Weekly Favorite Finds In Home Decor 11.03


I’m always on the hunt for what we need in our homes (the collective we: self, clients, family and friends.) Often while on those hunts is when I come across my favorite finds for our homes (one of the benefits of being easily distracted and/or a strong multitasker). Or there’s that moment my favorite finds tagged from the prior weeks take the shape of their future lives in our homes. Here’s a little insight into this week’s favorite finds that are on my mind, in my heart, and coming home if they aren’t already in mine or yours.


1/  Sometimes you have a space and find something to fill it. Sometimes, something grabs your attention so strongly that you build a space around it. For this bookcase, I will create space. The only question is follow my heart and go red, or my head and go white?

2/  J’s library needed a new fixture. It’s this beauty, and we’ll flip the shades up, not unlike one would a good looking cuff! We can’t wait to see it in place, to light a fire and dim the lights, then lay back in the chairs and take in the warm shadows!

3/  We just finished hanging shelves in my son’s room. ‘He’s an avid LEGO-ist’ is the understatement of the century. He promptly arranged, oh, maybe 300 LEGO “guys” to within centimeters of their little LEGO lives on the bottom shelf. It’s magical, it’s genius, it’s wonderful, and it’s a dust bunny collection site waiting to happen. So today I gifted him this fantastic feather duster. And now he can keep his own shelf and guys free from the dust bunnies. Mom wins.

4/  I stumbled on this gorgeous side table while shopping for something entirely unlike it, and now I can’t get over it and it’s become that upon which the rest of a room will be based. It’s black and white and gold and bold. What’s not to love? OK, fine, the price. Call it an investment piece. Call it functional art. We’ll do as we must to justify it and save elsewhere. It’ll be worth it.

5/  I am constantly refreshing the tups, and always in search of the perfect ones. These new ones from BuiltNY might just be them!

6/  Uber efficient, functional, and gorgeous. I am in love with this entry rack. So much so that it might also find it’s way into a guest room as well! Do guests really stay long enough to unpack into a closet and drawers? Not typically. But this, is just perfect for a little organized stay, and welcoming in both settings!

7/  And then I found my daughter C, interviewing my girlfriend Bela for her 3rd grade Social Studies project on “Community.” And then I found THE ONLY item I’m treating myself to this season: The NINO Haider. Bela, you just nail it with every single new adventure — I love you like crazy woman. Thank you for taking the time to let C interview you last week, for photographing her in all the goods, for always sharing your process with us and for being a part of ours. It means the world to us! And for designing the most beautiful kicks my eyes have ever landed on, and my feet will ever prance, dance and stomp all over town in — in lush layers of leather/nylon/rubber placed just so, as you do!

8/  I just love a good hide. I love them layered on other carpets, draped over furniture, and sometimes all alone in their own space, or tucked ever so at an angle under a piece of furniture that still lets you see them. They feel great underfoot, you can go hide if your heart wishes, or go faux if that feels better to you. Just like my 6-year-old Gracie, I just love zebra print everywhere!

9/ Doesn’t every toilet need a shelf just like this smart piece, right above the tp roll, on which one might place a cell phone as not to have it end up wet. I’m starting with one in my son’s bathroom, but if you pay close attention, I bet eventually you’ll see them in every bathroom I touch.

10/ We’ve been working on two living walls this week that I can’t wait to share with you! They are amazing. In cruising the web for supplies, I came across this beautiful, simple, smart and fun way to herb garden contain(er) in our kitchens much more easily than living walls. Or in our case, in addition to. The more the merrier, right? If nothing else, we’ll be terribly well-seasoned.

11/ So my current favorite client told me he wanted a, “big ass sofa.”  “As giant as can be,” he said. “Huge,” he said. And so we went with the CB Lounge II, 3 piece. Technically it fits. On paper it fits. In reality, I’ve been second guessing myself and my better judgment ever since we placed this non-returnable custom upholstery piece order. I’ve lost many nights’ sleep in a panic — what on earth was I thinking??? If ever there was a time for me to pull the designer over client veto card, and say, “that won’t work,” surely this was it. “It’s too big…it will fit, but you’ll have to climb over it to get into it.” That’s what I should’ve said on that long hot day in August. But…what can I say? I’m a sucker for a challenge — a girl that likes to go big or go home — and OK, maybe I love a dare. So Saturday, between 10am and 1pm, G and I will await delivery of the big ass sofa and know once and for all whether it fits or not. Don’t worry, I have a super-strong plan B if it doesn’t. Stay tuned for this reveal though, room by room, his whole house is freaking amazing!

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I’m so excited to be working on all of these amazing projects and with so many amazing people! I can’t wait to share more of them with you! Plenty of fresh reveals and more favorite finds soon… And also, I’m thankful, to have all of this, and you sweet readers to distract me from the rest of my everythings!

xoxo, A

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  1. You are the most amazing human my sweet dear! I’m so happy for you to get your new shoes:), and also I think you may have found the most perfect sofa for my not so new place!! Love you like crazy!! B

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