Sexy Clean: Add Some Fun To Your Housework Routine


So first, let’s not take my hand, feather dusting the U.S. Capitol building to mean anything political. Agreed? And then let’s also not take my use of the term sexy too seriously, OK? It’s not a swear word, I promise. And then there’s the French maid image that arrives that we’ll also clean our dirty minds of immediately, Oui? OK, clean, clear minds, here’s this: Cleaning is just way, way, way more fun with these fantastic tools. They almost make it not even seem like work. And like work, children can share and enjoy as well. And like work that is a pleasure and a nice little break from other work. And so pretty. So then, let’s clean-up?

 Add Some Fun To Your Cleaning Routine

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1/  Mini Smudge Sticks 3 Pack: Believed to clear negative energy from physical spaces, the art of smudging has been practiced by Native Americans for centuries. This three pack includes natural white sage, mugwort and Siskiyou cedar. Don’t actually feel like really cleaning? Just burn yourself clean!

2/  Basketweave Kitchen Towel, Black, Set of Six: Kitchen towels are just more fun when they are pretty.

3/  Black Waxed Cotton and Leather Apron: The practical, sexy alternative to that costume we’re all over.

4/  Royal Ostrich Feather Duster: It started with LEGO guys, and now it’s clearing, I mean cleaning LEGO buildings — and every other dust collection waiting to happen in between. Both of my girls are jelly of their brother’s feather dusters. And so a commercial-sized pack is on order. Dust away, kiddos.

5/  Menu Wiper, Carbon: Once I knew a person who couldn’t live without a squeegee. And then I learned that the glass is cleaner if you use it, and it’s also a meditative gesture (it takes to work).

6/  Normann Copenhagen Dustpan And Broom – Dark Grey: On my wish list from Santa.

7/  The Laundress Stain Brush: I went to Paris in Converse. But that’s not saying much; I went everywhere in Converse for at least a decade. And there I learned from a shop woman, that you can simply dry brush a stain out of most fabrics! Voila! Amazing!

8/  Leather Fly Swatter: A house, lived in, while under construction means windows and doors are always open. And that means…yup..ugh…flies. They are so much more fun to swat with this than the plastic ones.

9/  Menu Sweeper and Funnel, Black: Grace’s current favorite chore tool. She’s actually happy to do the stairs all the way down and the whole kitchen. With a smile. And well. I’m counting my blessings. I promise.

10/  Matte White Upright Smiley Dustpan with Broom: Have a peg rack in your kitchen that could use a cheerful housekeeping tool hanging from it? Some of us aging folks prefer the standing sweep to the stooping, squatting, bending over Gracie dust moves.

11/  The Laundress Goat Hair Duster Wand: Because one of my kids didn’t want royal feathers.

12/  Matte White Housekeeping Utility Bucket: To hold the turtle while I clean his tank, to collect dirty clothes as I walk downstairs, and to gather people’s items that belong in their rooms as I go upstairs, for washing everything that comes out of a box, and the daily and weekly, and special cleans, and sometimes just full of ice and refreshments. It’s always nice to have good-looking bucket on hand.

Grace isn’t home right now, so I’ll get back to it. Thank goodness for fun tools so it’s not such a chore.

xoxo, A

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