan, you’ll see what I just did there.)

12//  Seletti Lunar Coffee Cup: Why might Mars and the Moon be on my mind right now one wonders, but then quickly reverts to the “no politics shall be discussed” place that one spent last week as one offers this: they are mugs, inspired by the Moon, which is not on Mars, but is obviously idealized in the Mugs. They are cool. And they’ll come to you, if you order them. So there’s that, and just that. Simple. See? No politics. Just mugs.

13//  A Venture a Portable Gas Grill: Just think of all the amazing a(d)ventures you could sneak this guy on!!!  The list is endless! Mine starts with why not add one more adorable thing to the tent camping packing list?

14//  Magazine Rack: For those of us that still do this, tell me this isn’t a beautiful place to plop them?

15//  Hafley Two Drawer While I do love me some Navy Blue, which is also an option, there’s just something about this BERRY console set against all otherwise neutrals that is just so, so pretty. I love this in an entry, as a writing desk, mail-catch station, and also a set of them flanking a bed as nightstands. It’s a well-thought piece, at a great price, in a beautiful color.

Shop More Home Decor on Sale This Weekend

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  Here’s hoping you are in a happy place, in comfy clothes, with the people you love most too. xoxo, A

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